How can I help you today? Hi I just have a quick question for one of the advisers Did you have an appointment? No Should really have an appointment but I believe Kim has an opening. Where’s her office? Straight this direction Thanks Come in Hi Kim hi, how are you? I’m good I just had a quick question I’m undecide it and I was thinking about transferring to Seidenberg, would my credit transfer over okay? Oh, yeah sure So we have three programs here and our programs are extremely flexible So what we would do is we’d ask you to make an appointment with one of the advisors we’d sit down with you and go over each of our programs and Determine, which one would suit what you’re looking for as well as possibly bringing in the most courses credits that you’ve already taken in our programs, okay awesome so what would those programs be Actually, you know what do you think you can ask Matt Brown are other adviser? He’s just next door? Okay yeah, sure Thanks. All right. Bye. Bye Come on in Hey, hey, how’s it going today? Okay? How are you good? Thanks, so Kim sent me over? I was just curious about the majors and minors offered here at Center Yeah, sure so we have three majors here in Seidenberg on the undergraduate level computer science information technology and information systems Computer Sciences for students who are interested in problem solving using technology information technology is great for students who want to integrate technology into systems and organizations we have a couple of different career focuses within information technology that are big within that particular field and Information systems is great if you want to integrate business with the technology industry as well. We have three different minors within Seidenberg we have computer science Computer Information Technology and Information assurance for the criminal justice system, and that’s for students. Who are interested in cyber security, which is very big nowadays You know that’s a really awesome question for Stephanie house, and she’s right next door you want me to hook you on them That’d be perfect Career benefits yeah All right, I could help you with that. Um so uh so tell me something what and what is your name? My name is Rachel. Oh, hey Rachel Yeah, good to meet you as well, so you’re interested in what happens after you graduate. Is that what I understand? Yeah, like what are the benefits of a Seidenberg yeah, and so I can share with you There’s really really good news for Seidenberg students. They have very excellent career outcomes We’ve been collecting data from career services over the last two years and what we’ve they’ve told us is that? You know our students graduate with at least an average salary seventy two thousand five hundred So that is a really excellent way to start out help with your student loans I had mom and dad as well all right Yeah, and one of the other things we discovered in that data was that students within six to twelve months of graduation They’re actually Placed in position so we have a high percentage of those students, and then most of our students get multiple offers Not a lot of the other You know majors on the campus here can boast about having you know two to four office for full-time employment So I think it’s a good Yeah, and guess what other stuff I mean we have employers here all the time looking for qualified students in fact We have more more demand for students than we have At you know the students to fill the position so companies like IBM Google at JP, Morgan Chase Fidelity they’re always here doing workshops in addition to the regular prayer for workshops that you boot camps they Come a network a lot of their alums of Seidenberg stew you know former students So they come back, and they want to share their wisdom knowledge. You know how to protect interview Interviewing there’s a whole ton of stuff that we do here to make sure students are prepared for those jobs Awesome, thank you so much of course any time Alrighty. See you soon Bye Hi guys, I’m deke, and I’m pursuing my BS in computer science at side of Bray Wyatt Josiah well I met amazing dr. hill in India And he was just the warmest person I’d ever met and it was just that instant that me and my family knew This is where I wanted to be Far away from home. I really needed to be around people who really cared about me And this just all got so reinstated when I decided to perform in Amateur Night It was a competition outside Seidenberg where I decided to represent my culture And All of my side of my comedy business right there Supporting me cheering out loud and I just feel like it was all that energy that just Made it so much better for me on stage and help me win second place, so it was great And that’s why I love to be outside playing and I love my families So they applied that I know in science file is located on the 10th floor and a side of the buildings And what this space offers students is the opportunity to get hands-on experience? This lab focuses on three different areas of focus on Big Data telecommunications and my personal favorite cybersecurity what we do at the Big Data side is take large amounts of data sets millions upon millions of Records Visualize and Real-life scenario we have actual hardware that is used basically every single Corporate environment you can imagine what we have for cybersecurity I think is phenomenal you have all these different computer set up virtual machines, and they are all We do with this environment as we set up different caption of flags and Red Team Blue Team activities This is follow because this is exactly what it’s gonna be like in the corporate environment We have tens hundreds thousands of computers set up, and you not be able to look Hey, my name is Amir, I’m a sports marketing major at Pace, and I’m minoring in computer science as well I Chose to minor in computer science because I wanted to be diverse I was always good with computers So I thought minoring in computer science at least would be awesome I actually am starting an internship in the fall for the New York lizards. It’s a monkey and HTML internship, so Honestly coming aside rate was perfect for me So I never really opened a lot of doors for me I met a lot of cool people I also worked outside the ring at the front desk, so yeah definitely decided to go to scientific level minors Hi, my name is Ellis Silberstein I am a BFA actor getting a minor in computer science I decided to get a minor in computer science because I knew I wanted to find her in something to supplement my acting career and My dad’s in the computer science world and he actually suggested computer science for me because not only is it a great industry to go into but it’s also an awesome skill set has and So when I just finally decided I came to Stephanie and she told me all the steps that I needed to take in order to complete it and I did that and now I’m on track to graduate on time with the BFA in acting and enlightened for science

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