Newspaper By Onn Rathy

(upbeat music) – Hey, everyone. I’m Nina Zadeh, director of partnerships at Sidewalker Daily. And today we’re gonna be talking about media kits, how to create it, what goes in it. This is like a super hot topic, I think in our industry. And if you’re new to our channel,… Continue Reading Media kit | EVERYTHING you NEED to INCLUDE!

Alright dropping in at Huddy MotorSports for the update on the GT4586 project. Deadline’s are looming, this thing is getting close. The Huddy MotorSports team have absolutely been cranking on this thing – balls to the wall. The chassis just came back from paint from 2M Autoworks and I heard… Continue Reading Fresh Paint Job w/ Ryan Tuerck | The GT4586 | Donut Media

(Viewable portion starts at 8:00 due to connection issues they had) You are tuning into Monday’s March 2nd YueDong Seoul, where music awakens your ears. Hello, I’m RenD, NCT Dream’s Huang Renjun. The first week of March has started, although many of you may be stuck at home. Working or… Continue Reading [ENG SUB] 200302 DJ Renjun Radio YueDong Seoul