Every day, you take advantage of all kinds of services, mobile, social media, free internet search, and more. When you use these services, you’re sharing information about yourself, with friends, with businesses, while you’re out and about, while you’re at home. That information is shared and sold within businesses, with… Continue Reading Sharing Information: A Day in Your Life | Federal Trade Commission

So now let’s talk about the 1988 Internet worm. There are several interesting things about this Internet worm. Probably the main one is that it was one of the first worms that actually got widespread attention. It got this attention for good reason. If you remember 1988, the Internet was… Continue Reading 1988 Internet Worm – Software Testing

( music playing )♪ Get it, girl ♪( music playing )So? I made the team. Yes! Yes, yes! Okay, you need to work on your happy face. It looks a little too much like your disappointed face. Well, Liberty said that they sometimes do morning and evening rehearsals. – Mm-hmm.… Continue Reading Blackout 💥| SHOOK | Episode 2 | Saturdays on YouTube | Disney Channel

No, I’m just gonna start talking to people and we’ll see what comes in. Alright, welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Today we’d like to learn from you what you want to see from us. Simply because we have lots of ideas of what we want to make videos about… Continue Reading What Future Content & Videos would you like to see from the Gentleman’s Gazette? #askGG Live – No. 7

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! itIn today’s video, we discuss nine biggest shaving mistakes men make and how you can avoid them. With shaving, it’s very easy to fall into your routine of doing what you’ve always been doing even though you’re not entirely happy with the results, that… Continue Reading 9 Biggest Shaving Mistakes & How to Avoid Them – Advice on Razors & Techniques for Men

In today’s online environment you are constantly coming in contact with information, whether it’s through a friend’s status update a shared news link or even just shared photographs. Because the World Wide Web is a free resource and does not limit any person to publishing what they want to say… Continue Reading Evaluating Information Found in Social Media: Considering Facebook

Digital media is everywhere. Now you can create it at Hawkeye Community College. Get your hands on some of the best education in the state from experienced industry professionals. You’ll refine professional media skills and become part of an involved creative community, all at an affordable cost. From your first… Continue Reading Digital Mass Media

Translator: lisa thompson Reviewer: Cristina Bufi-Pöcksteiner Oh. Thank you. Thank you, all. We are now about 20 years into a revolution in information technology, in IT. And like any journey into uncharted territory, it’s exciting and it’s disorienting; it can be fun; it can also be very dangerous, right? And… Continue Reading Information Technology: the first 2,500 years | Chris Blackwell | TEDxFurmanU

Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting PBS Digital Studios. If you have perfect knowledge of every single particle in the universe, can you use the laws of physics to rewind all the way back to the Big Bang? Is the entire history of the universe perfectly knowable? Or has information… Continue Reading Why Quantum Information is Never Destroyed