How to Make a Waterproof Paper Pot using ceramic powder This is a beautiful pot that can be used as a DIY Home Decor craft No one will ever believe that this pot is made using Newspapers! Things You Need… Scissors, Adhesive, Newspaper, Decorative Beads & Stones, Ceramic Powder, Craft… Continue Reading How to Make Waterproof Paper Pot | Newspaper Pot Making | Ceramic Pot making | Ceramic Clay Art

So that was one of the most savagest, the most bloodiest fights I’ve seen. How were you able to stay so calm? I was very good prepared … long time, two, three month. We do very good tactic, strategy very good. I was the best … When do you think… Continue Reading Boxer Kubrat Pulev kisses female reporter on lips during interview

What’s your name my name is Jasmine Alcott, Jasmine how old you after turnt 14 two days ago Who have you brought with you and I’ve got my dad with me here today, and my mom brilliant well This is two minutes that could really change everything so good not… Continue Reading ALL Golden Buzzer by Ant and Dec on Britain’s Got Talent

We’re on our way to the airport in Taipei, Taiwan. We got a tip that some protesters, who are fleeing Hong Kong, just landed here. “You O.K.? How do you feel? O.K.?” When we find the group, they’re exhausted and afraid to talk. “So everyone was arrested last night?” But… Continue Reading Inside the Secret Network Helping Protesters Flee Hong Kong | The Dispatch

#10, FCC Transcript (February 17, 1942) U.S.(A72) SALE AND MANUFACTURE OF WAR This challenge is a chance to — ….about the sale and manufacture of war. This war is part of a profit. The present phase of that profit began at the end of the 17th Century. By 1750 a… Continue Reading Ezra Pound Radio #10 (February 17, 1942) “Sale and Manufacture of War” (FCC)

When they called your name You said “I don’t know” They said the flight was “paid” But you were afraid to go All your life you stared At the setting sun You just wanted to find A place where you belong Now, you’ve got your own show Rebel Force Radio… Continue Reading The Soles – Rebel Force Radio (Electronic Version) – Official Video