50 thoughts on “Peloton’s New Ad For Its Fitness Bikes Has Social Media Throwing Fits | TODAY”

  1. Still waiting for someone to say what’s so appalling?

    Do all these people understand fitness and being healthy isn’t about body weight? Someone can be thin and unhealthy. She would have improved things like her lungs, heart, etc. someone like her shape who doesn’t exercise by doing this could add 5 to 10 years to there life. All the cry babies need to stop crying. Virtue signaling is pathetic

  2. Everyday our society becomes more stupid than the day before.What group or groups is really behind this? Its not just a comedian.

  3. The internet has found another thing to hate on for literally not understanding how exercising works because they have nothing else to do in their life but sit at a screen and complain

  4. are people stupid? there are millions of people who are skinny and not fit. if a skinny unfit person works out, they will feel way better. case closed, right?

  5. Folks, you need to get a life. Regardless of one’s weight, we should all do exercise to stay in shape & for our overall well being!!!

  6. All I saw was a husband giving his wife a gift that not only prevents weight gain but also will lower her risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart attacks. But in today's society everything is considered sexism or racism.

  7. Maybe Peloton is trying to sell their product to bike enthusiasts not necessarily fat people trying to lose weight selfish people

  8. What if the Peloton helped her with a mental health issue? SMH. Maybe she was depressed and couldn't get out of bed because she didn't have a reason. People are really one-track. And shallow.

  9. It’s just hard to be sympathetic about her journey if there’s no clear change, rather it be weight loss, muscle gain, easing depression, etc. I get where the ad was going, but they could’ve made it more obvious, specific and focused.

  10. They should make an advert with a fat woman instead, but she gives up after 1 week, and is even fatter and unhealthier by the next Christmas, and single too. Sorry.. "Self-Partnered" THAT would actually be more realistic than than this advert everyone complains about

  11. being in good shape is more than how much you weigh….. what is the problem? people just looking way too far into this ad

  12. Stupid ad…. Why you don't put a ? fat and then his or her life will be dramatically changed… I will not buy this bike because you just created a commercial that is sexist what's wrong with women like her ? ??? This woman should not have weight issue problem she looks fit! ?

  13. And this my friends is why I stopped watching the news zoos. Thin people need exercise too. It helps your heart, emotional well being, digestion….etc.
    Being 112 #s doesn't mean you're heart healthy

  14. Just because she’s thin doesn’t mean she’s healthy. If she was overweight people would talk about how “bigger people don’t need to lose weight, they’re fine the way they are”.

  15. Maybe it was a fit person that wants to get even more fit. Maybe it was someone that wanted to get into cycling but didn’t know where to start. Maybe it’s a an advertisement that exaggerates reality like every advertisement that has ever been has done.

  16. I never heard anything against it but I thought it was stupid. She's a small woman for crying out loud! I wouldn't own one anyway. They're a satanic company. If the anchor's boss is a partner, they're in on it too.

  17. it's not peddling……………………………………..NBC just creating more noise on Social Media………….he could give her a pair of sneakers to walk……………couples doing a lot of walking with kids……:) ….bye

  18. Excercise bikes been out since the 80's, people couldn't give them away. Now fools are paying $4,000+ for this BULLSHH????

  19. People exercise for lots of reasons – for fitness, to feel better emotionally and physically, to be more fit, to live longer, or just because they flat out enjoy it. I know many people who would be thrilled to receive a $2,000 piece of exercise equipment as a gift. Just because you're fat and lazy, don't assume everyone else is.

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