100 thoughts on “Penn Badgley Talks Hit Netflix Series ‘You’ | TODAY”

  1. Spotted: Lonely Boy not so lonely? looks like Dan is getting cozy with Hoda, what will S have to say about this? maybe she should have chosen Nate after all.
    XOXO, Gossip Girl

  2. I really hope I wasn’t the only one who was so conflicted by his character. I couldn’t choose if I supported what he was doing or not , but then I began to support him after Beck played him like that 😤

  3. I like that even though it's tongue and cheek, he's making it clear that the character's reprehensible. There are really"nice guys" out there who think like Joe. Maybe they don't go as far but they still have that creepy, entitled attitude. Every word of his internal monologue was out of the nice guy handbook

  4. For some reason I think Jamie dornan should appear in "You" season two just for fun😅😅😅😅💞💖It would be nice

  5. Idk why but when i watched this tv series it took me back to the tv series the fall with jamie dornan which somehow penn reminded me of him while watching the tv series.

  6. All I can say about this show is that if you ever wondered what Stockholm Syndrome feels like, watch the show. You, as the viewer, have to potential to get attached to his character and almost fight for him.

  7. I always considered Gossip Girl too be the type of show for how alot of bad actors gets to have there "Big break" But Penn Badgley as Joe really made me respect him as an actor i think this show can become something really great i`m looking forward to season two.

  8. Mood: trying not to fall for Joe because he's crazy and obsessive 😬

    but he's sooo cute and he has good intentions 😭😭 it's Mooney's fault for raising him like that

  9. The thing about his character is that he's not really portrayed as a bad guy. The show provides explaination to his behaviour, when usually the bad guy in a movie is just pure, unjustifiable evil.

  10. I’m sooo ready for season 2 I’m such a fan of his acting this show keeps me interested from start to finish

  11. I didn't like when he wrote "No thanks" to that twitter user. She's was obviously just a fan acting goofy cuz she loved the show. Penn could've said something nicer like "I'm glad you watch the show" but saying "no thanks" made him look arrogant. You know fans are gonna be joking around acting like your character is real. Why treat them like they're beneath you?

  12. Beck wouldn’t have died if she wasn’t dumb she’s so annoying like if she just accepted his love it’ll be cool

  13. this show is soo goood!! at first, it made me hate joe but then it made me hate beck while joe was still a sociopathic creep

  14. I binged watched the show since yesterday and finished it today. It took two days and was amazing 😆

  15. Guys always give me a hard time for liking lifetime, and I always tell them if they had their movie in theaters or on Netflix without labeling it “lifetime”, it would be a bit bit. Here is to prove I was right:)

  16. Dude this guy is Lonely Boy in real life….he is smart but kinda of a freak I am just trying really read thru his interview and he does the exact same thing in gossip girl

  17. I love this show and the character so much. Because he's a total psychopath, but really handsome, and gives off some serious Ted Bundy vibes. Joe's probably one of my favorite villains.

  18. this was a first for me ,you'd hardly see a book turn into movie/tvshow and it's actually good but for me i found the tvshow was better than the book but the both were amazing

  19. Joe’s character isn’t Penn Badgley—which is probably why we females might be merging it together; So, it doesn’t matter what Joe looks like, he’s TOTALLY bonkers!!! 🙄😒

    Honestly, I really think this tv show is an indicator that women need to look at the CHARACTER of a guy before trusting his appearance.

  20. Can they let him TALK THO??? im sick of them interrupting for a 2min interview. Why are they bite-sizing these things all the time just to hurry the interview its soo annoying!

  21. Omg 'you' needs a more creepy guy to play Joe even though Penn did great but I liked him alot better in John Tucker Must Die lol

  22. He played him well, but the character only got worst and worst. Definitely creepy irl. An interesting twist . I liked the show. Finished it quickly.

  23. Hi Penn i want tell u are so smart and i So Like it about u you are a Good Caraters and deep VOICE YOU ARE LIKE Actor FROM 70 Class and Chic this is first time i see you in this job i wish for you Successful march in Hollywood and i follow u in Twitter you have a Amazing mind and tell u please read about islam i believe change your live because I see you are A man have principles so this is aright way for Complete your mind Beliefs

  24. White girls are so sick minded, who tf is really attracted to his character and wants a guy like his character, this is why white girls end up like Beck, when Ted bundy got caught, he received love letters from women, white women

  25. BLAH BLAH,BLAH, Penn needs to do a nude scene. A jason Segal kind of nude scene, not that he could come close to having Segal's assets.

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