100 thoughts on “Peter Navarro defends tariff delay as ‘strong and flexible’ move”

  1. tade war? if we don't get a deal yes? china is not going to back down. trumps obama care. causing a lot of damage before it just goes away. taking trump with it.

  2. Yup. Strong and flexible. Just imagine would we even be at this point with China on tariffs if H Clampet was in the WH. ???? Or even another republican for that matter!!!!!

  3. Stuart, lighten up! China has stolen billions with a B from the U.S., no more chances for China, Sept. 15 is plenty of time! Stop your whining! Get with the program! Are you for us or against us? Shame shame Stuart!

  4. Guess we know whose side Stuart is on. Way to go Stu, are you China’s official rep? 🧐

    What a sell out you are Stu.. Trying to cause fear in our market while adding more tension between the US and China? What the heck Faux news??!
    Stay out of it! 🤨

  5. I actually like that Stuart is asking ‘mainstream media’ questions as it’s allowing Navarro to address them. He should just let him answer them!


    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬🦁 𝐊𝐄𝐄𝐏 𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐀 𝐆𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐓 🦁▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.

  7. Why is Faux blocking comments on the Epstein videos ? Everybody knows it's a sham……Everybody up to and including the useful idiots knows the Main stream media are pedophile protectors !!!!

  8. Navarro can't be any more clear Stewart, China needs to fix those seven points of contention till then we continue with the tariffs period! In time companies will move out of China and do business someplace else. The Us supply chain will re accommodate and keep doing what we're doing eventually, things will be manufactured elsewhere but China. Navarro is saying if China works with us fine if not fine too, we move on and they are left hanging in the wind. Is not that hard people!

  9. Right now, the Chinese are handling the situation rationally and are winning the first round of diplomatic play. The question is whether China is even interested in reaching an agreement anymore?

  10. U.S will not say what we gain, what we loose…China will not say what we loose what we gain….no one will know till three four years down the road….mean time who paddel hard enough to advance themselves so that's the answer I guess… mean time both paddeling very hard to advance themselves…..there will be only one win….now we are playing injury time….china had lots of red cards already, they are learning international playing standard.

  11. The market points to recession and TrumpTards are more concerned about who’s side Stuart is on. They act as sheep being lead to slaughter. WEIRD.

  12. Stuart look the market fell a little let Trump do his thing if he fails the complain but let him work no other PRESIDENT has done or tried to do what Trump has. Sit back do your reporting but let Trump work

  13. We all paying for the Tariffs in one way or another, China is not dumb they have been fooling us for years! If, only I can live on a bowl of rice and some fresh fish daily, I too will be one of the smartest people on earth!

  14. I knew from the headline this jerk would be a dodgy RINO scumbag.
    I know the difference between OCD freaks who don't like getting asked questions they don't like, but this guy is talking nonsense and dodging straight, GOOD questions!

  15. Silly to believe China will give an inch to these demands. The average Chinese is 1/5 as rich as the americans, what do they have to lose in a trade war.

  16. Hey Varney, are you an idiot or just an interrogator for your Wall Street buddies. You are asking the Commander and Chief to reveal his war strategy on live TV. Yes it's a Trade War but loosing it can be just as destructive as a military war.

  17. I doubt these comments will ever be read by whoever is responsible for Barney they obviously don’t care that they got what humans would give back when I offered retardedness

  18. Trump didn’t blink those who said he did have an agenda. Was not expecting this guy to start trying to make Trump look bad with ignorance & stupidity
    can’t understand the answer
    the Americans heard the answer
    the Americans are OK with the answer
    & which tells us Trump didn’t blink

  19. Stewart is a conveyor of stale ideas (second hand blabber) and falsehoods from other media channels he watches for source material (9:25) and spits it out in shotgun fashion at a thoughtful Navarro trying to lend some legitimacy to this conversation. Stewart is a joke.

  20. The Fed & Fakenews are trying to scare America into a recession. That's treasonous.. Every citizen should just continue with business as usual. Ignore our traitors in fakenews. THEY'RE LYING. Listen to POTUS and keep spending money because numbers manipulation & a lying news media cannot weaken our economy.


  22. Mr. Varny! Fox!!! THINK!! Are YOU the world's best negotiator?? ARE YOU!! Then Shut the F* Up!! (And THINK, your words today impact ongoing negotiations!!) Am totally impressed with Peter Navarro! Stood his ground against Fox (which apparently thinks it can "learn" from MSNBC!!)

  23. Varney, My God! Take a CHILL PILL! I thought I liked you, but now not sure… American Greed is at it again, You as well, Stock market down??? Who Cares… This is about taking China down… not an easy task as the last 40 the likes of you let them do what they want! Let Trump get it done, on HIS terms… Navarro is just a messenger… I hear CNN is hiring..

  24. The president made a strong and flexible decision = Trump chickened out.
    And we all know it, the Chinese are laughing at us right now.
    Weak President.

    AKA, wtkjr.!!!

  26. All these giant companies can lose little money I don't think it is a big deal to them . Look at them they are already too wealthy theirs children can no ot eat all up for 100 years . Americans need to live and make America Great and I really think so or loose it t0 China.

  27. This host does not understand the Chineses CCP's game and how our President is dealing with a lying monster who would do anything to stop Trump to demolish them, Chinese CCP must change their infrastructure which they refuse to, they are putting all their relationship and money to influence media, politicians for their evil behaviors, if we don't get them now, we Americans will suffer forever. 2020 Trump.

  28. Trump stopped the tariffs on things people buy as presents for Xmas. He realised his dumb tariffs would bankrupt retailers in their most profitable season. He will screw them after Xmas

  29. Very weak arguments by Navarro…why is giving in for nothing is a strong (flexible) move. Getting increasingly tougher is the only convincing move.

  30. Why Navarro insisted the day that drop several hundreds of Dow Points “is a good day”? This guy is even day-dreaming that demand China changes according to his proposals. Is China Mexico or Canada? I am sorry for Trump to keep him in White House.

  31. The fact is Trump and the republicans have just set a record with a 867
    billion dollar fiscal deficit Trump has bankrupted everything he's
    ever gotten his hands on. And I do mean everything. An airline, a
    beverage company, a casino which before Trump came along was considered a
    can't lose industry, a magazine, a mortgage company, a board game, a
    travel site, a online university, and a vodka company. And now he's
    got his hands on a country.

  32. Dumb questions from a closed minded single eyed individual you would never want at a negotiating table. You're losing it Stewart, take a break or sit down with the players in private and get educated. When n negotiation Stewart it's not possible to lay your cards on the table to satisfy your ratings or your personal curiosity. Take a relaxant, watch, listen and learn.

  33. this was a terrible interview, he didnt answer a single question. If we are going to play chicken with china, we kind of need a proper plan and to reassure the markets so we dont take the hit as opposed to them. Nice job to the interviewer, but peter cmon, talk specifics and be pragmatic, dont just play praise trump

  34. China is on its heels. President Trump should increase the pressure on China once the holiday shopping season passes.

  35. That is why the trade war could last longer. The list is not easy for China to accept or vise versa the US if structural internal changes were demanded of it. It means China has to change the way it is governed.

  36. Everything is going round in a circle. If you have only ONE MARBLE in your
    trousers pocket but keeps saying you have more, you still have ONLY
    ONE MARBLE no matter how you adjust your trousers.

  37. So peter's message to China and investors is POTUS is helping the oil industry make more profits via expansion and job creation BUT no mention of the impact of tariff tax on US citizens. "The wrong way to look at it" he says. POTUS delayed the next tariff round since business (BIG business) complained. Therefore there must be negative affects the tariffs have on them and on the next in line consumers. Tariffs are a tax importers pay which trickle down to CONSUMERS. Tariffs are a tax POTUS says he's a hero for!! Insane propaganda.


  39. America needs to shift a massive amount of manufacturing from China to alternative countries. Screw the Chinese Time to get rid of the trading partner that cheats and steals. They're not to be trusted ever!!

  40. Alright Shale production! What can China do? It's not like they can build an Island, new territory or weather 4 Decades if Tarriffs by running Students over with Tanks or anything.. Say, can we send all of California Democrats over there for Socialist training(1 way Ticket only)?

  41. Tariffs on Chinese goods have so far created an extra $63 billion for the US treasury. Next year, the tariff money could reach $100 billion! And many Trump haters with an unsound mind said Trump had lost the trade battle with China! Whatever they say, having tons of extra cash to spend is always a good thing, doesn't it?

  42. these news caster think they know more about the economy than trump and his experts, i hate when they think they know what should happen, just ask questions dont try to tell the experts what to do

  43. Stewart, HOW MANY TIMES does SEÑOR NAVARRO need to have to tell you ; "One can not meet the commies half way".?
    One needs to stand top of the hill when they re down the valley to get some real wins from the commies.

  44. I like Peter specially when he talks " restoging global economy ".
    Salutations from Spain.

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