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Sharon put a video up this weekend 1:04
about our first guest author 1:08
Fletcher his website 1:11
inclined bed therapy 1:15
dot com very simple idea 1:20
he says might do some some really wonderful things for you
1:25 inclined bed therapy IBT
1:31 Andrew Fletcher is in
1:34 Southwest Devon England
1:37 he said it’s 28 degrees Celsius not sure what
that is, but it sounds pretty good 1:42
have to figure that out I guess it’s about 55-60 degrees
1:47 fahrenheit something like that and I think
it’s probably 1:51
maybe four o’clock in the afternoon something like that mister fletcher
1:55 good afternoon there in England
1:59 I don’t have my Celsius Fahrenheit thing but
I’ll 2:03
figure it out sometime this morning okay how are you
2:06 I’m very good thank you You put that video
on a website 2:11
quite interest how long have you been 2:14
and your a former engineer right and not a medical guy
2:18 That’s right that’s right how do you come
up with the idea that 2:22
putting your head up six inches will help us well
2:26 its an incredible story everything you’re
about to hear 2:31
is the truth 2:34
one of my my skills is a lateral thinker which is a bit
2:38 of a penalty at times because you start off
in one direction and you end up in a 2:42
completely different direction 2:44
you never anticipated and that’s exactly what happened
2:48 here I made
2:51 decision to ask how
2:55 trees raise water from the ground to the leaf
2:59 I was involved in an irrigation project at
the time 3:03
still am and that project aims 3:06
to induce rainfall in arid regions 3:09
one of the problems you get when you’re irrigating arid regions
3:14 is that you get a build up of salt on the
soil soil and that poisons the soil 3:18
so you have to move somewhere else and 3:20
and practice your irrigation elsewhere and I notice that
3:24 trees were standing there and had been there
for some times hundreds of years 3:28
so they weren’t affected by the salt 3:31
and there wasn’t the salt around the 3:34
base of the tree, so 3:37
the question I asked was what are these trees doing with the salts that was how
3:41 I
3:42 approached the problem, So I travelled off
to a car boot sale 3:46
and stumbled across a a GCSE biology book 3:50
by the D.G. Mackean and I thought 3:53
Ohh that’s interesting for twenty pence, i’ll have a read
3:56 I read
4:00 an incredible amount of er well
4:04 I’ll let your readers interpret
4:07 interpret some the some the bits I read which
actually prompted me to look 4:11
into 4:12
into circulation in trees one of the points was water evaporates from the leaves
4:17 causes a kind
4:18 of suction which pulls water up the stem now
4:22 for an engineer a kind of suction that pulls
water up the tree 4:26
doesn’t sit very well 4:29
well I won’t bore the listeners.. no no go ahead ok ok
4:34 we want the whole story, so actually what
happens with the 4:38
which you learned that 4:41
the leaves, what happens how does it get to sucking the water up from the ground
4:47 okay okay well it says many biologists regard
transpiration as an inevitable 4:53
consequence 4:54
of photosynthesis in order to flow to photosynthesise 4:58
the leaf has to take in carbon dioxide from the air the pathway which allows carbon dioxide
in 5:02
will also let water vapour out 5:05
so it’s an inevitable loss of water 5:09
that serves little purpose other than heat regulation so anyway there was
5:14 quite a bit that I read in the book
5:15 I’m I’m for example another point you might
learn in physics that you cannot 5:20
draw water up by suction to a height of more than about 10 meters
5:24 many tall trees than this
5:27 don’t appear to have a problem with drawing
water higher than 10 meters 5:31
No they don’t appear to have a problem.. so what about statement in the book
5:35 and in fact it was D.G Mackeans the
5:38 the honesty that the man gave when he put
the book together 5:41
I’m describing a wholly inadequate explanation for fluid transport in trees
5:46 that fired me up and the solution came to
me within 20 minutes 5:52
now what I did, arrogantly if you like 5:56
I ignored all of the explanations that had come before
6:00 and just re-examined the facts and the fact
that I saw was that the tree stood above ground level
6:05 and was growing predominantly vertical so
6:09 was obviously benefiting in some way from
gravity otherwise it would be growing 6:12
horizontally 6:13
and it contains a multi-conduit of tubes 6:19
so the tubes run from root to leave 6:22
and we know we have an up flow predominantly in the xylem
6:27 and a down flow predominantly in the phloem
and the phloem is always loaded with 6:31
denser materials and the xylem sap is always 6:35
more dilute because it draws water in from the soil
6:39 this is how I put it together
6:42 ninety-eight percent of all the water evaporates
through the leaves 6:45
and this will.. you need to learn this to understand why we tilted the beds
6:51 yeah, so ninety-eight percent of all the water
evaporates through the leaves 6:55
that’s a fact fact I have no problem with that so in other words, let me stop you a
second so comes 6:59
up from the roots deep down 7:01
comes up and then leaves and comes out as humidity in the air
7:05 that’s right that’s why places with lots a
trees 7:10
are humid that’s correct that’s called transpiration 7:14
okay but what science had forgotten is that for every action there is a
7:18 reaction. You cannot boil away
7:22 or evaporate away ninety eight percent of
all water 7:26
without actually concentrating the sap 7:30
so you’re effectively boiling water away as evaporation
7:34 so whatever is left behind is increased by
ninety eight percent 7:40
and because the leaves produce sugar converting carbon dioxide through
7:44 photosynthesis
7:46 into sugars yes K that’s denser than water
7:50 and the mineral salts and nutrients bought
in through the xylem 7:54
are also denser than water so the massive loss of moisture from the leaf
7:58 changes the density of the sap at the top
of the tree K 8:02
gravity dictates that the denser sap will move towards a sink
8:06 that sink can be a fruit or it can be the
trunk you know as a 8:09
store or it can can actually travel right down to the roots
8:13 and then get re diluted by incoming water
from the soil 8:17
so that ensures that the upward flow is always more dilute than the downward
8:20 flow
8:21 K so if science had asked the right questions
instead of the wrong question 8:25
and the wrong question is how does water get from the roots to leaves?
8:29 what they should have asked is how do trees
circulate water? 8:33
then the answer would have been clear they circulate the water
8:37 by am releasing
8:42 taking the co2 from the air
8:45 yes and then
8:48 and then they evaporate the water goes out
in the air 8:52
and that creates sugar or sap either goes into a fruit or back into the tree
8:57 like in a pine tree
8:58 or like in a maple tree yes
9:01 And for every action there is a reaction you
can’t have a downward flow without 9:06
generating a return flow so if you can picture this
9:10 sap inside the tree behaving like string rather
than 9:13
like a liquid every molecule is attached to the molecule behind it
9:19 so as you stimulate a down-flow it creates
molecular drag 9:23
that molecular drag effects all of the sap in the tree
9:28 it affects the return flow on the down flow
9:31 now in order to demonstrate this circulation
system 9:34
I set up a simple experiment at Brixham Cliffs in the Over Gang Car Park
9:39 not too far from me and we caused water to
flow up a cliff to 9:43
24 meters using only a pinch of salt about ten millilitres of salt
9:48 we had a single length of 6 millilitre bore
tube 9:53
both open ends were pushed pushed into two bottles of water
9:56 and the tune itself contained boiled water
to remove any gas bubbles 10:01
and the water inside the vessels at ground-level 10:04
also contained boiled water to remove the gas bubbles
10:08 and the tiny amount to salt solution was added
to the centre of the tube 10:11
which was then rasied up the cliff to 24 meters more than twice what they say is
10:16 possible in physics
10:18 and the water was suspended I had scientists
there from the 10:21
Forestry commission we had journalists there 10:25
every one witness the the experiment it was a great success
10:28 it stayed suspended there for about 15-20
minutes 10:32
and the downward flow in the one side 10:35
caused the er… we used two demijohns or two fermenting bottles
10:39 One bottle was overflowing slowly
10:43 and the other bottle was going down so that
tiny amount of salt solution 10:48
lifted thousands of times it’s own volume effortlessly
10:52 effortlessly 24 meters and when we did that
10:55 that was by no means first my means the first
time 10:58
that I had performed that experiment when I first saw that experiment
11:02 I knew that I had nailed something really
important and I knew that the physics 11:06
behind it had no respect for the vessel that contained it
11:10 so the leap from trees to humans and animals
11:14 was the next step as I explained at the start
of the interview 11:17
So Being a lateral thinker it’s it’s a Yeah lateral think
11:21 so you were able to actually raise water 24
meters just using salt 11:25
yes That’s amazing Yes That’s amazing 11:29
just because what goes up something else has gotta go down or yes right
11:33 that’s right so arm
11:37 what does that then tell us about the human
body? 11:41
it tells us a great deal as I said it has no respect for the vessel that contains it
11:46 so any column
11:47 water that stands above ground level hmm
11:50 and evaporates most the water from the surface
11:55 well from the upper part would change the
density or whatever 11:59
whatever sap or blood that there was supplying it
12:02 and in the case of the body the blood the
passes through the lungs 12:07
supplies the fluid that we evaporate with every breath
12:10 mmm-hmm so the blood that passes through the
lungs become denser 12:15
and then passes through the heart and then enters the main artery
12:19 so it’s the equivalent for every breath we
take to placing a pinch of salt 12:23
in the blood in the arteries so gravity will act upon that and draw it down towards
12:28 the kidneys
12:29 the kidneys are great at filtering out salts
and 12:33
other waste so 12:36
the blood that passes through the kidneys becomes less dense as the salts are excreted
in 12:41
the urine 12:42
so therefore the return flow blood is always less dense
12:45 than the downward flowing arterial blood him
and again 12:49
the the flown return system fitted exactly with the way the body was
12:54 and I had a meeting with two vascular
12:57 vascular surgeons over at Torquay
13:00 one guy was Peter Lewis vascular surgeon
13:03 and the other guy was Celeste another vascular
surgeon from Trinidad I think he was 13:08
and I showed them the experiment because you can do a
13:12 rather than stringing tubes up a cliff so
anyone can do 13:16
this experiment at home and 13:19
Peter’s reaction was; “My God” he said 13:22
I thought pure science was dead he said and here it is on my kitchen table
13:27 What you have explained to me fit’s exactly
with everything that we know 13:30
about circulation in the body so 13:34
go back to the idea of salts and the breath 13:38
where does the salt come from the salt is from our diet ok
13:42 so we take in a dilute soup of nutrients into
the blood 13:47
just like the trees take in a dilute soup of nutrients from the soil
13:51 that passes through the lungs
13:54 and we have iron in the blood as well which
is which is also denser than well 13:58
anything that’s denser than water really 14:00
so as soon as you start evaporating water from from that liquid
14:04 you make it denser and soon as you make it
denser 14:07
gravity will act upon the denser side and in this case it’s the arteries
14:13 so I questioned how could we make use of this
discovery? 14:17
mmm so the obvious thing was well 14:21
wow it’s easy to understand why 14:24
the most successful species on Earth stands the most vertical
14:27 ourselves
14:30 and trees
14:33 and I questioned why we sleep flat?
14:37 because it made no sense now
14:40 And I thought well what would happen if we
raise the head end of the bed 14:44
how much would you need to raise the head of the bed so what I did was I I
14:47 got a loop of tubing
14:49 closed loop of tubing filled with water
14:52 added some coloured salt solution to the pillow
end 14:55
of the loop of tubing which stretched down the entire length of the bed
14:59 and then I raised the bed up in increments
to see which would be the ideal for comfort 15:03
and for circulation when I got to about four and a half inches
15:08 the flow was down one side of the tube and
the return flow was in the same side of the 15:12
tube so I could see 15:14
the water flow the coloured solution flowing down one side and the return
15:18 flow going back
15:19 over the top of it so there was a two directional
flow 15:23
in one side of the tube with no overall rotation 15:26
when the bed was raised up to 5 inches then I started to see the circulation so
15:31 we added an extra inch
15:33 for good measure and I had the flow
15:36 which represented the arterial flow and the
return flow 15:40
which represented the vascular return 15:44
or the venous return flow 15:47
Then we tilted our bed and I was really excited about this
15:51 my wife thought I was insane Yes
15:54 of course but she agreed and we tilted the
bed and 15:59
we started to imagine things as if we had more energy
16:02 we felt a bit fitter and we had a stiff neck
as well and 16:05
some extra aches and pains as if we had been working out in the gym gymnasium
16:09 but we hadn’t and
16:13 I had a meeting with a guy called leon Coral
down the pocket book shop 16:17
and I was discussing the discovery with him he was excited too
16:21 and then a nurse butted in Stefanie Ness and
she said 16:25
I have to say something I don’t interrupt conversations very often she said that
16:29 this is very exciting
16:30 She said I am a nurse and I am in charge
16:34 of the local elderly patients and we have
known for a long time that the 16:39
the elderly people that spend a long time in bed don’t live very long
16:44 but those that refused to lie down in bed
16:47 actually seemed to go on into their hundreds
16:51 Ohh with the head up Yes most of them she
said 16:56
sat in chairs and 16:57
refused to get into bed oh they didn’t want to go in So they knew there was something
wrong with lying down 17:01
and they felt uncomfortable 17:03
erm which was fascinating and then she said I wonder if it would work for
17:07 varicose veins?
17:09 And I thought wow that’s interesting
17:12 because if we have if we’ve applied pressure
increased the pressure in the 17:16
arteries 17:17
which which the theory dictates would happened 17:21
and indeed Peter Lewis and Celeste agreed with
17:25 that principal then it would apply
17:28 tension to the blood in these veins and it
would also lower the pressure in 17:32
the veins which would pull the veins in 17:35
so when I got home I asked my wife to lift up her trouser leg
17:39 and low and behold a varicose vein which had
been there for 16 years had gone flat 17:45
with no surgery now that’s interesting because..you know it’s it’s just counter-intuitive
17:50 cuz you think
17:51 well if your head is higher Andrew
17:55 then you can have more blood flowing down
to your legs 17:58
which is it coagulation of blood in your veins right
18:03 so yes it it’s just like the opposite of what
you think it would be But 18:06
as we discussed in the trees the 18:10
question wasn’t hew water erm shouldn’t have been how water is raised
18:14 from the
18:15 from the roots to the leaves because it goes
the other way 18:20
know if you’ve got circulation you can increases circulation
18:24 we can decrease circulation but unless you
chop someone’s foot off 18:28
blood won’t flow down and out 18:31
yeah yeah we have a flow and a return system a venous
18:36 return and an arterial flow
18:41 yeah its it’s a little bit of a misconception
Sure I think what 18:44
they’re referring to 18:45
is the flow of excess fluid 18:48
from the veins out into the surrounding tissue 18:53
so that happens when the pressure inside the vines is greater
18:57 and that causes the fluid to migrate from
the blood out into the sure 19:00
surrounding tissue causing oedema yeah sure or fluid retention
19:04 right know that was the other condition that
improved 19:07
I started to look around for people 19:11
with varicose veins looking at women’s legs for all the wrong reasons
19:14 ha ha I understand
19:18 for all the right reasons depending on your
standpoint 19:21
so I got my mother to take part 19:24
but in the meantime Stephanie Ness had reported that her varicose veins
19:28 had improved as well
19:30 and was hardly visible in how long She’s a
nurse as-well. how long 19:33
four weeks four weeks you know 19:36
both my wife and Stephanie Ness four weeks 19:40
the common conventional wisdom about varicose veins
19:44 if I understand is something like they have
these little flaps 19:48
in the veins 19:49
that are supposed to kinda yeah the valves are kinda move up and
19:54 Hold
19:55 and these things get kinda week somehow with
heart 19:59
something some things weakened the arteries, you know lack of nutrients or
20:02 something and then the blood kinda pools down
there 20:06
if that’s correct why would your and I know that is correct, that is just conventional
20:11 wisdom
20:12 yes no that’s what the doc’s say anywhere
the natural doctors even 20:15
why would raising the head 20:18
affect that? That’s interesting 20:23
and I mean again I don’t know if the flap thing is even
20:27 a viable premise yeah what it what it is
20:31 there is two angled
20:34 no actually there is an angled flap
20:37 of vein which
20:41 allows blood to pass through it and then it
stops the 20:45
return flow Right it’s supposed to flap up and stopped the return
20:49 like a one way valve correct yes okay
20:52 I mean the answer is
20:56 you know this if these both my wife and there
are many others that have also reported the 21:01
improvements in varicose veins 21:02
who probably have those damaged valves 21:07
have noticed that their veins have gone flat also
21:10 mmm there is photographic evidence on the
Internet hmm hmm Yeah 21:14
showing a young young gentlemen 21:18
who provided us with fantastic photographic account of
21:22 how his veins had changed over a period of
a couple of years 21:25
I’ll be darned It was incredible it was absolutely 21:29
I mean that the guy worn support stockings 21:33
and always worn trousers he’s been out on the beach in shorts
21:37 him so the proof is in the pudding
21:40 well hopefully yes I mean certainly we need
21:44 a study into varicose veins a study into oedema
21:48 you know to actually determine whether this
is just a fluke or 21:54
whether it’s more than just 21:57
Yeah at twenty four minutes after the hour with Andrew Fletcher
22:01 sharon says its 82 degrees where you are she
did a Fahrenheit 22:05
she also suggested that this would be fun and I’m gonna do it so
22:08 that if our listeners wanna do this
22:12 and we’ll talk about exactly how to do it
before the show 22:16
and raise the head end of your bed and then we’ll have
22:19 Andrew back on in three months or so
22:23 and get the listeners to write in and and
call in and see what kinda fits how about 22:26
that 22:27
would that be fun sounds very good be fun and so we will get exactly what to do and
how to 22:31
do it 22:32
before the end of the show and if you like to participate I’m going to do it I’ll do
it 22:36
today 22:37
and Sharon’s going to do it and see what we see
22:40 okay Andrew fletcher’s who is with us his
22:43 website is let me see let me grab it here
22:47 I want to to just get it for you it’s inclinedbedtherapy.com
22:51 inclined bed therapy dot com
22:54 so what do you would he think the effect
23:00 how has this affected your sleep
23:03 and how long have you been doing it? since
1994 23:07
Wow you have been doing it for twenty years? 23:11
not as long as the ancient Egyptians 23:15
Had they slept like this? yes did they 23:18
when, it’s a great idea you know but 23:21
you need to know if someone else has done it before
23:25 so you go back in history and
23:29 the evidence is overwhelming providing you
looking in the right places 23:33
now when the the tomb robbers went in 23:37
they had jewels and gold in their eyes 23:40
and obviously paid no attention to the fact that all of the beds were
23:44 inclined. they were raised exactly six inches
/ 15 cm at the head end 23:48
I’ll be darned 23:51
curator at the Boston Museum to go out with a tape measure
23:56 she measured one and she said it’s exactly
six inches higher at the head end. Isn’t that 23:59
Interesting hand exactly the same measurement that I had come up with using a tube which
isn’t too 24:03
Isn’t that interesting Yes 24:07
it it goes even further back than that 24:10
we have been swaddling babies in 24:14
swaddling clothes even Jesus was 24:17
documented to be swaddled in a manger yes sir yes sir
24:21 and you know the only reason that you would
swaddle a child is to 24:25
stop them moving and the only reason you would stop the moving is to prevent
24:29 sliding down the bed and there are
24:32 pictures abounding on the Internet of swaddled
babies on incline 24:36
inclined planes Really? yes Ha ha 24:42
home so you think that’s why we swaddle them because to keep them from
24:45 sliding down
24:46 yes that’s pretty cool
24:50 Kinda go goose bumps there that’s kinda neat
24:53 I’ve touched the tip of the iceberg because
24:59 as I said I was a lateral thinker so the next
thing I did I got my mother to tilt her 25:03
bed hmm She had very bad 25:06
varicose veins, took a long while to convince 25:09
that I wasn’t 25:12
well I was being sensible 25:16
we tilted her bed and in four weeks I got a phone call from my mom
25:20 and she said can you tell me what this bed
is all about 25:24
I said look mom I have explained it in great detail she said just run it by me once more
25:29 I said haaa you’ve got something to tell me
about your varicose veins 25:33
she said ohh yes but that’s not why i am ringing Ohh
25:36 So tell me more she said I am standing here
by the phone 25:39
twiddling my toes and moving my ankle on my left leg
25:43 I said what you want a round of applause?
She said I haven’t been able to do that for eleven years
25:47 she hasn’t moved her toes for eleven years
no 25:52
and I thought wow, we’re not just looking at blood circulation now
25:57 that must be in neurological problem so again
26:01 I find another book and started to dig into
how 26:05
cerebral spinal fluid circulates yeah 26:08
and low and behold just like the trees no one really knows
26:12 they know it’s linked to posture and they
know it’s linked to respiration 26:16
and they know that the heart doesn’t play a role any more than he plays a role in
26:20 the lymphatic system
26:22 so something is driving this circulation
26:25 and it fitted perfectly with what I had discovered
because 26:29
the evaporation from the sinuses and from the eyes
26:32 from skin changes changes the density of the
fluids that flow through it 26:37
so we are constantly changing the density of the
26:41 the the cerebrospinal fluid which means that
the down flow is always more 26:46
dense than the return flow and a recent papers has just been published that actually
26:50 states that this is correct that the down
flow is always denser than the return flow 26:55
so…The author put it down to a thermohaline difference much the same as you got the
27:00 much the same as the explanation for the thermohaline
flow in the Atlantic Ocean 27:04
yeah the Atlantic ocean conveyor belt 27:07
the ocean currents are 27:11
driven by well thought to be driven by thermohaline 27:15
which is a change in density due to heat 27:19
but if you think about it logically for a second you would need a tremendous
27:23 amount of energy from sun
27:25 to change the density of the ocean but what
you’d need 27:29
to is to evaporate water from the ocean serface 27:32
which then induces the same flow and return system
27:37 that powers all of the
27:38 all the ocean currents yes so
27:42 our body does the same thing with our eyes
and our nose and our lungs in her nose in her lungs
27:46 it puts off
27:50 co2 just like the trees
27:53 yes that’s what causes the blood to keep moving
why we’re laying down 27:58
what happens oh it’s all the time, it’s not the heart
28:02 right it’s not the heart pumping well
28:05 I mean cus people Doc’s have told us that
the heart really isn’t pump 28:09
it’s just gravity and stuff that’s moving everything around
28:13 right we have got a heart yes and I will bow
down to that but 28:16
okay but yes 28:20
when we are conceive there is no heart pumping 28:25
and yet circulation takes place if we if we take a chickens egg for example
28:29 If we take a chicken’s egg for example
28:33 we know that the food is in the yolk
28:37 and we’ve got the albumen around the yolk
and we know 28:40
from from hatcheries that you must rotate those eggs
28:46 and we know that the shape of the egg dictates
that it will only rotate across one 28:49
axis 28:51
so if you know if rotating the eggs is important 28:55
and what that tells is that gravity is playing a roll
28:59 and I suggest that the downward flow from
the food source 29:03
actually triggers a return flow 29:06
and this is how the initial circulation takes place long before the heart
29:11 is formed and beats there is a pulsatile flow
29:14 in that primary circulation inside the egg
29:19 and in the case of a mother
29:22 who is expecting a baby then that depends
on the posture of the mother 29:26
so if the mother is always moving around 29:29
its the same equivalent as the chickens egg being rotated
29:34 so it’s probably good to exercise when you
are pregnant or do something 29:39
absolutely 29:42
what happened next was because I’ve thought 29:46
if you want to stop me just stop because I could rabbit on about this for hours Rabbit
on let’s just rabbit on 29:50
with a couple of commercials 29:54
and then we will let you rabbit on some more 28 before the hour
29:58 Man don’t ya just love these kind of fascinating
people 30:02
this is one radio network dot com 19 before the hour
30:06 talking with an interesting man he is in England
30:10 South Devon Andrew Fletcher
30:13 inclined bed therapy com
30:18 about raising your bed 6 inches
30:21 so can we just take some books in
30:24 get a tape measure yes him to just raise our
bed 6 inches and 30:28
try this for three months and see what we see?
30:32 see what we feal yes I reckon the best books
to use 30:36
for raising the beds are medical books yeah I think so Ha ha
30:39 Yeah I got a lot of those ha ha, those big
thick ones sometimes you probably need about two of them
30:45 and just do six inches is it critical
30:49 exactly six inches
30:51 in the American the American beds are bigger
than the beds over in the UK so 30:56
I would recommend if your bed 30:58
sort of bigger than say 6-foot-3 six foot four inches
31:02 hmm you would need to raise your bed six and
a half say seven inches 31:06
oh let’s see okay you mean lengthwise 31:09
yes if it’s over about six feet or so 31:13
yes well they will be over 6 feet 31:16
but around in there six inches is going to be good from most people
31:20 mmm mmm and what kind of improvements you
think they’re going to see 31:25
in there we are gonna have them try it and talk to you again
31:29 Well we are going to get improvements in
31:30 spouses stopping snoring
31:34 we are going to have improvements in better
oxygenation For a kick off I 31:39
conducted this experiment with sleeping dogs as well as
31:43 sleeping humans Really in me you get a decrease
in 31:47
in respiration rate by 4 to-5 breaths per minute
31:50 You will get a decrease in heart rate by 10
to 12 beats per minute 31:55
Your circulation will increase people 31:58
that suffer with cold hands and cold feet in bed will find they will be sleeping with
their 32:02
feet outside of the bed because they will nice and warm
32:06 you will skip getting a lot of colds and influenza
32:10 if you do get the infections we all seem to
be fighting them off 32:15
a lot a lot better and my my 32:19
my lovely Granddaughter Amy 32:22
she’s at infants school and 32:25
the entire class went down with chicken pox 32:28
except Amy didn’t get it 32:32
so that that there is a great deal of err improvements
32:36 we don’t know what’s going on with the immune
system then do we, I mean 32:39
well benefits or do you? if we take the immune system alone
32:44 if we take gravity away for example put an
astronaut in space 32:49
peak of fitness, what happens is they start to age
32:53 ten times faster than they do here on Earth
32:57 huh Oh yeah with with the astronauts yeah
we’ve heard about that the bones the 33:00
de-calcify 33:01
muscles atrophy away the heart atrophies away 33:05
neurological problems 33:08
tremendous amount of problems long-lasting problems as well some of
33:11 the long-term
33:12 space-flight astronauts
33:15 well one guy in particular from Russia it’s
taken 33:19
I think Joan Vernikos said it was a 18 or 33:22
20 I’m not sure whether it was 18 years 33:25
I might have it written down somewhere 33:29
for the full recovery from from just being in space
33:33 you know that’s when they first kinda came
up with these little small 33:38
rebounders that we promote yes from 20 years ago
33:42 because they lost all of this bone density
33:45 from space yes and when you jump and down
you get about a foot off the matt it 33:51
builds up bone density yes and so does inclined bed therapy
33:56 so does inclined bed therapy I had a lady
contact me 34:00
and lady called Ruby Tate 34:03
she’s appeared on TV so she won’t mind me mentioning her name
34:07 and shhad osteoporosis and she couldn’t turn
over in bed 34:10
tremendous problems she couldn’t clothe herself properly
34:15 turning over in bed was a mammoth task she
couldn’t turn around she had to turn her whole body
34:19 around
34:19 to view clock behind her
34:22 it completely cleared the osteoporosis
34:26 let me ask you this say if somebody has a
34:29 relative in a nursing home with a
34:33 I know some the nursing homes they have the
people 34:36
sleeping even higher than that you know where they might be at 45 degree angle
34:41 yes is that or would that be preferable or
would you recommend 34:45
keeping my head I know what you are going to say
34:48 yeah I think you referring to
34:51 beds being raised with the upper half raised
with the legs either flat or raised 34:55
correct 34:57
okay as you would with an adjustable bed mechanically adjustable beds
35:01 they put them in hospitals and nursing homes
and stuff like that 35:04
yep totally wrong posture and probably 35:08
can cause more problems. Sleeping on a 35:12
on an incline bed for example de-compresses the
35:15 spine because if you can imagine you’re you’re
weight has shifted 35:18
so it’s trying to slide down the bed but it’s held back by the friction between yourself
35:22 Oh Of course
35:24 this applies traction to the spine so relieves
35:27 most back problems will get the relieved but
if you’re in a sitting position 35:32
which you’ve just described your 35:34
raising your upper half and keeping the legs either flat or raised
35:38 what we’ve done there now the pelvis is actually
pressing down on the soft 35:42
tissue 35:42
yes so it’s gonna risk and causing pressure sores
35:47 we’ve created a loop by having the knees bent
35:50 so that’s going to prevent fluids from returning
back into the main 35:55
circulatory system 35:56
so we can get swollen ankles good, no 36:00
no sitting posture according again to Joan Vernikos
36:04 who was former head of life sciences at nasa
36:07 she recommends that everyone
36:11 should stand every 20 minutes we should stand
up 36:14
yeah we have had Joan on the show oh you have? Yeah
36:17 years ago maybe last year so so even in the
nursing home 36:22
if you had a bed that were the top half raises up
36:29 you know with a lever or whatever they do
and if you did that six inches that 36:33
still doesn’t do what you wanna do know 36:35
you’d wanna keep it flat and just raise it can get the whole thing
36:39 on an incline and that would include
36:40 and improve circulation
36:43 yes You think that would help someone with
a stroke? 36:47
yes it would 36:50
I’m trying to 36:53
make sure that I don’t forget everything here but there is a child locally with
36:57 an enlarged dysfunction pituitary gland mmm
37:01 which resulted in paralysis hmm we were told
that 37:06
there would be no recovery, well the parents were told there would be no revovery
37:09 because the pituitary gland drives everything
in the body 37:12
yes This this child is down the gymnasium 37:17
I’m sorry he is down the gymnasium working out he has regained
37:20 function of his legs and arms just from
37:24 Just from inclined bed therapy? yes
37:28 multiple sclerosis this is where the research
when the next 37:31
the next turning because my mother reported 37:34
improvements in the leg 37:37
I looked into multiple sclerosis 37:40
and did a preliminary study with a gentleman who was a fellow engineer
37:45 he started to notice improvements and Roger
37:50 sclerosis
37:51 Roger Kirk He has passed away
37:54 This guy actually gets out of his wheelchair
37:57 and stands by his wheelchair
38:01 He was featured in the Daily Mail which is
a National newspaper 38:05
He actually wrote 38:08
he got out of his car and walked 38:13
could never have done that. Andrew I 38:17
That led on to doing another extended research with a group
38:21 people with MS I went to a local chapter in
Kingsteignton Locally 38:25
and took Roger along with me he explained all the things that had been happening to
him 38:28
including 38:29
stopping his hair loss better mobility he was able to turn over in bed
38:35 his eyesight improved so much
38:38 he could actually sit at the computer and
started 38:42
his own printing business 38:45
and what do you attribute that to eye sight? 38:49
well had damage to the optic nerve caused by
38:53 the multiple sclerosis and it actually restored
the 38:57
damage to the nerve because of circulation? 39:01
yes because everything is circulation right 39:05
yeah everything’s everything circulation eyesight 39:09
you get more circulation things will heal 39:12
Boy this is just fascinating I can’t wait to do it today I am going to get me six
39:17 inches
39:18 now more is not better right eight inches
nine-inches’ not better 39:22
I have people that swear by raising the bed 8 inches
39:27 nine-inches’ 10 inches is actually helping
them more 39:31
But what do you think would you just do six? Yes I think you have got a trade off
39:35 between comfort
39:36 and the effects on the circulation you know
if you want to feel uncomfortable in bed 39:41
then by all means raise the bed higher 39:43
here’s an email are from Rich in Pittsburgh 39:46
should this be done gradually will this increase those with high blood pressure
39:51 any known contraindications
39:54 yes blood pressures moved in both directions
39:59 people with low blood pressure find blood
pressure has been raised 40:02
people with high blood pressure from the have found that the blood pressure has
40:06 been lowered
40:06 mmm-hmm so there is a possibility that the
blood pressure could go in the wrong 40:11
In the wrong direction and this needs to be monitored
40:14 I would recommend that anyone trying on BT
40:18 seeks advice from his or her GP
40:21 and you know have their vital statistics
40:25 you know monitored by their doctor just to
make sure that nothing 40:29
goes awry yeah but if this is good for you why
40:33 would possibly put it in the wrong direction
it doesn’t make sense 40:36
it’s just being careful Oh just being careful cuz
40:39 you know you start messing around with blood
pressure who knows yes 40:45
very interesting let’s talk this call 40:48
What’s your first name and where are you calling from?
40:52 My name is xxxxx I’m from Columbus Ohio
40:56 okay go ahead you’re on the air. I want to
talk to you off the air 40:59
okay okay call me later call me later He wants to talk off the air
41:03 you want to talk of the air go ahead I interrupted
you Andrew 41:06
okay 41:10
the small group of people 41:13
agreed to take part in the study these people with multiple sclerosis
41:18 and we tilted the beds and the results were
incredible 41:22
so incredible that a charity from London 41:25
they were then called the 41:29
multiple sclerosis resource from Essex 41:33
John and Jean Simkins came down and interviewed this group of people
41:37 with Ms and compiled the report called the
Raised Bed Survey 41:40
and the Raised Bed Survey didn’t go into details as to what exactly happened
41:46 these these people nevertheless it’s a very
compelling read 41:50
and it does prove to that it has a profound effect on people with MS
41:55 but what the report didn’t state was that
41:58 I had to phone calls from two ophthalmologists
42:03 one from Teignmouth and one from Paignton
asking me how putting two blocks of wood under it wouldn’t
42:07 someone’s bed could restore someone’s sight
that was blind 42:11
and both of these patients had irreversible optic nerve damage caused long-term
42:17 progressive MS
42:18 their eyesight was restored That’s amazing
that’s amazing 42:22
I’ve got a special little eye challenge because of an issue that I had some
42:26 years ago so I would
42:27 be quite interested to see if we can bring
some more circulation to the right 42:30
now 42:32
um inclined so just putting books 42:35
under the head is gonna work right you don’t have to get fancy
42:39 blocks bricks books
42:42 even making if you have a bed see one of the
problems people have 42:46
is they have a really heavy bed 42:50
you know the frames sometimes a little bit flimsy to be on an angle
42:54 sure so what I would recommend in that case
42:57 is to buy a 1″ plywood sheet from a DIY school
43:02 these are usually 8 feet by 4 feet sheets
if your bed is wider than four 43:07
foot wide 43:08
you will need to buy perhaps two sheets they’re not expensive
43:12 and then have some cross beams placed across
the bed frame 43:15
at different heights to create a wooden wedge that goes underneath
43:19 the mattress That’s the safest way to tilt
one of these beds 43:23
in case you have a big bed that the frame is not
43:28 real sturdy yes
43:31 Or a complicated bed some of these beds have
like six or seven or eight legs 43:35
and that would make tilting one of those really complicated
43:39 so the best way is to tilt the mattress explain
again 43:44
why 43:48
doing the whole incline is 43:51
better than just half like they do in hospitals and nursing homes
43:54 okay to pressure on the spine yes but yes
we know we know from 43:59
from many of research that sitting is not great Yes
44:03 you know sitting is bad for us. Yes it’s not
good for us. 44:06
it is not good so if we raise the upper half of the bed we are in fact
44:11 getting the patient to sit in bed hmm That’s
compressing the spine 44:17
okay and it’s compressing the buttocks yes sir
44:21 yes yes so it’s doing absolutely nothing
44:25 and the other thing is if we’re lying with
the upper half 44:29
either level or raised 44:30
it makes turning over onto our sides 44:34
rather complicated because then we are bending the hip joints
44:38 in the wrong direction we are putting stress
on the hip joints as well 44:43
where as with inclined bed therapy you can rotate
44:46 and lie on your back lay on your side lay
on your tummy and what I do recommend 44:51
recently is is to raise the knee slightly 44:54
and what this does is it relaxes the muscles 44:57
and it relaxes the tendons so 45:00
laying on either side and just raising your knees, just a little bit
45:04 would actually help
45:08 with the tendons and muscles
45:12 The best
45:16 case history I have now and you are going
to get some phone calls after this one I’m sure
45:21 is I got a call from a lady who asks about
45:24 bull terriers and
45:27 said what do you want to know? she said what
would an adult male be like around a severely 45:32
disabled child 45:34
I said what’s the matter with your kid? She said why do you want to know?
45:39 I said I might be able to help. She said don’t
be bloody ridiculous I rang 45:42
for you know for information about the dog 45:46
I said look I cant make you listen. She said well spit it out so
45:50 I told her all about my research and what
it had been doing for people with ms and now 45:54
people with spinal cord injury were 45:56
also reporting recoveries and not complete recoveries but increased
46:01 Or improved bowel control, bladder control
46:05 tremendous amount of benefits but
46:08 a relayed all of this onto this lady and she
told me that her girl 46:11
has cerebral palsy which is brain damage from birth
46:15 and we were told in 1995 that if she ever
developed the ability to comb 46:20
or brush her own hair 46:22
let us know but don’t hold your breath because it’s never gonna happen
46:27 and they tilted the bed and within a few weeks
46:30 starting to get some reports saying that she’s
behaving a little bit differently 46:34
She seems more relaxed 46:36
few more weeks went passed and spasms had relaxed and this girl was wearing
46:40 callipers daytime and night-time to keep her
leg straight never walk to the aged 12 46:48
another few weeks past get another phone and they are saying
46:52 well the leg muscles are changing in that
they are 46:55
more supple and she’s not getting the spasms that she had before
46:59 A few more weeks went passed and she’s
47:03 turning over in bed and this could not happen
by all accounts 47:07
And then 8 months after we tilted the bed 47:11
obviously I have got to cut the story a little bit short
47:14 just got a phone call from the school we are
off down to see the girl 47:17
She had got out of her wheelchair and walked at school
47:21 Really, that’s fascinating
47:25 I wonder why the results get better the longer
as you do it 47:29
with this inclined bed therapy? What’s your theory?
47:33 Why does it take longer? Why does it take
longer and longer and get better 47:37
I suppose it depends on the type of condition 47:40
On the type of condition the challenge that you’re dealing with yeah
47:43 there was a guy called Mayer who did some
experiments he severed the optic nerve 47:54
in a rat a mouse a rabbit a frog and a fish 47:58
in the frog and the fish 48:02
nerve regeneration I think it took four months 48:05
but the fish in the frog could see again and what he did was he kept them
48:09 in the upright position
48:11 but the rat mouse and rabbit were able to
rotate 48:15
and therefore confusion occurs 48:18
so the constant direction from gravity is not there
48:22 so that interferes with the way that the nerves
48:26 I kinda think that the nerves are behaving
exactly like 48:30
seedlings they need to know which way is up and which way is down
48:34 in order for them to to function properly
I wonder how the chimps and the 48:37
great apes 48:38
how do they sleep do we know? It’s very interested 48:42
cattle and sheep for example in fields for example I’ve noticed time and time again
48:47 if there is a hillside they will all be on
the hillside and all of them will be facing uphill.
48:51 the gorilla will sleep sitting up against
a tree or on an angle 48:55
you know it’s very difficult to find somewhere in nature that’s perfectly flat
48:58 chimps for example sleep in trees and they
will make a nest and they will 49:04
be on branches.. with her head up yeah with their head up I’ve seen that yeah
49:09 even if you look at alligators and crocodiles
49:12 probably not the most intelligent species
on the planet 49:16
but they use a sloping bank 49:20
to regulate the body temperature they will face down to cool off
49:25 and face up to warm up. Fascinating
49:29 Well Andrew you’re a very interesting man
your website is pretty cool 49:33
we posted the original 49:36
Hippocratic oath translated from Greek on our website this morning
49:40 that you had on your website appreciate you
doing that’s pretty interesting 49:45
the website is inclined to bed therapy dot com
49:48 so here we are June 23rd 2014 and our listeners
49:52 are going to try those who want to do it raising
their bed 6 inches 49:56
and will have back maybe in June July You know maybe late August to September
50:02 and we’ll get him to call in and email in
and let us know 50:05
and we’ll talk more about it and we’ll get some reports back from our listeners
50:09 around the world
50:11 trying this okay
50:14 That sounds good to me keep up the great work
we 50:19
appreciate you spending an hour with us 50:20
it was just terrific thanks 50:24
thank you very much for having me on the show 50:28
okay we’ll talk more about C

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  30. I've had challenges finding Incline help… now trying out a 7" Avana Mattress Elevator. They are made Atlanta GA https://www.avanacomfort.com/ This is not a 'perfect' solution for me with mild chemical sensitivity due to their product being made of 100% high density foam polyurethane foam. I also purchased their 100% cotton canvas that helps and the foam is placed between the mattress and the box springs or bed foundation so it is not right next to the sleeper. Testing now and like it well enough to keep but I would prefer a wooden frame foundation to produce this… working on that…

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