100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Disciplined In Ohio, But Faces Few Guardrails In WH | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. Seeing the young, teenage girl with a MAGA hat in the background of his rally broke my heart. I really hope she travels, falls in love with a humanitarian, and rebels against her upbringing of poor values and ethos. Hate is taught in the home. US against THEM is taught in the home. Whoever her guardians are, are doing her a HUGE disservice.

  2. The biggest problem is, people who can’t afford kids keep having them. We need to reward those who choose not to have children. Give people incentive not to breed. Once the population goes down there will be more for everyone. Much fewer living in poverty. We don’t have enough living wage labor jobs and not everyone is smart enough for tech training. We also need to get rid of temp agencies, they killed our middle class. All of this…will equal less violence.

  3. He must have practiced “controversial” all night and all day! I’ve seen some white folks homes that definitely looks worse than Apartments and homes in the hood!

  4. One party control attempting to help large cities yet one party control helps themselves via tax breaks and employing systematic legislative antics blocking help of large cities governed causing devastating municipal delapidation and blight. Ain't that a witch and moskow mitch.

  5. How do people look at him and take him seriously?
    He's this generation's Pat Paulson. The big nightmare is this won. Everyone knew Paulson was a joke, including Paulson.

  6. You mean morning joe is still on the air!! They have 45 people every day that listen to them. Is msnbc that desperate?

  7. This is what evil looks like. Fake tan, fake hair, fake teeth, fake wealth, spreading hatred and division. Only in America.

  8. The reason why a lot of democrats don't like Obama is because he was basically a corporate, moderate, republican-lite centrist. We need a true progressive that is going to bring back that FDR-style populism.

  9. This is not about race, this is about Division. Division that is part of putin's playbook..destroying democracy and the rule of law. SHAME ON ALL THE ENABLERS..GOP..barr, mcconnell, graham.may history remember their names.


  11. San Francisco has homeless people being bused in from surrounded red states. One way ticket of their trashed delivered to San Francisco.

  12. Definition of a menace, a person or thing that is likely to cause harm; a threat or danger
    This is a menace to society !

  13. Did you ride a horse to work today?! No? That means the electoral college is about as useful as a law against indoor plumbing.

  14. Really!?!? Did the commentator really need to mention the color of Donald Trump's hair? Who really cares! Symbolism without substance. The best way to attempt to win an argument when you don't have anything to say is to resort to negative personal attacks. It doesn't matter if it's Barack Obama or Donald Trump.

  15. Two days ago, Trump had his hate filled, racist rally in Ohio. The following day was the mass shooting by a hate fueled white supremacist in Dayton, Ohio on people of color. Today, Trump made the statement that “There is no room for hate in America”.

    Does it need to be spelled out that instead of helping to heal the divisions in America, Trump is fanning the flames of hatred for his own political gain. Plus, Trump’s hypocrisy is on display when he says there is no room for hate in America while he is clearly the chief cheerleader for hate in America.

    Trump may not be pulling the trigger himself in these recent shootings, but he has surely been preparing the ground and planting the seeds of hatred that are now flourishing in America. It is time to impeach Trump!

  16. What a great President, love how he is not politically correct….tell me where hes not telling the truth about these democratic run cities.

  17. Am confused?what did joe mean by obama being the only democrat to receive majority american vote since franklin Roosevelt? Didnt other presidents like clinton receive majority of the votes?

  18. Ok I'm almost to the point that h cannot watch this any more. The ova talking by how us sick and I am tired of his and his BS I think I will talk a loa from this program and just say no he talks too much ova people and this is for the show boys I guess young ones .

  19. This is a perfect example of media being the enemy of the people. This guy is implying racism to drive a wedge in this country. “Them vs. us” is Democrat vs republican. This rhetoric is what keeps hate alive. If you are not a part of the solution then you are a part of the problem.

  20. Trump is the one that said he was going make America great and if it is not great that is because he is not doing is job !

  21. What he neglects to mention is that the Republican Party doesn’t campaign in those cities that he believes democrats are running to the ground. They only campaign in urban and suburban states where there’s hardly anything going on. The democrats that are in place in these places are the ones that come from these cities or live in those states. Where is the Republican Party accountability? How can they speak ok things that they have no knowledge of?

  22. wtf does this orange clown do but preach to his 25% base? Does he make ANY effort to spend ANY time working for the country?

  23. Democrats are hypocrites as they say a lot of rasist comments and Cummings said the exact word infested about Baltimore

  24. Wow, he had to ask somebody else to name a place that had terrible crime? Just goes to show that he can't do anything by himself.

  25. Mocking, toxic words spew out of Trumps mouth from his hate filled heart. There can be no hope for our nation until he is out.

  26. I think it was Napoleon who provided this quotation: “Never correct an enemy in the process of making a mistake.”

  27. What a disgraceful human being the President of the United States is. Are his fellow Americans not ashamed of their country electing such a detestable man .

  28. I am a black man who spent my most of life defending this country from the age of 17 to the age of 44.
    the present state of this country with the man that's in the white house has set us back into the 60s this is truly a shame how far we have fallen as a country.
    Very sad…….

  29. I live in Mississippi. I struck up a conversation with a middle aged black man at a car wash. He was oblivious to all the stunts Trump has been pulling. How can the dems get out and actually educate the public that, if informed, would be able to vote against this administration

  30. Trump's mind is so mixed up. According to him, everything is going so great but so bad at the same time.

  31. He is trying to look like a real Arian Hitler's special breed humans the perfect race of humans what a disgusting disgrace ,Shame on you , your family and specialy minions .
    Trump you not a pure race you a fake person everything is fake with you. You a Fake President you a I/me /myself and me me me 👉👉👉👉🤥

  32. GOP Castrati run, duck, and cover each and every time there is a mass murder caused by white nationalists.  Comrade Trump-ski has not only castrated this group of repugnant politicians, he has them cowering at each and every time of national crisis.  Vote all the repulsive Republicans out of office.  Their lack of patriotism knows no limits.  God help us in the next mass murder crisis. We know the GOP will not be of no help.

  33. Response to gettin rid of the Electorial College. Its never gonna happen. Because of it he won and he will win again because of it. Those who know how too get rid if it need to do so…doubtful! Impeach before it happens.

  34. All the democratic activity is race and hate am I the only one that sees this all the cities that have murder and hate are led by democratic regime wake up

  35. I for one think he's doing himself in. Everytime he opens that mouth it's just another nail in the coffin , so to speak. I hope he keeps it up, it'll be easy to boot him out in 2020.

  36. Media you got it all wrong. The more you try to suppress REAL and RELEVANT criticism of Obama or ANYONE. You are participating in the very rhetoric Trump is. This is no longer a political partisan issue in America. It's about right and wrong. No matter what party. We as tax paying citizens have every right to criticize. We should not be forced to ever fear that right. Its not attacks.

  37. YEAH…He is way out of touch with mainstream America. …Thats why he is going to win again…KAG…Trump 2020 !!!

  38. How is it not a crime for what he is doing. Any citizen of the United States of America who would also speak this way at a rally and instruct people, "to get him out of here, get him out of here…" He has followers. How can this not be a crime, he isn't even a man at this point, he is a scoundrel! He has to be arrested for inciting a riot and murder… as we know some of this country would not be as kind and take matters into their own hands.

  39. Morning Joe loves his corporate democrats. Pathetic. Progressive change will save America not Hillary 2.0 that's what Biden is. Bernie/Warren 2020

  40. Media will spin anything they want into something it's not.

    Oh, and let's talk about how displeased we are with the shade of his hair, too yellow, too dull. That's important, right?

  41. Hitler didn't distroy Germany, it was the ugly Germans behind him. Look at the ugly Americans behind American Hitler, shame Trumpers shame blood on your hands shame Trumpers shame bringing America down again.

  42. Trump's hair is too gray now to look red. He's pitifully trying to, but it's going to glow like white or green in the polar bear's hollow hair.

  43. There not enough people in these cities. For this rhetoric. Only odors WOULD BELIEVE THIS WERE ARE THE REAL WHITE PEOPLE THAT KNOW THOSE WHITE PEOPLE CRAZY.

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  46. Trump's media manipulators have decided that without a wall of people behind him looking like supporters, Trump would appear to be the lonely loser that he truely is. My challenge–Do your next rally without anyone behind you.

  47. From small town Canada, looking in to the US, it’s time for a reporter to call b#llsh#t on the president live on TV.

  48. ….or maybe the democrats are trying to see if he will be elected because of the "Russian interference" and then impeach him if elected.

  49. The moment Donald Trump and his cronies are out of office he is going directly to jail I don't know what no get out of jail card

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