100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Goes Out Of His Way To Insult US Allies | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. I dont know how u guys r not embarrassed very unprofessional i guess even a rapper can become president. Such a shame..
    Education is so important..
    And manners

  2. save the world quit having kid after kid after kid its up to everyone and its every ones responsibility we are over populated wake up

  3. Trump says Canada fought World War I and II with 'us'. He ignores that Canada fought in those wars way before the Americans got involved

  4. Time for rest of the world to cut the US off. Do no business with them whatsoever. Have no contact. Boycott the US completely and see how long they last. Canada is infested with guns smuggled across the border by American organized crime, maybe we should stop letting all Americans in.

  5. Trump now wants to sent the immigrants home immediately without rights , without a hearing and even before the children are reunited.

  6. Trump is about to make the separated kids disappear by shipping them back before the reunion with their parents.

  7. Don't worry we don't want to come Mr Trump. Europe is not perfect by any means but we are still clued up in regards to the nazi concentration camps. We talk to the children now very old who escaped and we gave them refuge.

  8. It's interesting his obsession with not wanting immigrants bearing in mind he married 2, his parents were immigrants…yes I know for him it's ok because they are white with a splash of orange. But the vitriol is off the scale.

  9. I believe that Trump is about to step up military controls and police controls over Americans.
    Jail time for protesting , for marijuana use in legalized states ,
    for music and video piracy and any thing ! If you speak against him and don't support his cause he can choose to turn on you and you're gone ! Because of the backed up courts… now you're gone for a long time . The same way Blacks and Hispanics are already treated.
    I believe that he can do it now but he is bringing N Korea and Russia in closer and closer to support him. Just like in Syria …Russia is helping the government control and murder its people.
    Trump is about to be revealed by Robert Mueller . He won't accept charges or prison time . He will begin his power take over.
    If after the Russian meeting and the past N. Korean summit Trump invites his new allies ,in large numbers ,to America , then you will
    know for sure It's already too late !

  10. Remember Trump already has military and police and a large group of supporters who are
    "The gun carrying population" who don't like races or minorities and Democrats and still regret having lost the Civil war . If you think that it's hard to get rid of him now…
    Imagine if he pushes for the kind of respect and power that he so admires in Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin. He is jealous.
    Imagine…with USA ,Russia and N.Korea together they could conquer the world and literally own it . No one could stop them !
    We nearly could not stop Germany,
    Italy and Japan in WWII .
    And they were much smaller countries.
    There is a very big possibility .
    It could be in the makings now.
    If we lose democracy … we will never again see it !

  11. The vermin comment is the same type of words the US used during WWII when they were denying Jews who were escaping the Nazis. History repeating with a different look

  12. Guys, please quit putting his ghastly pictures on these clips. Americans are going to be stuck in permanent gag-reflex.

  13. The atrocities these NAZIS are causing will absolutely be stopped. America and the world will not stand for it, watch and see! And screw the trolls!

  14. Donald Trump is destroying America the Republicans on the Hill have a responsibility to correct a mistake that was made. That was swearing in Donald Trump. Our Constitutional crisis began when the men and women on the Hill allowed Donald Trump to be sworn in. Now they have to fix it before he sells out our democracy. As a registered voter in Nevada I VOTE TO IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP AKA DAVID DENNISON.

  15. 1939 was 79 years ago and mnost of those Canadians whon faught in WWII are dead! ALL 12 -20 millions of ILLEGALS should be shipped to where they came from and if they would like to live in USA they can apply LEGALLY to enter USA and wait for their turn. In the meantime, they can learn English sto that US tazpayers do nto have to pay for their trenslation and social services… Charity begins at home!

  16. Lord! Listening to him talk! Repetitive. Grossly simplistic. No verbal nuance whatsoever. Little kids talk like this…

  17. I get it now, Trump's lies are so insidious and the U.S. is becoming so malevolent toward Latin culture The they may very well build a wall to keep Americans fleeing Trump's insanity. What a great plan.

  18. 'We can no longer be the stupid cuontry…" lololol, oh, if only magachimps had any sense of self-awareness or irony, they'd get a kick outta that

  19. What an incompetent moron that attacks our allies and praises dictators. Someone please offer him another game show host job.

  20. This is what happens when you put the one person in the game that is always complaining how he could do so much better, and then gets in the game and gets embarrassed.

  21. He says millions of Mexicans, funny thing tho, the net immigration rate for the past 3 years for Mexican immigrant is in the negative numbers, meaning more Mexicans are leaving the USA than entering legally or illegally. From 2015 onwards, the majority of immigrants detenaid for illegally crossing the border are in fact not Mexican Nationals. I can only begin to imagine how a President from whichever nation can make statements bases solely in what he feels and believes, with total disregard for facts, truth and hard data. It like the fall of the Roman Empire but in 2018.

  22. This is what has been going around on the internet. I haven't researched this, but it's pretty interesting.

    Your thoughts?

    The Message of The Jacket:

    "I really don’t care" ("Me Ne Frego" in Italian) was the slogan of the Italian
    Arditi (World War I stormtroopers) who were early fascists that are credited
    with paving the way for the rise of Mussolini. Led by Gabriele D'Annunzio the Arditi conducted a nationalist uprising after WI and captured the city of
    Fiume, an event which provided the excuse for Mussolini to seize power.
    Both Mussolini and Hitler were big fans of D'Annunzlo.

    Melania Trump was born in Novo Mesto, a Slovenian city that was part of
    fascist ltaly, and later the Third Reich. You cannot turn around in Novo Mesto without bumping into some monument that reminds you of this history. The symbols and slogans are extremely important there. Melania went to school there, and she speaks Italian, there is simply no way that she is not aware of the history of this slogan.

    The slogan has resurfaced recently in Italy (along with the fascists – who just
    won an election in Italy). Steve Bannon. Sebastian Gorka, and Stephen
    Miller are all huge fans of the resurgent fascist movement in Italy.

    The company that makes the jacket In question is ZARA, a company that
    was written up in Forbes in 2014 for antisemitism. They also produce a
    "concentration camp" striped shirt with a yellow star, a swastika handbag,
    and a Pepe the Frog shirt.

    The message of the jacket could not be any clearer: Melania was telling us
    that the Trumps are fascists and she is tired of pretending otherwise.

  23. Sorry, small correction….we didn't participate in world war 1 or 2 because of the US….Canada declared war, both times, years before the United States. Canada joined the war because our parent country Britain asked it of us and we defend our allies.

  24. How is it determined if people have entered the country illegally if an established procedure isn’t followed to determine their status, in which they are permitted to defend themselves against the accusation? That is what "due process" means. It is a fundamental right under the Constitution that defines America, something trump could care less about. This alone is grounds for impeachment.

  25. Most Canadian are honest like Americans. Trump is someone who does not know any facts and just get ideas from Fox news. He only says stuff to get people to follow him and not worry about the out come in the future. The world see this and in time people will have there eyes open. I do hope Trump is a successful president and hope the American people will have a great future. There is alot to wait and see what happens.

  26. Goebbles and KGB would be proud of CNN propaganda skills… They distort everything President Trump says and does… The "vermin" refers to M-13 and Jihadis who come into USA illagally…but CNN [puts a spiin on it as they are anti-Trump propaganda machinery…

  27. His lack of historical knowledge should astonish me but by now it doesn't. Us British owe Canadians, Poles and others so much, they came over and fought alongside us in the Battle of Britain in the skies when the RAF were all stopping Hitler invading the UK. At the same time politicians in the US were advising a policy of isolationism.
    It's inconvenient for the little Englanders in the UK to remember that just as tRumps denial of history is constructed to suit a set of prejudices.
    From the UK we thank you Canada for the men you sent to fight and die alongside us when we needed you most.

  28. I remember saying that it would take years to repair the damage Bush Jr. inflicted on our foreign policy.
    We are literally going to be alone because of one ignorant loudmouth, now.

  29. putin helped trump to get elected for one reason only, and that is trump will divide US from its Allies so US will stand alone and its Allies will no longer back US during conflicts

  30. MSNBC is America’s #1 enemy now, forget ISIS and Iran. It’s time we abolish our countries enemies both foreign and domestic.

  31. Those bags under his eyes get worse and worse day after day..this senile old loon needs to get some sleep. Stop watching cable news

  32. Thanks to trump's speech reminding our Canadian Border Control to tighten the petty "flexibility" of letting in (smugling, in trump's words) small items by individuals travelling back from the south. Our Border Control Officers are not stupid, they knew everying without the message from that stupiT, they are just a bit too warm-hearted, some times even allowing fruits, veg's and even meat brought in from the south by no-brainers. These wouldn't happen the other way. Why? Just because we have big heart to accomodate, we did not see major threat to us, but NO MORE from now. STOP!!! We will see more moeny spent on Canadian soil. "believe me".

  33. Still  waiting   for  the   very   good  news   that someone  has put  a bullet between Draft Dodger(COWARD)  Trump's  ears..  Please   soon !!! Will  make  a  lot  of  people  in the   world  very  happy.

  34. He really shouldn’t cite Central Park as a casual stroll – innocent people have been jailed and their executions called for by a racist billionaire there

  35. The really funny thing is Canada has a major immigration problem Americans trying to cross the border illegally lol

  36. Mexico has a flourishing middle class now most Mexicans don’t need to come to the USA as in the past. The USA needs to fix their citizens taking advantage of the welfare and disability benefits and get their citizens to work America is full of lazy lowlife who like to blame immigrants for their folly.

  37. Senile old pervert really has too much time away from the golf course. This is a prime example of cell phone technology falling into the wrong hands.

  38. You can burn down the White House and that's ok, but smuggle a few shoes and you're an axe murderer, where's the justice.

  39. Canada loves Trump!!! as for Mexico, why do the Mexicans hate their own Country so much? if America treats them so badly why are they all rushing your borders illegally!!! more to the point what is wrong with the Mexican leaders that Mexicans voted for???

  40. You should also be outraged over Trudeau, Obama and every other free nation that separates Children from parents who commit crimes because the same thing happens for the protection of the minors, but you seem to have selective outrage!!!

  41. México only sends drugs because they know the American people can't have enuff of them!
    No demand = no supply (hypocrisy )

  42. Archie Bunker is alive and well in Trump…we are an international joke electing such an hate-filled, ignorant man.

  43. Trump must like china because he is making a great effort to make a great wall of america between america and mexico.

  44. The fact is that if one Canadian spends 4 days in the USA, he or she can return to Canada with $800 (Canadian dollars) worth of goods DUTY FREE. Yes, I came back from a trip this week and I declared $650 Canadian, and NO TAXES were charged. I do not know of any pair of regular shoes that costs more than $800., but if the shoes did cost more, the person would be charged tax only on the amount over the $800. Did one person one time scuff up a pair of shoes and pretend they were not new? Most likely. Most likely One person One time did almost anything you can think of. That does not warrant talking about it as if it happens frequently. Some goods such as computers and some electronics are exempt from duty. So I really believe this speech is presenting a false point.

  45. We as Canadians now have to be insulted by your President with a half baked story about Canadians sneaking shoes across the border back into Canada. Really!! So Presidential. What's really go on here, is the tariff battle or looming trade war. Trump made the assumption other countries would just lie down and take it. Canadian government stood up to him and he really really doesn't like that at all. So now his staff is digging up these third rate stories or information to poke fun at us at all his speeches. He did it again tonight in Fargo North Dakota. This time he didn't finish the punch line. Something about Canadian wheat. Another rambling spreech. I am a fiscal conservative and no fan of Justine Trudeau, but he is showing more class then your President right now.

  46. Trump needs realise that past USA policies of the past are to blame for a lot of the world crisis. American policies of interference in Central and South America. A lot these regimes have been installed by the USA.

  47. Dump supporters why are you on this page If it's fake news. Get off the feed. dump supporters get ready for the draft because nobody is going to help us, he's insulted all of our Allies and when we need them their gonna give us the finger and I can't say that I blame them.

  48. It always surprises me that those of low intelligence can only retort with name calling and threats they never would dare to act on! Never this is how we can solve it, just bully tactics!

  49. Sometimes the truth hurts ! We are
    lucky we have a man in charge now ! There's some changes needed !

  50. djt, we have already lost our country because of you. what has always made us great is gone because of YOU.

  51. The only Venom I hear is out of the mouths of the Hateful MSNBC towards our Constitution and anything about the President.

  52. w.t.f.(this it's a pure disgrace n embarrassment this Hitler it's Putin puppet!!!!! he it's running Putin agenda, he it's destroying !!!!!! This it's how dictators act n do things , wake up!!!!!!!!?

  53. ya hes insulted people we have done buisness with and fought wars with and respected friends of ours screw trump i hate him hes the only person in the world i hate

  54. In another dimension, Trump is the old grandpa in a nursing home pretending to be the president, giving these stupid speeches. Then, his family would say, 'it's ok, grandpa. Eat your jello.' He would languish in that nursing home and the only harm he could cause is to denigrate the staff but they would laugh it off because they would know he has dementia.
    This current timeline is a lot scarier….😞

  55. Good. Time to pack up your 'soldiers' occupying Europe. We are sick of seeing American soldiers in our towns. Protection money to US thugs when the only protection we need is from you. GTFO

  56. What a great man to give up so much wealth to be p resident because he was needed. Obama and the Clintons only ran to personally benefit.

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