100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Has A New ‘Ex’ As Bolton Extends Ignominious Record | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. I wish everyone would stand up and tell the big baby "NO!" "You can't do this anymore!" Shake youy finger in his face if you have to pop him on the wrist if you have to!

  2. I know it would feel normal if Trump pardons Flinn and then hires him again, but surely some Republicans would flip then? Right? I know my sisters will still vote Trump, they don't care what he does or says.

  3. Looks like you have enough going on with homemade badies girl. A little diappointed that you forgot Russia in all this. Why is that? I am sure you will get Russia back in the hot seat again soon. Just a little rest for us all.

  4. What a load of trivial pish! Bill Nye in drag aka "Rachel" Maddow is the funnies guy on Fake News!
    😁 😂 🤣 😁 😂 🤣 😁 😂 🤣 😁 😂 🤣 😁 😂 🤣 😁 😂 🤣 😁 😂 🤣 😁 😂 🤣 😁 😂 🤣

  5. U Pathetic Lying fake maddow 24/7 bashing our president when Thousands of people on abaco island in the Bahamas are fighting for there lives u piece of garbage maddow and no wonder your getting SUED for 10 Million dollars for SPEWING fake Lying news about a Russian spy and u were called out by the CIA. U PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS TO THE WHOLE WORLD.NOW WE KNOW WHY TRUMP LEFT GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON OPEN

  6. America's getting played if we stay focused on Flynn Bolton spies being revealed and every other political drama trap Putin and Trump puts us in we will not be focused on voter purging that's going on as we speak let us not be fooled by all of this political drama

  7. PEOPLE in the comment section still being Brainwashed and dumbdowned by this demon.SO SAD how CLUELESS and uneducated people are and BELIEVE anything this demon says.NYT, WASHINGTON POST LEADERS OF FAKE LYING NEWS FOLLOWED BY MSNBC CNN THE MOST DANGEROUS CORRUPT PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD.FAKE LYING NEWS

  8. Why not Kushner for #4. Doubtless Jared could find ways to soak lots of money (for himself and Ivanka) from foreign leaders. Trump would be so proud.

  9. This is why Bolton was fired. He’s a mad dog, and I’m GLAD he’s out. But, Putin had him fired, because Bolton wants to confront Iran and Venezuela; the two countries in which Putin has more resources embedded than Syria . . .

  10. Y'all KNOW Bolton QUIT over that 9/11 Taliban invite to Camp David, right? And y'all ALSO know Trump would rather fire Bolton than say he quit, right? And missing McMaster 😂

  11. There is an argument that Bolton was the worst “National Security Advisor” the stable genius that is Trump could have chosen. That is until we find what barrel scrapings he comes up with next.

    At what stage to politicians who swear an oath to defend the country and the constitution put a stop to our National Security taking second place to Trump’s vanity and ego?

  12. 🤓🤓🤓😖😖😖😖On the anniversary of 911, the nation's defense department is in shambles. Trump and the trump administration has systematically undermined America's democracy in favor of her enemies and adversaries. Trump has tarnished the FBI intelligence community, using the Oval Office as a cash cow, charging American military and its citizens for the wall, turned American farmers into prostitutes, looks like the dictatorship has begun. Those who look like those in power are allowing this to happen, thinking they will be ok in this 21st century skin game, led by trump and his minions. Time will tell.😮😮😮😮😮🤕🤕🤕🤕

  13. Seriously we all need to get on our knees and pray for this republic. Did not realize this was possible in America, this corruption perpetrated in full view with no consequences. We need divine deliverance

  14. Hahahahaha. USA is the laughing stock.
    Nobody really cares about USA anymore. The only thing USA is good for today is to laugh of.

  15. What's wrong with constantly looking for the best person for the job? Why must Trump settle? Trump is trying to improve the situation and not be complacent. Maddow needs to think beyond the headlines.

  16. The US has no friends, only interest. That's no news. No need to shout it, lol! Leader of the Free World means, I take the lion's share. And that is since 1945. Why the US became so great, as they still repeat, MAGA (sic).

  17. Trump must be bipolar Hate them one moment and missing them the next after he fires them. Well I’m glad Bolton , the warmonger is gone period, if he quit, or was fired doesn’t matter in his case.

  18. Whatever Donnie says "has to be rounded up to the nearest fact". The only thing the Trump era will leave us is a host of new ways to say 'lie'.

  19. The revolving door White House continues. Trump's bad management is what led to Bolton being in place as the NSA in the first place. The GOP needs to lose their white extremists and their neocons. Both are an embarrassment to the party.

  20. Bone spurs is beyond pathetic. This traitor, coward, liar, criminal, draft dodger, moron is nothing but a huge disgrace to humanity, clearly he is mentally ill and it is getting worse. But him in jail so that he makes as little damage as possible and to all Trumps supporters, you're as much of traitors as Trump is for supporting this lowlife! Please do not reproduce or vote ever again, you're as much of a disgrace to humanity as this walking disaster is!

  21. Bolton is not "hawkish", he is a psychopath. Not even Hitler was so obsessed with massacring people in other countries, just "because the US can do it".

  22. Remember these crazy times when a President would pick people and keep them in place for long amount of times so they can actually do their job and not be on a game of musical chairs ?

  23. Yikes! The lady who has Trumps taxes, that proved he paid above and beyond more taxes than she assumed. Never assume you know it all, if you only read between the lines of your network sources. NOW, YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY. 🤓😇

  24. Republican beliefs are based on emotions and religion. Basically feelings and myths. Neither of which have anything to do with building roads and bridges, securing peace and prosperity, ensuring a healthy population, guaranteeing the earth remains a fit planet to live on. Republicans thrive on hatred, retribution, judgment, manipulation, deception, with death as a punishment and threat. Humanity will not survive the Republican obsession with god, judgment, and punishment. There's no cure for these people, they simply can't be allowed to hold positions of power and responsibility. This truth is self evident. You can't be a public servant if your ideology is delusional, and you have no idea how important the truth is.

  25. It's clear to me that the turnover of high officials in Trump's administration is his strategy to preserve his own exclusive power. Combined with the Senate's lockstep with Trump, that blocks efforts by the House to exercise the checks and balances provided by the Constitution and creates a dictatorship for the executive branch. Added to that is Trump's unchecked use of executive order and national security to manipulate any situation to suit his whims.

  26. Dang! Pervert Fuhrer Drumpfenfarten was cheating on Bolton, He was McMasterbating. If the Fuhrer can find another one, I predict he/she will be as bad or worse. RESIST!!

  27. Waiting that he Will resign Melania, and the rest of the family. His voters are the laughing stock of the world. Thats what you get Reading One fairytale book, and education at home . And thinking is my sister also my mother aunt nephew , every religion should be banned forever.

  28. Trump always lies ….there is no longer America land of the free ,home of the brave gone
    Trump's America. …house of lies…….Division. .. land of dictators, home of chaos and rasisum

  29. Do you ever think this administration is all a big joke and we’re going to wake up from a very weird dream and go back to some other calmer reality? When does ride this end? I want off! Lol

  30. The clown 🤡 in this circus 🎪 doesn’t know who feds the lions 🦁 the elephants nor the tigers 🐅 and he thinks that he is the ring master 🤷🏻‍♂️🎪

  31. Tell you what

    You see many many leaving my White House is all because of Obama's ghost. It's haunted

    Many many people know that

    Believe me Believe me Believe me

  32. United States does not need the world heh ? One of these days the world will call our bluff and leave us alone. Wait and see how that goes. 👀

  33. Remember that girl on Kimmel who could not identify a single country on a blank world map? The perfect Trumpian replacement for Bolton. Young, reasonably good looking, and will not challenge Donnie's claims to omniscience.

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