86 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Losses Mount As Cracks Form In Dam Of Secrecy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. I'm glad that the IRS they had that document four years and they had that document because they knew why Trump put that them two people them to corrupt people working on behalf of Donald Trump in charge of the IRS they seem right through them

  2. does anybody know when we are going to hear all of this unredacted information that the courts have ordered from the Mueller report and it's a shame this is the only way we could get what Mueller already had to give to the American people in need already rejected parts of ongoing cases that we could not see in the American people have to go through all this to get the Mueller report to see destruction in detail of Donald Trump and some of his administration that is still working in his administration that has committed crimes also

  3. well I don't understand we can't get none of this information from this administration that is so infected with corruption and we are paying taxes we paid for that Mueller report with our tax money in the Trump administration don't want us to have it they went to the extremes to block it but we paying taxes for all this stuff but I guess they just don't care where do we pay taxes or not because they're using the taxes of the American people in the government money for their own lavish lifestyle

  4. I can't wait till we get a new administration and president I am sick and tired of this f**** clown show of the Trump family and all DC publicans on the Republican Senate and on these Republican committees it's a clown show

  5. This Trump presidency is nothing but a criminal organization it's not a presidency the American people ain't seen one drop of that money and they want to roll back all these programs got Dana sucked up all the money now they need more money elections for the Republicans are coming up so Donald Trump got the roll back all these programs and take money from every last program that makes America for his personal greed and his family it's time for them to start traveling the doubt he's different countries off the taxpayers money in the government money cuz there's none left cuz they didn't used all that that was up there when Obama left if they was to do a camp it wouldn't be nothing there and it's nothing there to cover these programs because they have sucked it up for their own personal greed

  6. I advise everybody to go back and look at Nixon in this administration is doing the exact same thing is the corrupt Enterprise they're doing the exact same thing that happened with Watergate the exact same thing so all you American citizens out there see if you can find that on your internet or anyting Google and you would see if the exact same thing as Watergate except this criminal presidency that is an organization of criminal activity is the same

  7. Just like this criminal organization the presidency right now is not a presidency is a criminal organization ran by Donald Trump the Republican Senate in those Republicans in the IRS those Republicans in the justice department they everywhere is the exact same thing so we don't have taste we have recordings in documentation and also witnesses it is a criminal Enterprise this presidency is in the American people haven't seen one penny of any of this money since Donald Trump been in office but Mitch McConnell's wife head up it secretary and she is a Chinese posted working for our United States government taking money for our infrastructure and I know Mitch McConnell know cuz that's his wife and that's why they wanted her in that position and she's giving the grant money to her company in China and her father's company poor infrastructure are government grants that should be for our United States government infrastructure this is a criminal Enterprise it is every Republican is involved in it

  8. where these f**** clowns don't even want to give us a minimum wage they still living back in the days of 725 an hour we're the only people benefiting from the Trump administration this the wealthy and the rich and the rich business man and woman nothing for the working class the middle class adult struggling working two to three jobs to make ends meet we need somebody in that white house is going to make a economy for the middle class and the working class in the working poor the struggling working 2 to 3 jobs cuz it's not going to happen with this administration

  9. And now I understand why Mitch McConnell was passing all those bills to benefit Russia because he made a deal with Russia Russia paid him so much money to build a aluminum company in Kentucky is going to be rain by Russians they all are taking money from Russia I wonder how much money did they pay Mitch McConnell the Pasto bills one was to lift sanctions I know they paid the other was to build their company in Kentucky do I imagine Rush is going to be all over Kentucky

  10. The American people is begging you news people please don't show anything of the Trump family or any body in this corrupt organization ran by Donald Trump to justice department all those people he hand-picked to put in the IRS on these committees please what you can do for July 4th show us some family things of Obama and Michelle and them in the white house and with the kids something pleasant that we can enjoy on July 4th in a president that will speak truth show us somebody intelligent and that is education got a ph.d not no f**** clowns please not on July 4th an obituary liars the American people is fed up talk about the things Obama did for us he brought us out of recession I though we'll be back in 1 under this administration talk about how he brought the Auto industry back now in the Auto industry is on the blink again they losing members Walker under this President they going out of business show us something pleasant on July 4th please I don't care if he go where he go do not show Donald Trump or any of them let us have one day on July 4th for the American people and show some that we can enjoy and that brings people together and all different nationalities please

  11. but they were working also for the American people this President this criminal organization that's running the White House now it's only for money and greed for their self there more richer then they were when they was not the president he's using the government money cuz he thinks his he is he's not using his money in his family's not using their money they're using the government money for their own personal satisfaction travel going to golf course and he needs to be using his own money because he has already used up the money that the government give them a certain amount to use he use that in his first year so why is he using the taxpayers money in the government money to keep going with all these trips even his family is using our taxpayers money and we can't get nothing past in the Senate the only thing they want to pass the things for their wives that have company obstruction of justice cheating the system and using the taxpayers money to enrich themselves Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham everybody is that's all it is a criminal organization that's all Donald Trump White House is there is not one American can say he gave them any money of the taxpayers money or the government money and he's rolling back all these programs, now he needs more government in taxpayers money and when they went over there to London off the taxpayers money looking like f**** clowns like they was going to a costume party off the taxpayers. They should have took a tip on how to dress form Miss Michelle Obama and when she went over there she was dressed and knew what to wear and how did dressand they look like they was going to a princess ball or some more Halloween party and they didn't look right in their outfits I'm sorry like they were dressing for the 30s this is 2019 going on 20/20 and you dressing like you in the forties in the fifties they have lost all time with reality they had no reality of what is happening today in 2019

  12. now you know Donald Trump is lying because Mitch McConnell's wife all the grants that was for infrastructure for the United States Mitch McConnell's wife who is head of that department finding the grant money to have a Chinese father in China that supposed to be our money for our infrastructure and you know they all in the same click Mitch McConnell Halloween Donald Trump but he gets up in till this barbiturate or bald-faced lie about infrastructure and he knows that's why he put that Chinese woman up there Mitch McConnell's wife taking our American grant money for our infrastructure giving it to her company contracts in the contractors in China that's not helping us with our infrastructure so Donald Trump needs to get off of these ball face for a bituary lies they all working in the same criminal organization stop lying to the American people you have a Chinese immigrant head of infrastructure she owns the gravel and stuff with her company that we need for our infrastructure she taking United States infrastructure grants giving it to her company in China into her father's company in China this is an immigrant taking our United States money for our MBA structure and I contractors and taking it to her country giving it to her daddy company in her company this is an immigrant a Chinese woman working in our United States government and we post a tolerate that Mitch McConnell's wife that's why he does not want to do anything on infant structure they're taking the money his wife that's an immigrant running that department giving our grant money to her company in China in her daddy's company in China and they know it that's why nobody wants to vote on i the United States infrastructure Mitch McConnell could have called it to the floor but he wasn't that immigrant Chinese is his wife taken all United States government money contract in money for our infrastructure making him and her Richard in her company in China in her daddy's company with our United State grant money for our infrastructure this ain't nothing but a criminal Enterprise now I know why they didn't want to bring infant structure to the floor Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump they just kept saying it that's when when Donald Trump in Nancy nail went over there to talk to him about infrastructure that was just a fake phony setup that's why he went in and left are they all in the same clique is a criminal Enterprise

  13. he wasn't going to do infrastructure anyway because Mitch McConnell's wife is taking the infrastructure money for her company this is an immigrant working in the United States asifa Secretary of that department and she's got a company dealing with the same thing infrastructure than in the mixture daddy used for infrastructure McConnell's wife is taking the grant money for our contractors in the United States and giving it to her contractors in her company in China and her daddy's company in China and Donald Trump knows this cuz they all in the same criminal organization he wasn't going to do infant structure anyway because Mitch McConnell and his wife is using the money for her company and her daddy's company in China and she's at emigrant taking this money while working in our United States government and we supposed to stand for that they did not want to bring infrastructure to the floorand she needs to be locked up for taking a grant money for our United States contractors for infrastructure in the United States but she's not giving it to our contractor she's giving it in her and Mitch McConnell's company the grant money Indian given grant money from the United States government to her daddy's company in China she's not a United States person she's a Chinese woman and Mitch McConnell and all of them it's in on this

  14. What you know was fake you never was going to do in construction because Mitch McConnell's wife the Chinese woman has a company dealing with infrastructure cuz they make the mixture for the for the stuff that we need she took the grant money for our United States infrastructure in our contractors and gave it to her and Mitch McConnell's company cuz they married so it's both their companies and then she's giving the grant money also to her daddy's company that also has things to do with infant structure that this is our United States government money and we got an immigrant a Chinese woman doing this she need to be thrown underneath the jail

  15. After 8 years of silence during President Obama's administration, it is nice to see liberals start caring about things like the Constitution and abuse of power again. Welcome back. How was your sleep?

  16. LET'S only ask that 2020, be a non name calling politician, that mean we have had enought children like behavior. Mr.Trump must be a professional candidate. Or get SERIOUS ABOUT BELIEVE CHOICES, THAT WOULD COME INTO AMERICANS POCKETS. MIDDLE CLASS TO THE POOR.

  17. He is publicly making a mockery of our government and no one seems to care !!! Lock him out of the presidency now and put him in prison where he belongs!!!

  18. If your going to show me proof Iran did this. Don't show me no picture I can't see and have you tell me this is proof.

  19. Wow shes just such an objective reporter that i can barely tell shes a raving leftist nutjob. Good standard to have MSNBC, way to go. #Maga

  20. We need more adolescent thinking Presidents like Trump. Who knows how much better the economy will get? Right now things are going extremely well with every employment group. So many more billions are coming back to the United States business from overseas. Businesses have much less costly regulations to follow. So many people are getting new and better paying jobs.

    We need more Presidents like the juvenile Trump for President!

  21. Trump is the Lawless One who has gotten away with corruption for 40 years. He should have stayed in business, but his greed and arrogance, and hatred for Obama made him run.
    Govt has different rules and he is now under scrunity that didn't exist in his business career.

    I say the day Michael Cohen decided to TELL THE TRUTH, Trump has had few good news days. The snowball is finally rolling DOWN the hill and picking up speed. Buckle up buttercups!

  22. Will you please answer my question how can Trump can run for president 2020 if he hasn't turned over his tax returns.

  23. As much as I love my girl friend Rachel not one thin shed of this hole in the dam doc's has hit the oversight committee desk that simple..

  24. Sometimes you just have t o laugh. To think that some sad sack thinks she makes sense to them is really funny.

  25. Rachel don't you ever go anywhere we love you! We that love the truth which comes from hours of research. Well thought-out fact based. ๐Ÿ‘

  26. If Robert Mueller III is all about the law in every way when he eventually comes before the committee lets hope he gives them what they are entitled to….. a full copy of his report as they are entitled to by law no if's or but's its the law !!

  27. I agree with others I hate when they call trump president he was elected in Russia the elect. college dose not count Hilery had the most votes not trump every thing trump ever got he has stole an this parasite for son. what a joke !

  28. Iโ€™d really like to meet a Trump supporter to find out exactly why they support him. Looks like Trump is a true reflection of those people.

  29. It looks like the judges are against Trump's decision of keeping his condo jobs to himself will no longer be, now the public will know the truth about the scum. It's about time for someone to stand up for the people of the United States and let them know what a crook they have in the White House. If he leave it up to Mitch McConnell he will never do nothing because he is worthless.

  30. This you tell everybody how crooked the Republican Party politicians are when they have to be ordered by a judge to do the job. It's pathetic for the judge order for Trump and his administration to release the bar report to the public.

  31. Trump just thinks he runs his country. He will find out that the judges and the federal taxes people will turn on him and let the people know what a crook he is.

  32. Thank God that there are actually intelligent jurists out there. Because his followers are morons. Breaking the law? We donโ€™t care heโ€™s republican and that means heโ€™s the greatest.

  33. Exciting report this on May 9, 2019. But have we received any of these records yet? Forget subpoenas. It is time for warrants of arrest. Why is Pelosi protecting Trump and letting him continue harming this country!?


  35. PUBLIC HEARINGS are necessary….and required…. for the general public to hear the truth from the horses mouth……otherwise Trump will be able to cry foul and continue with his "political witch hunt" defense to anyone stupid enough to buy it……Also…..ANY closed door hearings would be subject to Trump crying "fake news" to anything reported by the media.

  36. Congress is deciding "IF" they'll impeach? what was the blue wave for? Apparently Trump has something on Nancy..if she won't protect America she needs to go

  37. Mitch McConnell and his wife and her family needs to be investigated money laundering corruption going on right there


  39. Man this is crazy give me a break. This is white privilege with 5000 % Turbo horse power. You people are still trying to degrade Obama after 2 great terms as president with not one scandal like this what so ever. You take a report giving to you by a respected lawyer and government officialย and redact it claiming it's things that you can't report because of National security It's all BS. It's a big white privilege cover up. You think people are so stupid and dumb. We know what's going on why all of you stalling and lollygagging it's only one explanation. We can't impeach Trump after Obama! a black man with 2 great terms. No scandals, no cover up's, no collusion, no cabinet members fired back-to-back every weekend, no p** stars like
    (Stormy Daniels). Donald Trump is a president that have been 100% compromised by Russia and you're trying to cover it up. It's funny all of this from a man that says he's here to make America great again. What A Joke. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜… White privilege at it's best…..

  40. Madcow, your such a joke! Hahahahahahahaha! When are you going to get a REAL job loser! Lololololol hahahahahahaha! Weirdo!

  41. Thank you for ;your message re USDA roll in producing penicillin circa WWII…..But only NIFA and ERS to move from DC to Kansis City, Mo now….Grant Administration, not scientific labs

  42. Kansas City announced as the new home for NIFA/ERS

    Last week, Secretary Perdue announced that the Kansas City region had been selected as the new location for the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and Economic Research Service (ERS). The announcement also included a reversal on the proposed reorganization of ERS which would have put Office of the Chief Economist. Instead, ERS will remain under the Research, Education, and Economics mission area. Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) and all four of the Senators from Missouri and Kansas released statements in support of the decision, while several Democratic Members of House and Sen. Van Hollen (MD) have expressed their opposition to the decision. The press release included a cost benefit report that stated the move would save $300 million over 15 years. However, cost analysis from the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association indicated that the move would in fact cost taxpayers $83 to $182 million dollars. Read the full article.

  43. And when they go to court the judge should have had them locked up for breaking the law after they told them what to do

  44. Lets not dream, the whole system is corrupted, the Orangegutan will get away with murder and be re-elected. Donald Trump is not to be blamed, it is the "we" the people for being so blind and stupid.


  46. The longer trump is in office the more shady republicans/politicians come out to light. He IS "Cleaning The Swamp" ! Who would of thought ? Also the more he talks and try's to deny, the more fact checker's are hard at work. : )

  47. A DOJ refusing to follow a lawful subpoena is very suspicious and obviously proving he is unlawful himself and protecting Trump and his criminal minions he needs to resign or be impeached.

  48. I cannot believe that Trump keeps lying under the current legal situation he is in.
    The sick feeling in my stomach has surfaced since November 8. He is mean,
    corrupt, racist, hateful, stoking gun violence amongst White Supremacy, a sexual predator towards women, arrogant within all of this. (Ew) Does he have a clue what is about to happen? I don't think he does. God, get him out before the mess gets bigger, please.

  49. We true Americans finally going to get justice, Trump going to jail!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ†—๏ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธpeople, justice will be served. Stop trying to protect a criminal, you know he is.Truth will be shown, you big criminal.

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