100 thoughts on “Privately funded border wall is under construction in El Paso”

  1. I will come work for free!! I'm dead serious. Just to be a part of something this American is worth it for me. MAGA!!


  3. OANN did a report on the New Mexico mayor that is fighting this wall being built, is the mayor of a town that is riddled with corruption. He wasn't even duly elected as mayor. He was appointed after 3 other candidates were arrested for corruption. You wont see this in the media. Please look it up for yourself.

  4. Sad that the taxes that are taken out of my check every paycheck that I work hard for didn’t go for this.

    Thankfully their was an option that I had to send money towards something I support that helps EVERYONE out…

    People will complain about the wall and how cruel it is but I wonder how they would feel if someone who just waltzed in and took their job or ransacked their community or sold drugs to one of their family members

  5. WHY ARE we keeping them? Turn them loose right back on the other side! Sure they will try again, but when everyone is being returned they will come to understand that they cannot gain access, be arrested and then stay and disappear while awaiting their court date! They KNOW that even if they get arrested they are IN!

  6. Wonder how many US Officials are going to feel the squeeze on bribes with this choke point closed off. Who exactly are they….usually the ones doing whatever they can to stop the wall being built?

  7. The left say Conservatives are defrauding you n me. I'm from South Africa and i can see how evil the Democratic party is. Vote them out big time.

    I love Trump 🇺🇸🇿🇦🇮🇱😍

  8. Send all liberal Democrats and democrat government members illegal alien lovers to Mexico. – me a LEGAL immigrant.

  9. Thank you for the initiative in building the wall….. while the democrats spend the tax payers money with false accusations and vain investigations against the president!

  10. China did it. Rome did it. The US Engineers Could not!
    That a petty judge can block Defense of the Country from Invasion?????????????????????????

  11. Funded by brainwashed racist bigot Trump cult followers ignorant to the fact this country was founded on immigration.

  12. This wall is separate from that veteran who was injured in the mid East? Two private walls being built?

  13. This is how a Wall gets Built, when you have a DO NOTHING CONGRESS and Only the President (Trump) whom is Fighting for the American Citizens.

  14. I've donated to this project and get regular updates. So proud of the work this group is doing. Thank you and God bless

  15. Voters vote Democrats out of office! That matter just as much as this see someone hire a illegal call ice asap.

  16. Build the wall. The government could do it cheaper if they bought the materials and had the military construction battalions build it. We are already paying them. Why not use them? Don't forget the razor wire at the top and bottom of the wall. True asylum seekers go to the first border and request asylum. They do not march through other countries to cherry pick a country. They also go to the gate. This country cannot help anymore undocumented non citizens. We are being invaded. It is time to step up to the plate and do something, like deny access by building a wall.

  17. This is Billy.This actually permissible under seceding rules & is amazing the cooperation the President is receiving.

  18. Trump: "Who is going to pay for the Wall?" AssFuckers: "Mexico!" Trump: "Who is going to pay for the Wall?" AssFuckers: "Mexico!"

  19. Shameful!!! Private pepole shouldn't pay for something that the stupid Congress wont do ! Its ridiculous

  20. At least they are trying and doing something rather than sitting on your butt and wait for a miracle.

  21. You need a flat surface on the other side as well, barbed wire, and patrols.
    You could invite Hungarians to teach you how it's done, Hungary put up a 100 mile wall in a month in 2015 and stopped all migration from 140,000 people/month to 200-300 apprehended the months after it was built, and now with proper legislation nobody is coming any more.

  22. U.S. Taxpayers, that's YOU, YOU are Forced to Spend an estimated $135-250 Billion per year on illegal immigrants in America, just think how much less of Your Hard Earned Tax Money would go to illegal immigrants, if $5-10 Billion was spent on a border Wall/Fence.

  23. Great News! God bless America! Getting something done for us for our protection! Go Trump 2020 👏🇺🇸❤️

  24. Migration is a massive problem across the whole world, is the main reason is because poverty through overpopulation and the population is spilling over into other countries and bring in that country down to a Third World level, usage in America, Australia, New Zealand, across Europe, the UK everywhere, you got Third World countries spilling over into modern civilised ones and destroying them and bring in their quality-of-life down to Third World level.

    all these is because of one thing over population is brought about by this suicidal insane system you all embrace economic growth, the need to endlessly multiplying and grow. in a confined space that is your problem.

    you cannot have endless growth for the simple logical reason you don't have endless space. and all the problems you are facing and experiencing the byproduct of this insane incompatible unsustainable system of economic growth.

    a system that is specifically designed for one reason and one reason only, so few can live in a lap of luxury of the backs of the rest who either scrape a living or wallow in poverty to feed them.

    if you wish to solve this problem then let's openly start talking about depopulation, and bringing the population down that each land mass can naturally support, that would get rid of poverty, then be no need to immigrate to another country to escape poverty. over 90% of your crime comes from poverty, so by getting rid of poverty you get rid of 90% of your crime.
    you'd also solve a lot of other problems, like housing, congestion on your roads, and protecting the environment by not having to endlessly build homes.

    there is a lot going for depopulation the planet of humans ate all good none of it is bad, and it's about time we started talking about is meaning we claim to be an intelligent species, an intelligent person can talk about anything in a calm and rational manner and have the intelligence to realise what I have just written is all true.

  25. That's the power of the great people in this country!!! This wall is so important in many ways and thank GOD for every one involved in this epic endeavor. WWG1WGA

  26. I can wait to see building the wall Mexico USA border so when chaina invade USA don't have we're to go lol lol hooray hooray don't stop building

  27. Amazing that you cannot even tell the truth about this. Citizens funded this you pos fake news. No mention of Assange or the deaths in Syria? Venezuela? Got nothing to share about the US sanctioning all of these countries to steal their resources, so women and children are dying in the millions? How do you sleep at night you worthless pieces of filth?

  28. I’m Mexican and I don’t really see a problem with all the immigrants coming lately. I say let them work and pay taxes, it only benefits the US. Immigrants are LITERALLY building America as we speak! Give them credit and a thank you instead of all the hateful comments going around. God bless you all ❤️

  29. Gov.? HA…just like mom used to say " if ya put the government in charge of selling sand in the desert in a week there would be a shortage of sand" GETEM PATRIOTS!

  30. PBS a leftist media does NOT allow comments on its Lying Video. They will explain that the wall is not needed, but for legal immigrant, why do they need to avoid monitored border crossings ? That is why they do not allow the rest of us to comment on their lying narrative.

  31. Fun fact: they might have to rebuild the wall cause it appears that they built parts of it in mexican territory

  32. Update They just got shut down by the federal government for blocking a leavy. And not obtaining the right permits so now their half mile wall has to keep the gate open

  33. So did all of you see the update. This group built a portion of the wall on federal land without permits and surveys. It blocks federal workers from federal levees and national monument and now requires the gate to be permanently open. Like I said everyone who donated to this scam deserved it because they are fools.

  34. Go donate more.
    We could probably donate 5 bucks a week every week for a year…….

    Let’s donate before pelosi and the Democrats make America a Venezuela…
    Look at what is happening to California, just look…..

  35. I am sick and tired of all of you bitching! Put your money where your mouth is. Protect yourself, your family, your community and your future and donate to "WE BUILD THE WALL." I did and I am not even an American citizen. Only approx. 420,000 have donated and that is a very poor turnout – really pathetic compared to the number of you cheering on President Trump and screaming for the immigration problem to end. So donate or "SHUT UP!" because you don't really believe what you say unless you are willing to "pony up" and do what must be done. Brian Kolfage lost three limbs and is not crying about it while all of you cry about this over your latest dinner out. Human trafficking, drugs. The destruction of the American republic and you are more concerned about your latest iPhone, or set of tires or a new feature for your cottage. Stop waiting for corrupt politicians and do it yourself! All of you can donate something and so far the response has been pathetic and it is ALL YOUR FAULT!

  36. They need to put the TRUMP logo at the top with the American flag 🇺🇸 about every 1000 ft. ….👍

  37. Is building the wall socialism? I don't consider it so. But have a idiot liberal in my family that won't stop saying it's the same thing as using tax payers money for health care. It's all socialism. I disagree. Any other views and thoughts are appreciated.

  38. An organisation being investigated for fraud. You smucks realise to just repair the current wall is several billion? wasting millions on defending against a 'threat" currently Us border control has a estimated 21,370 agents from there own statistics. So why have a rogue organisation like ICE, breaking constitutional, human rights laws now? You have a failing healthcare system, student loan debt in the trillions, worst deficit in USA history and the poorest infrastructure of any developed nation in the OECD list of nations, and you want a Wall?How about higher wages for low income workers , better low income housing? Outsourcing jobs more than ever, what about that ,Trump supporters?

  39. Keep building more wall. Get cheap razor wire on top of it and "DO NOT CROSS" signs to help discourage crosses. Maybe they could put a Walmart next to some of the wall to help people shop while working.

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