Columbia Journalism Review def Ben test
the groove you how the top four newspapers according to
circulation covered the NSA store did they use terms that
were pro surveillance or eighty surveillance Prosser veils be
considered a more conservative point of view certainly in maintaining the order and
and establishment in the protection a power structures that we have now that’s a
conservative position versus the liberal position which is
again surveillance now this case a little confusing as
libertarians are on the liberal side at but what is clear is whether the
media was prose tablished min or not right so they look at 42 up
newspapers USA Today LA Times New York Times The Washington Post guess who a was most egregiously favor the government if your long-time
Young Turks your you might already know the answer to this are you gonna call USA Today sucks no lead the pack using Pro
surveillance terms a 36 percent more frequently than eighty surveillance terms so all
the papers USA today was the worst in being pro style bushmen and had the
conservative position here say all the governors of course surveillance protecting us from terrorism of course
now let me shoot none of them came in again surveillance
they all came in more positively for pro
surveillance just a matter of degree USA today was a
36 percent LA Times 24 percent more pro surveillance York Times 40 1.1 percent and the
washington post which was actual the papers a broker
store in the first place along with the Guardian Barton Gellman washable broke
the story but nonetheless is all paper was 11
percent more pro surveillance than 80 surveillance according to the
language that they use I get back to that in a sex is very important in fact he
let me give you a quote from the Columbia Journalism Review they say although key word frequency
announces on its own is not always conclusive large consistent discrepancies up the
kind observed here strongly suggests and net media bias in favor of the US and UK governments
pro surveillance position so what happened
the liberal media bias well they explain that to they say the
results were unexpected and quite remarkable the
widely held assumption they explain that major media outlets uniformly toe
to the left does not match reality in fact if anything the media peers to
tilt to the right at least on this issue now again to be slightly more accurate it’s
not left to right in this particular case as much as it is pro sabers friend an
anti-establishment and that’s the case for all the media it’s not the people in the media or
Republicans or Democrats it said they basically they don’t even
know but they work for the government so they get ugg boots government
position is all well the survey also protect us from
terrorist so the has read it or they write it down their papers and by the
way this for the newspapers television is far far worse I guarantee
you that if you were a study and then I hope
Columbia Journalism Review or some other groups those a study on that you’ll find their fall more pro
surveillance the papers right but overall all the media is yes
sir governments are you’re absolutely right sir even the people that will build a
government spying is a well of course we should’ve been spied upon thank you
sir now do the american people agree no 54 percent disagree with the Dragon a
collection a internet metadata 71 percent disagreed
with worthless montre a US phone calls now but wait a minute how could the American people this be
clearly this again said when the media’s on the other side in fact explain your public opposition
to the government surveillance might be even more pronounced if overall media coverage was neutral and unbiased it did that the coverage didn’t have to
be against the serials all that do was be neutral and those
numbers will probably be even larger so Salah to the american people say I
know these media some a bitch is our tell me them spine and on my phone calls and my
Internet information is perfectly fine but I’m not buying it if they were to
get confirmation that wait a minute that’s not great
that’s not the American Way that without suspicion without warrants
you go and collect people’s private information that even a bigger chunk would say of
course is not right so the media is on the side up the
government and that’s what we’ve been telling you
about right here on the young person by the way that’s the reason why the
youngsters have a successful why over a billion
people watch this it’s because everyone else is selling
all your gums right listen to govern absolutely we’re here to tell you that nonsense of
course the government is right some other time but certainly not right all the time and
we’re supposed to be watchdogs are the government not their lap dogs like the rest the
media liberal medium bias is nonsense it’s invented by the
Conservatives the try to get you didn’t did too eight
dollars in the bank a much more importantly to get the media
to bow their heads and say well of course whatever the conservative
establishment says must be correct we don’t want to be

100 thoughts on “Pro-Surveillance Language Dominates “Liberal” Newspapers”

  1. It's not cheques they're sending, the networks are owned by giant conglomerates that have their fingers in a whole bunch of pies. If they back-up whatever the establishment position is they get cut breaks in their other ventures, à la tax cuts. The "journalists" that work for the networks are terrified of losing their access to officials so they just repeat the talking points that the government puts out. Just like the Pravda from the old USSR.

  2. how bad is it where you live where you need a tank for protection? and sport? what like tank hunting? blowing up deer with a tank? any future dictator? okay well who (now) would be a dictator? so far there has been no dictatorial ambitions with any recent Pres. (and the NSA doesn't count any Govt. could do that)

  3. This is the same exact problem when a 'Liberal Left Media' says "Heritage foundation was a good idea at the start untill republican congress took over and ruined what was a good idea"

    What a real normal person would say is when given evidence is "Congress was a good idea at the start until Heritage foundation took over congress and ruined what was a good idea."

  4. But you just listed a bunch of assertions without evidence. Where is the evidence that this is happening? Can you have me at least one case?

  5. I sorry but it is a little people vote in the republican state are voted in and it is the money that control both sides and I meant the dem are at most mid right now instead the republican are now super right wing craziness .

  6. the establishment in this country is absolutely ridiculous! They deserve to be jailed for this type of tom foolery

  7. That's the problem. It was a subjective study. The researchers and the researchers alone chose the words they considered pro-surveillance and anti-surveillance. It would be wrong to draw any conclusion from this study unless it is qualified by a 'maybe.'

  8. Whatever you want to accuse, label, or call the guy, Alex Jones has been pointing this behavior out for years, yet he's continually marginalized and, of course, painted as a "conspiracy theorist". Well, it isn't a theory, when it's a fact.
    I like Cenk, he seems like he wants to do the right thing, but he and the TYT are still hung up on and caught in the false left-right paradigm. If Cenk and TYT really want to shine, then make the distinction there is no distinction.

  9. I can't think of anybody being caught in the act of collusion with the government, and I don't believe that these people ever meet in the cliche cigar smoke filled room and plan their misdeeds. But the British Prime Minister said yesterday "If they (newspapers) don't demonstrate some social responsibility it will be very difficult for government to stand back and not to act," basically threatening the Guardian newspaper that broke the NSA story.

  10. A few months ago the DOJ seized the phone records of two AP reporters. To me at least it's fairly obvious that the status quo is in the best interest of the corporations that run the mainstream media and the government.

  11. Media filters in the propaganda model by Noam Chomsky:

    Ownership – size and profit-seeking imperative of dominant media corporations
    Funding – funding generated through advertising.
    Sourcing – relates to the sourcing of mass media news (press releases, pr and think tanks)
    Flak – 'negative responses to a media statement' (letters, telegrams, phone calls, petitions, lawsuits, speeches and Bills)
    Fear – exploit public fear and hatred of groups that pose a potential threat

  12. I could be wrong, but I suspect what he meant was that being in favor of surveillance has more to do with where you are on the libertarian/authoritarian scale than whether you call yourself a "conservative" or a "liberal".

  13. So, do you think if we just eliminated government capitalism would work flawlessly? You seem to be trying to avoid the question. Come on, just put the cards on the table, are you in favor of unregulated capitalism or do you think it requires regulation?

  14. Well, do you believe in capitalism? Yes or no. Because under capitalism, your power is equal to how much you own. In a society like that, you have archons/people in power (the ones who control the most resources), so it's not anarchy.

  15. Wow! So you are going to regulate the people who regulated the banks?

    The reason there was a tarp in the first place is because of the government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No other power structure can give 3 trillion dollars away! If there were no government those tarp money would have never existed therefore the banks would have failed and been crushed!

  16. Sure, but that's not what I was asking for. I was asking for evidence of the government-media conglomerate conspiracy that Cenk buys into.

    Of course it's always in the best interest of any government to have the newspapers on their side– but Cenk is suggesting that the two are essentially the same entity, AKA the media is the fourth branch of the government. I haven't been presented with any evidence to support this assertion.

  17. If any of you could at least do what I did years ago. boycott any mainstream media giant. cnn, bbc, fox, abc, nbc, msnbc. dont give any of these low lives any energy or ratings and it might help. that includes any local news, magazines n news papers. give these pricks a sign. The lies cant go that far if most of us know the truth.

  18. I try not to be a "grammar nazi" but, your use of punctuation (or should I say lack of it) is essential for you to get your message across. What were you trying to say?

  19. one thing people always forget is crime has been stopped because they had the killers phone calls and knew what he was going to do. and knew who was downloading child porn and those are sometimes people who aren't Criminals yet (not every one looks guilty)

  20. I think he means that the sides of surveilance are libertarians- totally against it, and authoratarians- totally for it, and that the argument shouldn't exist between conservatives and liberals because both of them should stand somewhere on the libertarian side. He just said it pretty poorly.

  21. I said it's a "Liberatarian vs Authoratarian" thing. I guess I should've been more clear, since Liberatarians would be the last people who would want the NSA to exist for another minuite.
    The Surveillance thing is one of those "Gray Issues" that seem to overlap between Conservatives and Liberals, like Abortion. Abortion stances are better classified as "Pro-Choice" or "Pro-Life", and not "Liberal" and "Conservative", since those stances tend to overlap between the groups.

  22. No it is not. There needs to be a government, made by the consent of the people, to protect the rights of everybody so that there can be liberty.

  23. I'm removing the comment and replacing it with better wording, since the "/" has made some unintentional implications that I did not mean:
    I thought the NSA crap was a "Liberatarian VS Authoratarian" controversy, and that the support and oppositon overlap between Liberals and Conservatives.

  24. Then when they stop the program and our country then gets attacked, they'll then scream why didn't they catch it! Fuckin clowns of the earth!

  25. Well it's not easy, but the goverment (aka the people, if working properly) has the right incentive, they want to be healthy and thats the "profit" motive.
    Some things dont work well in a privatised pro-profit healthcare. You cant opt-out on HC and you cant really just get the other "low quality brand", you just want to be cured.

    So healthcare is a human right and should be controlled by the citicens in a democratic fashion via the electorate and goverment.

  26. Ha, more bull…. The Liberals and Conservatives together ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT
    Don't fall for the red blue blame game. Source… Obama's presidency

  27. A billion views on youtube does not equal a billion people, who Cenk kidding? Yes this show has a big audience but I doubt it's in the millions.

  28. I know this one video does not have a billion views.

    Cenk was referring to the "TYT" main channel on Youtube. Just click "The Young Turks" Youtube channel link, click "about", scroll down, and see for yourself. This doesn't include the 'TYT" sub-channels.

    I don't think LOL, I think holy crap! 😉

  29. liberals and libertarians should in theory be on the same page regarding personal privacy.. most democrats are "rockefeller republicans" tho ^^

  30. What are you talking about? Who's been saying what for a year, now? Do you mean, Cenk? I"m sorry, but I actually get my news from newsmen, not drug soaked opinion talkers. Cenk, as usual in this video, is lying his ass off to cover a President who knows nothing about anything that happens in his Administration. If George Bush had knows as little about what was going on in HIS admin, you libs would have had such a hissy fit your heads would have exploded.

  31. Nah, right wingers are not pro-establishment. That, unfortunately, falls to the lefties during this administration. Those Repubs you see that are pro-establishment today are actually centrists who want the government to control everything. There are a few (very few) on the left who are into anarchy. Thank God that most liberals aren't that stupid, they just blindly follow the black man simply because he's black.

  32. Its just unethical that usa spies on other countries, and yet sooo many countries just kiss american ass. Someone should just drop a little bomb on those survailance stations, servers and offices.

  33. "Cenk, as usual in this video, is lying his ass off to cover a President…" that one line just proved you either haven't watched any videos where Cenk goes off on Obama and some of his policies, or ignoring them because they don't fit your views.

    So I'm a lib because I agree with some of the things Cenk has said? but that would mean I should be a conservative because I've agreed with some conservative ideas, by your logic. which is it? you can't have it both ways.

  34. "That, unfortunately, falls to the lefties during this administration." so they're pro-establishment when it's a conservative POTUS. no shit. by the way, which side is it that's trying to pass laws saying who a consenting adult can marry again?

  35. On the contrary, I have little reasonable doubt to believe that I live in reality. Humans are not yet capable of living in anarchy. Somebody has to enforce the laws. A Democratic-Republic is the most malevolent form of government, except for evall the other ones that have been tried.
    Have you ever heard of Thomas Hobbes? I don't agree with him much, but he has one major point he has: People must give up some of their power so that there can be law and order.

  36. Or that the alternatives were worse. Gotta pick the lesser of two evils, but the Reactionists act like we just re-elected the AntiChrist.
    Obama isn't even a leftist, but a moderate. I am very pessimistic about America's future.

  37. TYT acts as if this were a surprise, as if they didn't know that liberal media(including themselves) are the biggest cheerleaders for expanding government in the world.

    The only difference is that TYT has a quart of dignity swirled up in 100 gallons of "We need more government to save us from the corporation controlled government to save us from the government to save us from ourselves!"

  38. I'm thinking that the underlying issue here is not that the media is liberal (as in democrat bias), but that there is a bias and the people shouting the loudest about it are deliberately misidentifying what exactly that bias is to their own ends. I would say that the media is not actually liberal biased, it is *big government biased*. This often coincides with a liberal pov, but it also coincides with the conservative pov as well. This is why the media shut out Ron Paul, but not Mitt Romney.

  39. The real problem is that people are not aware. If no one was proactively searching for inforrmation online the few americans who get any news at all would not know anything at all.

  40. I think it would be more accurate to say that they tell you that they'll use lube while they're trying to get you in the sack and then go back on their word. Applies to both sides really.

  41. That is why we have checks and balances, to prevent the government from abusing its citizens. People have a right to rebel against that government if it fails to take care of its citizens. The government is not a "bossy boss" program; it is supposed to be a directing program.
    Also, we need the government to keep the markets fair and reliable. When America didn't do that, people got a lot of food poisoning, streets were crap, and the wealthy were apathetic.

  42. WOW he is really running some mental gymnastics on you dummies with this one. He throws around words like conservative and liberal but keeps changing the meaning in every video. Here he says the left is AGAINST a surveillance state and big government establishments. Is he retarded or something?

  43. authoritarianism is the response to Libertarianism. and neither of them should be automatically associated with liberal or conservative.

  44. Hmmm…I think I want the goverment (we the people) to regulate the way people are allowed to make money of other people. The way to go forward is to pick the most appropriate way of handling different situations and parts of our growing civilisation. Mixed economy is the way, not only one idea or ideology.

    Power corrupts. I agree. In a healthy democracy the goverment and politicians should fear its citicens. If its the other way we have some degree of fascism

  45. You make some good points, but there is noway Cenk is a Obama shill. This is a guy who turned down an lucrative television career at MSBC because the MSNBC executive producer told him that he needs to tone down the anti establishment rhetoric because he is now part of the establishment. I my wildest imagination, I can't imagine Bill or Shawn, or any other Faux lapdog, walking out of their ticket because they weren't sufficiently pro Bush/Cheney, or any other Oval office oligarch.

  46. No they didn't, they have made it extremely obvious that they think of the media as pro-establishment. This study is important, though, because it quantifies the complete failure of the media and the proliferation of the baseless lie that there is a "liberal" media.
    Amending the constitution to publicly finance elections is not "more government", it is SMART government. Government can work, and in a lot of countries, it does – but we aren't holding it accountable.

  47. The free market provides no oversight, which is the illusion of order, because there is not quantification of order. Child slavery, indentured servitude, and no corporate or environmental regulation is not order, it is anarchic in the most businesslike sense.

  48. This touch all peoples around the world, because major part of Internet searches and social media goes through servers are located in U S

  49. Lol guys, a billion views does not equal separate people. Hell even the subscriber number can be a bit skewed by accounts that were forgotten and what not ( although youtube does regulate on it sometimes)…. so Cenk just mispoke. He knows not 1 in 7 people watched his show.

    TYT puts out about 4 – 5 videos a day( somtimes more) but for the sake of it let's say 3. I've watched almost every TYT video for the past 2 + years. So that's 365 x 3 = 1,095 x 2 = 2,190 from just me.

  50. Really? Cenk has been sucking Obamas dick for the last 6 years. That's why he's blaming conservatism. Hell, even the litards in charge, especially Obama, are trying to claim that "Obamacare" was a conservative republican idea.

  51. Cenk has been sucking Obama's dick for the last 6 years, dude. No, this isn't the first tyt vid I've watched. Cenk is an Obama shill, that's why mslsd had him on their loser channel. Yep, I saw him there, too, did you?

  52. I didn't say debarring private enterprise from dominating elections was a bad idea, nor requiring elections be performed through public funding.

    I think it's a great idea. I would fully support that amendment if that's all it would be.

    I refer to "liberal" media in terms of statist/corporate media, since liberals tend to want nothing but more government, and see deregulation of most anything as apocalypse.

    There are places government does not belong, and liberals just don't understand that.

  53. Free markets are stable markets, rather than the corporate welfare and state-organized monopolies enabled by "progressives."

    You can believe in worker's rights and believe in free markets.

    When it gets to the point where I can't take a damn welding or metalworking class at a PUBLIC college without signing a contract with a union(which provides no scholarship/aid, only entry to the class,) you know it's not about worker's rights anymore.

  54. Well sure, it's practically state run media. Since conservatives want to stay closer to the constitution I'd say Cenk is wrong about pro surveillance being a conservative stance. The liberals want the nanny state, that means surveillance…

  55. Excellent reasoning, Mr. Harris. You showed us liberals what we should support. Thank you.
    It's obvious you understand liberal positions better than liberals themselves. Genius.

  56. What he says in specific instances, and what he says in general are 2 different things.

    Just take note of how he'll do stories on the stuff "right-wing" people say or do, and how often he'll do the same for the "left wing."

    Take note of how he'll enthusiastically shout "Are you kidding me?!/Noo WAYY!" when he talks on "far-right" opinions, but gives at worst a subtle "I think maybe there are other factors/there are things that need to be accounted for" when talking on "far-left" opinions.

  57. Yes, I want people watching everything I do.

    I also liked the Patriot act, because that was also a "liberal" policy.


  58. Knowing that modern liberalism is on closer lines to socialism and advocates for bigger government while conservatives wish for smaller government, I would say that he is quite right.

    And about your question of ''RIGHT ?? RIGHT GUYS!??'' my answer would be: No, you are not right. You are actually quite wrong in my opinion. For your information, no one likes clowns so I would advise you not to try to be one.

  59. Except it isn't, since nearly all liberals oppose the patriot act.

    Unless you're living in some sort of weird reality where people go by "the government can stick pipes up my butt just as long at it's bigger1!!11"

    It just doesn't work that way, Conservatives say Liberals want some bigger government that's not true, they want things that work, a bigger government is sometimes a symptom. Not the goal.

    I was wrong up there, because it was sarcasm.

  60. They're also using the term "the Democracy experiment" which changes the mindset of viewers to think that Democracy is finite and won't be around much longer.

  61. Cenk if you don't trust the government with your internet info, how in the hell do you expect them to manage your healthcare delivery? You make no sense.

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