– [Shannon] Well, a professor
at Shawnee State University in Ohio is suing the school, claiming a violation of
First Amendment Rights, after being punished for refusing to use a student’s preferred gender pronouns. Tonight a federal magistrate
judge is recommending that the suit be dismissed, but the professor is far from giving up. So let’s talk to him. Professor Nicholas Meriwether and his attorney from
Alliance Defending Freedom, Tyson Langhofer. Welcome to you both. – Thanks for having us.
– Thank you. Good to be here. – Okay, so just to give people a little bit of the background. There was a student who was in your class, biologically born male, but
transitioning to female, asked that you use female
pronouns and, Professor, I know there were different compromises that you and the school talked about, just using the first
name or the last name. Eventually, you could
not come to an agreement and you said, “Using these pronouns is a violation of my religious beliefs.” How so? – Well, it’s important to remember that the university is to
be a marketplace of ideas and not merely an assembly
line for one type of thought, and in this particular case, I
was being required to endorse an ideology that I do not hold. I don’t think that public universities should be in the business
of requiring people to endorse or express
ideologies that they don’t hold. – [Shannon] Well, this is what part of the magistrate’s
decision had to say about the allegations that you were forced to endorse the idea of transgender as a more specific ideology. They said, “the plaintiff has not alleged that defendants forced him
to espouse or express a view that plaintiff disagreed
with or found objectionable. Plaintiff acknowledges the
defendants gave him the option to stop using gender-based
titles during class, but plaintiff rejected that option.” Tyson, is that an accurate
assessment of the claims? – No, not exactly, Shannon. What happened was Professor
Meriwether indicated that he’d be willing to
refer to this student with his last name or his first name and just avoid the use of pronouns, but what the university
was requiring was that Professor Meriwether change the way he addressed the
entire class and that he could not use any pronouns for any other students at all and he had to not only change the way that he addressed this student, but he change the way he
addressed all students, and that’s exactly what the
First Amendment forbids. A university cannot force a
professor to speak messages that he disagrees with. – Okay, I’m going to read
something from ThinkProgress. It says, the headline is this, “This professor wants to
disrespect trans students so much he’s going to court.” They talk about ADF, which
you are defending him, says, “They appear to hope
that Meriwether’s case will be a vehicle for them
to impose a double standard that justifies discrimination
against transgender people that wouldn’t otherwise be
tolerated against other groups. ADF attorney Tyson Langhofer
said in a statement, This isn’t just about a pronoun; this is about endorsing an ideology. That’s false. It’s about respecting
people for who they are.” Professor? – Yes. Tolerance is a two-way street. I try to treat my students
with respect and dignity. I give them the freedom
to express their beliefs. I’m just asking for the same thing. – Well and– – I’d like the, yes, go ahead. – No, no, no, finish
your statement, please. – Well I would like to be extended the same respect and dignity
that I extend to my students. I don’t expect my students or require them to express something
that they don’t believe or endorse an ideology
that they don’t hold, and I’m being required to do that. – Tyson, we’re almost out of time, but I quickly wanna ask you, the magistrate has recommended
the case be dismissed. What’s your next step? – We’ll be responding. We have an opportunity to respond
to the magistrate’s report and we’ll file those
with the district judge and we’re hoping and
hopeful that the judge, the district judge, rejects the report and recommendation from magistrate and upholds the First Amendment
rights of Dr. Meriwether. – All right, Professor and Tyson, great to have you both with us. Keep us updated.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– You’re very welcome.

14 thoughts on “Professor Sues College Over Transgender Pronoun Policy | Fox News Interview”

  1. The Marxist Left only understand push back so let it be done. It appears the Prof. is on point and reasonable, and the university should be recognized for wrong think.

  2. It is offensive that I be addressed according to the politics of transgender ideology or according to the basis or that what belies the roots of their inane insanity or sin and that is force others to perceive them as that which is based on what is clearly a lie or a distortion of the truth. That includes that I shouldNOT be forced to refer to a clearly penis bearing genetically testosterone produced male as if a female, pretend, act as if or interact with these made sterile, self- sterilized, self- mutilated man-made products as if they were female or the opposite of what they were born. It is not only offensive to my senses as a human being but also to my belief and faith in Christ..

  3. These God-less people state: "It's about respecting people for who they are"? HAHAHA oh my goodness I almost died right there. I'm a college student and I asked my Biology professor if homosexuals could ever change their chromosomical information to change their gender and she replied: "No, they can't". Who you are is in your chromosomes, what God put there for your gender to be is what you were born with, and that DNA cannot ever be changed. So, this professor who's actually calling students for the gender that their DNA dictates they are and not fake boobs or anything else IS respecting them. God bless!

  4. What an age of utter insanity we live in. And to realize that it's going to continue to get even worse.
    Thanks for all you do, ADF!!
    Trunews dot com states that the levels of weirdness and bizzareness will become incomprehensible.

  5. God made you what and who you are. All you can do is modify that to some degree. You cannot change your gender by deciding you want to! Men are men and Women are women. Both need eachother, so let's come together and love one another!

  6. Because this is reported on Foxnews, I have very strong doubts that this story is real. Foxnews is known for making headlines where none exists. So I intend to look up court records on this law suit, and I suggest everyone else that watch this video do the same. Don't blindly except this as facts just because Foxnews reported on it. Foxnews is the epitome of Fake News.

  7. It would be an insult to God and to the trans-person to call them anything other than what they are biologically, no matter how much we may sympathize with them.

  8. Yay! He’s getting fire soon. I respect what u believe but when it come to professional education I always believe to respect them. A lot stud have prefer name but when it come to trans it seem so much offensive because of ur believes. Like dude ur a professor u here to teach not to judge me or believe. Be open minded other fire ur major. Be traditional don’t work. I think this man will learn a lot and overcome his regrets. He should be fired, when someone become a teacher they should already learn about racist, lgbts any award. Bad attitude

  9. The professor knows failing to use terms preferred by the student is offensive. Just as the student knows calling Professor Meriwether, Professor "Cunt", in front of the class, would likely be received as impolite and disrespectful. In fact, he was so called and it was so impolitely received, that the professor requested security watch his back during the next class. It seems to me, in sending respect or even social pleasantry, the receiver gets to decide how respectful or pleasant the message sent is received.

    Professor Meriwether knows using the students non-preferred pronoun is received as impolite and disrespectful, in fact, probably embarrassing. Perhaps this will be a win, win case. If the professor wins then students will be able to exercise a right to call Professor Meriwether the "cunt" he arguably is, in front of his peers and subordinates no less, (because you can not compel their speech or religious beliefs about people like Professor Meriwether). If the professor looses, then all students will get to have their preferred pronouns respected or politely used as a form of common decency rather than and endorsement of an ideology. AND calling professors a "Cunt" will continue to be prohibited under school policies. Either way, everybody wins.

    Isn't this great, we get to see Bill C-16 tried right here in the USA. I am so excited to get a ruling on this. I really like how it's going so far. I'm so excited!

  10. The way this is framed, he won't win. He has to use the radical feminist argument. This is not about free speech. It's about biological reality.

  11. And another thing, I don't understand how Christians go on about biology, biology they say! Gender is biology and then they go on about a virgin birth, a global flood and two of every kind in a single boat. This case is a fine example of how religion gets good people to do bad things. Absent the professors religion, he would have no problem addressing students the way they prefer to be addressed.

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