-The Justice Department
effectively called the President
of the United States a criminal on Friday as Trump announced the departure
of his chief of staff. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] Trump is desperate
to talk about anything other than
the growing legal problems engulfing his presidency. And you can tell
because he’s picking fights with everyone
from France to China to his own
former Secretary of State. He’s like a feral raccoon trapped in a corner
in the attic. [ Laughter ] If he loses in 2020,
they’re going to have to chase him out
of the Oval Office with a broom. “Go! Get on!
Get outta here! Oh, no!
Now he’s biting the broom!” [ Laughter ] On Saturday, for example, he unleashed
an unhinged Twitter rant about Connecticut
Senator Richard Blumenthal and unveiled
a new nickname for him, calling him “The Dick.” [ Laughter ] Wow.
He’s getting angrier and lazier. [ Laughter ] The guy’s name is Richard
so you nicknamed him “The Dick”? Go ahead.
Take the rest of the week off. You nailed it. [ Light laughter ] Then Trump called his former
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson “dumb as a rock”
and “lazy as hell” after Tillerson,
in a rare interview, offered some brutal criticism
of his former boss. -How would you describe
Donald Trump? -He acts on his instincts. In some respects,
that looks like impulsiveness. But it’s not his intent
to act on impulse. I think he really is trying
to act on his instincts. It was challenging for me
coming from the disciplined, highly process-oriented
ExxonMobil Corporation to go to work for a man
who is pretty undisciplined, doesn’t like to read. [ Laughter ] -That’s the former
Secretary of State talking about the
president of the United States like he’s Mowgli. [ Laughter ] “I mean, he doesn’t mean to howl
and walk on all fours. He was raised by wolves.” [ Laughter ] Although, in fairness to Trump, the reason
he doesn’t like to read is that he is bad at it,
even if he will never admit it. -Through their lives,
and though their lives… Beating expectations
in the House for the midtown and midterm year. They sacrifice every day for the furniture —
future of their children. [ Laughter ] -Instead of saying — Instead of saying, “furniture,
excuse me, future…” [ Laughter ] He doubled down
on “furniture” and “future.” [ Laughter ] Can you imagine being this guy’s
Secretary of State? “I want to bomb North Dakota.” “You mean North Korea?” “I mean North Dakota
and North Korea!” [ Laughter ] “I meant both!
You cut me off!” [ Laughter ] “Before I got to North Korea.” [ Laughter ] And while he fires off one
Twitter insult after another, his White House
is also undergoing an unprecedented level
of staff turnover. People are quitting
this White House like it’s a Kmart
the day before Black Friday. [ Laughter ] And on Saturday,
Trump confirmed speculation that Chief of Staff John Kelly would be leaving the White House
at the end of the year, which means we’re at the end
of the John Kelly era. And I just hope that
now that his tenure is over, everyone who hailed him as a
paragon of discipline and order when he first took over
will look back and admit that they were very wrong. -Kelly’s mission is less drama,
more discipline inside the inner circle. -He’s gonna be great. Keeping things organized,
keeping everyone in their lane. -I think he will
bring some order and discipline to the West Wing. -I hope that he will demonstrate
to the president the value of discipline. -If anybody can bring order and
discipline to this White House, it is General Kelly. I hope that we’re
at a turning point now. -Oh, hey,
it’s Senator Richard Blumenthal from earlier. And you were right, Senator —
it was a turning point. When it started,
you were Richard Blumenthal, and when it ended,
you were “The Dick.” [ Laughter ] Guess he stayed in his lane. [ Laughter ] Kelly was never going to bring
discipline to this White House. For one thing,
you can’t change Trump. And, also, Kelly wanted
the same thing as Trump. We all just projected ourselves
onto Kelly because his face
always looked the way we felt. [ Laughter ] But now we know
that’s just his face. That’s his “Everything
is going great” face. Here he is, blowing out the
candles on his birthday cake. [ Laughter ] And here’s John Kelly
on a roller coaster. [ Laughter ] -In fact,
Kelly served a president for whom lawbreaking
was apparently so routine that Tillerson had to routinely
explain to the President that the things he wanted to do
were illegal. -When the President would say,
“Well, here’s what I want to do, and here’s how I want to do it,” and I’d have to say to him,
“Well, Mr. President, I understand what you want to do
but you can’t do it that way. It violates the law.
It violates treaty.” -The Secretary of State
had to explain to the President that what
he wanted to do was illegal. I can’t even imagine
what that was. “Yes, Mr. President,
we have the technology, but you can’t
just shoot someone into space. It’s illegal, and on top of
that, it’s your son.” [ Laughter ] Trump is fundamentally lawless. Not only does he think
he’s above the law, he doesn’t even
understand the law. And on Friday,
we got clearest picture yet of his serial lawbreaking. The Special Counsel
in the Russia investigation and prosecutors in New York
filed sentencing memos for Trump’s ex-campaign chairman
Paul Manafort and his ex-fixer Michael Cohen. And they made it pretty clear
that the Justice Department has damning evidence
on Trump’s ties to Russia. -In a new court filing,
Special Counsel Robert Mueller says former Trump campaign
chairman Paul Manafort lied about several key points after agreeing
to cooperate with prosecutors. -Now, this could mean Mueller’s
team has more evidence about contacts between people
close the President and Russians
during the 2016 campaign. -In November 2015,
prosecutors say Cohen spoke with a Russian national who claimed to be a trusted
person in the Russian Federation who promised the campaign
political synergy and synergy
on a government level. -Oh, synergy. Trump must have been so pumped
when he heard that. “See, it wasn’t collusion.
It was synergy. And now I’m just
gonna check my thesaurus. And, son of a bitch!” [ Laughter and applause ] And — And if you thought — [ Applause ] If you thought prosecutors
were being coy when they used the word synergy
instead of collusion, they were much more on the nose in their sentencing
recommendations for Cohen. Prosecutors spelled out
as clearly as possible in this document
that they believe the President
of the United States committed a crime by paying
hush money to cover up affairs. How do we know that? Well, they didn’t
mention Trump by name, but according
to the court documents, “During the campaign,
Cohen played a central role in two similar schemes to
purchase the rights to stories, each from women
who’d claimed to have an affair with Individual 1,
so as to suppress the stories and thereby prevent them
from influencing the election.” And who is Individual 1? Well, the court documents are
cryptic, but here’s one clue. “On approximately June 16, 2015,
Individual 1 began an ultimately
successful campaign for President of
the United States.” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] Of course,
the only thing worse for Trump than finding out
he’s Individual 1 would be if he found out
he was Individual 2. [ Laughter ] “Who the hell is number 1?!” [ Laughter ] “It’s not Hillary, is it?” So there you go —
the court documents say explicitly
that Individual 1 committed a felony,
and they made clear that Individual 1 is the
President of the United States, or as Trump put it on Twitter, “Totally clears the President,
thank you.” [ Laughter ] Now,
you might be asking yourself, how could Trump
have read these documents and come to the conclusion
that they totally clear him? And he explained it
to reporters on Saturday. -On the Mueller situation,
we’re very happy with what we are reading, because there was
no collusion whatsoever. I think it’s all turning around
very nicely. But as far as the report
that we see, according to everybody
I’ve spoken to — I have not read it.
-You — [ Laughter ] You didn’t read it? Oh, dude, you —
you should read it. [ Laughter ] If there was a document
that detailed crimes I was implicated in,
the only way I wouldn’t read it is if I knew what was in it. Trump might as well
go full old cowboy and say, “I don’t have to read it, boy. I lived it.” [ Laughter ] Well, in lieu of reading,
Trump must’ve spent the weekend psyching himself up,
because this morning, he got up early and gave us all that classic Twitter meltdown
we were expecting. And aside from the misspellings, watch how many times
he changes his argument in the span of just two tweets. -Democrats can’t find
a smoking gun tying the Trump campaign
to Russia after James Comey’s testimony. No smoking gun, no collusion.
@FoxNews That’s because there was,” all
caps, “no collusion. So now the Dems go to simple
private transaction, wrongly calling it
a campaign contribution, which it was not,
but even if it was, it’s only a civil case,
like Obama’s. But it was done correctly
by a lawyer, and there would not even
be a fine. Lawyer’s liability
if he made a mistake, not me. Cohen,” speaking of
Michael Cohen, his former fixer, “just trying to get
his sentence reduced.” All caps, “Witch hunt!” -My God. It was legal,
but if it wasn’t, it was civil. But it was done correctly, but if it wasn’t,
it’s not my fault.” [ Laughter ] But to put it a way Donald Trump
will understand, where there’s smock,
there’s foyer. [ Laughter and applause ] And let’s just — let’s just address for a second this argument that Obama
did the same thing, because it’s an argument
Trump’s supporters are starting to make,
and it’s insane. Every campaign
makes paperwork errors. That happens all the time. And in 2013,
Obama’s campaign was fined for omitting some donors’ names. Independent experts called it
relatively minor, and even a Republican lawyer said it was
a very clean audit report for the Obama campaign. And let’s be honest,
there’s a huge difference between an accounting error
and a hush payment to cover up an affair. If you don’t believe me,
go home and tell your spouse, “I had sex with a porn star
and made an accounting error.” [ Laughter ] Let me know which one
they focus on. [ Laughter and applause ] Trump didn’t just
make a paperwork error. It’s not like he was sitting
there with a green eye shade, trying to balance the books
and missed something. “Let’s see —
50 bucks for pizza, $100 for lawn signs. Oh, $130,000
to pay off a porn star. I almost forgot.
I’ll put that under utilities.” [ Laughter ] Every day,
there are new revelations that seem to fade away,
but this feels like a watershed. The Justice Department
just called the President of
the United States a criminal. I don’t know if Trump will
ever be indicted or impeached, but if he is, he probably won’t
know what he’s charged with because he —
-Doesn’t like to read. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

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