100 thoughts on “Psychiatrist On ‘The Essential Emptiness Of President Donald Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. The fact that Trump still has supporters makes me believe we have a bigger mental illness problem in this country than we thought.

  2. The greatest USA bloopers – “Trump-et”. With a 'Don Quixote' complex. Charging at real or imagined dragons.

  3. The US now have a "The Chosen One", who is also a "King" and a "Lunatic"? This is worst than a "Lunatic"! He is an Insane Imbecile!

  4. I guess evangelicals voted Trump in because they believe he's the anti-Christ. Their desired "end-times" require a powerful Anti-Christ to presage the second coming of Christ. Unfortunately for these religious nutbags, the Book of Revelation was just a rant against the Roman Empire. Which eventually came to an end in 1453 CE, when Muslim warriors conquered Constantinople. Which was not predicted in any way by the Bible.

  5. 1800's Trump would ride around in a Covered Wagon selling Snake Oil
    and run out of Every town he Slimed with his presence.

  6. Trump isn't trolling. In New York, they've known these things about Trump for more than 40 years… since long before he ever thought about running for public office. He's truly a lunatic and for his entire life, his position of wealth and privilege has enabled him to repeatedly get away with this type of dangerous behavior — thus allowing his psychosis to become increasingly severe. Today, we are seeing "late-stage Trump," but when he was younger he was almost as bad… just better at hiding it than he is today.

  7. These experts are actually doing trump a massive favour by saying he's a lunatic..when trump leaves office in disgrace this will be used as evidence to keep him out of prison

  8. Absolutely well said to the psychiatrist and to all the other psychiatrists! Completely agree and because honestly speaking Trump is really mentally sick! The notional and international health authorities MUST intervene!

  9. POTUS 'The Donald' is such a freakish aberration that American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual – Fifth Edition (DSM5) would have to be completely re-written in an attempt to classify, evaluate and diagnose him. As for his besotted followers and admirers, there's an old saying "men are like sheep wherein the many are more easily led than the few". Just like the old children's story "The Emperor's New Suit of Clothes" or the movie "Perfume" when POTUS Trump is exposed for the inept, incompetent liar and fraud that he is, the literal denouement is going to leave a lot of people extremely embarrassed. At that point there will be a need for an army of Psychiatrists, Psychoanalysts, Psychotherapists and Counsellors to handle the massive mental breakdown that will follow.

  10. This is cautionary tale of what can happen when a mother relenquishes the rearing of her young, impressionable, child to a military school & They put (their stamp) on donald trump. Mostly, his mother couldn't be bothered yet, I also believe, she was afraid of him because she knew what he was & couldn't handle it. Once she even said "…what have I created?" Now were all left wondering. He is NOT "normal people"…he's the anti-Christ.

  11. Deeply disturbing…it is indeed a duty to warn 🇺🇸 & Trump, himself. Those who should be holding him accountable in governmental agencies are failing to do so

  12. The narcesistic sociopathic apathetic heartless mentalities. Oooo, how scary. Hasn't anyone noticed that the majority of his supporters have that same mentality? He is definitely a master narcissist, because he has an arsenal of support. The hardest fight you will ever encounter is against the narcesistic sociopathic mentalities in this country, and they are everywhere. They're in schools, at social events, and in the workplace. The worst part is that most people can't believe that people could be that sinister and evil, so they thrive everywhere. This joke of a presidency, his administration and supporters are the largest conglomerate of this sickening mentality that I've ever seen. I feel sorry for this country and where it is heading. It doesn't take a genius to see that this is the spiritual war or psychological war,if you prefer, that was predicted long ago. You have 2 distinct and extremely different mentalities at war today, everywhere, on all levels. You have the narcesistic sociopathic apathetic heartless mentalities vs the empathetic humanitarian honorable and integral mentalities. The worst part is,it was predicted that this narcesistic mentality would become predominant in the world, and bring us into a time of suffering and perilousness like we've never seen. Best of luck to everyone who can see this, and more luck to those who see it, but can't comprehend the seriousness of it. They are taking us all into a very challenging cultural shift in human history.

  13. Of course the guy is mentally ill! It's so obvious. Treat it as such and stop talking about him as if he was just a total jerk. He is mad. He needs meds and a psychiatrist in his prison cell.

  14. Ultimately it reminds me of Hitlers last days in his bunker. Out of which "The scorched earth policy' was born."

  15. is this real ? im watching harry potter and just spotted this video but it seems fake. lol . is this video real ? lol


  17. See it all the time with trump ,just tell him how wonderful he is , how handsome, how young he looks,and that's how you play trump because in his own world he is all these things,and the icing on the cake he now think's he is God ,didn't Nixon start talking to pictures in the WH ?

  18. I'm seeing comments with "Jer usa lem". An American Christian evangelist said that when Moses was
    in the desert, talking with god, getting instructions on how to build an enclosure for the Ark of the Covenant,
    god told Moses to make the colors red, white and blue. That isn't in the Holy Bible.

  19. We know what Trump is but how do you explain the Republicans who follows him no matter what he says or what he does we can either vote him out or he will die after all he is an old man but what do we do with his followers they are frequently young white men with homicide urges

  20. If only the leader of Denmark was a tyrant Queen she could be Trump's next wife and Queen of the new neo feudal oligarchy.

  21. Come on US vote him out and soon. I want to take my niece to Disneyland and there’s no way we will visit the US with him as leader.

  22. I was taught to not laugh at mentally challenged people. But this was funny. I’m glad that a professional confirmed what we all know. Hi from Australia.

  23. Tell me something I don't know…the chosen one ?More like the son of the Devil. Please shut that little blowhole in his head up.

  24. I am actually quite excited. 😀 Oh trump is chosen alright, chosen to be the antiChrist! 😈😂 Please sign the Israeli Peace Treaty, oh antiChrist! 😂 Hasten Christ's Great Return to save us Christians from thy clutches! 😂 Prophecy is being fulfilled! 👏 PS — hey trumpy, you're the Jews first "messiah", since they rejected Christ. 😂 So stop referencing 2nd Coming, oh thee great one. 😂 Sign. Sign. Sign, trumpy! 📝😂👍 This Rapture gonna rap! 😂

  25. For the first time in my life, I am very proud of our Danish Prime Minister and our Parliament, they certainly speak for the entire Danish public, even though the Danish public would probably have said NO to the Crazy Donald of the US in a much harsher way.

    He always talks about how much the world laughs at the US, but it is not true the world looked up to and followed the US before He came to power, but yes now we laugh at the US 95% of the time and the last 5% of the time we are scared that the US have got a new edition of a person like Hitler. Sad VERY sad……………………

  26. On who’s shoulders is the job of officially suspending Trump from his duties due to mental ill health ? It must be somebody’s job ? At what point is enough is enough? If he walked out into the rose garden naked with a crown on his head , would that be enough ? Or maybe trying to buy a country? Or launching missiles at Denmark because he prime minister is “ nasty “ ?

  27. I've recently been watching several videos on what's going on with the whole Scientology thing. Trump seems very comparable to THEIR leader.

  28. Whoever has available weapons (and Trump certainly does have the biggest ones!!!) needs to have gone through psychological scanning!!

  29. The United States has a lot of psychiatrist. Why are they not giving him some medications to regulate this personality disorder. Why are the republicans keeping quiet.they all know that this man is crazy.

  30. Yes, he is the chosen one. He is the Anti-Christ. What did the scripture say, "Blessed are the poor." He disses the poor and middle class and puts himself above ALL others, including the Lord.

  31. What I hope for is that these Republicans and supporters should never be allowed to forget the support they has for this racist. No matter where or when these people should be reminded they supported a bigot racist Klan loving nazi

  32. I don't know anyone from Brooklyn who doesn't sound like President Trump. They must all be mentally ill. Isn't it curious? We have more people per capita locked up in mad houses than any Western European nation, and we have more shrinks per capita than they do. Something just doesn't add up. I think that these quacks are full of it 🐂💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  33. Trump is now Ayatollah Trump. I dont think Iranians will buy that but its a very fitting name. Moscow Mitch and Ayatollah Trump. Who guesses that this done right, might lead to an insanity plea if pence wont pull a Gerald Ford type pardon because even Trump by tomorrow will think that Trumps gone too far.

  34. News panels only need mental health experts, these days. You have a sociopath as a president. Americans, do something about it!

  35. Actually, trump said "abzurd", he couldn't even get that 6 letter word pronounced correctly,,,he truly is hollow, just like a jack o lantern. And just as ugly and just as orange.

  36. OMG GOP WTF!!!! They’re ALL of them in a basket, overflowing and in tatters …. I’m Shattered! What does it matter shadoobee shattered shattered…huh! Shadoobee shattered shattered

  37. Trump said 'I' when claiming glory about the economy etc, but it was the 'US' that he claimed to being insulted by Denmark. He made a point that the terrible word 'absurd' was not about him but about the nation.
    This guy is mad, selfish, greedy, narcissistic, and very dangerous.
    It's actually shocking to see fox and others defend the Greenland debacle, I mean they didn't do a good job of it. But the fact they tried just shows how far they will go for Trump. It's basically stupid.

  38. Individual 1's followers consider his weaknesses strengths. His ignorance is independent thinking, his arrogance is confidence, his delusions are clarity, and his lies are strategic. The red hats are symbolic of the their devotion, and willingness to betray our country just to harm their perceived enemies, as defined by the demented messiah they worship.

  39. Trump is 100% going to claim all the bat💩 crazy things he said as "mental illness" when he is finally held to account for his actions…and he will blame african/americans, Obama and The Squad for EVERYTHING!!

  40. It feels good to be confirmed by experts.
    And at the same time its scary that he isnt just a criminal asset of a foreign power, but a psychopath with all that power at his command.

  41. Remember all those tyrants in history that people where scared to challenge? There you go. Trump was born in the wrong century. 🤷‍♂️

  42. Trump is the typical school yard bully, he's got his group of followers and hangers on who think he can do anything. The thing with bullies if you walk up and kick then in the balls they quickly come down to your level.

  43. I have to laugh at single things trumplicans try to praise him for, the deficit is being monumentally grown under trump close to a trillion a month soon, hes not able to run anything successfully never has hes lost more money in business than maybe anyone ever

  44. Trump is relentless in his lying and working hard to make himself look good. Imagine if we had a President who is this relentless to unite us and who works this hard for bottom 90% .

  45. Trump is planting his insanity defense to avoid going to prison after he leaves office if hes sane enough for republicans now then hes sane enough for prison later.

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