100 thoughts on “Reporter’s Confrontation at Ukrainian Checkpoint: Russian Roulette in Ukraine”

  1. Just a bad movie. There were not Russians. Only actors in Ukrainian police jacket «мiлiция»😂😂😂

  2. If you carefully look at 5:24 in this video; there is a masked guy on the right of the video. He is trying to deliberately hide his height, and size. He also has the only red handled shovel..He is Spetsnaz. Notice his exact twin at the Russian checkpoint. These guys are from the elite units that at one time protected the Czars. I think they are Cossacks? They are known for their immense size and stature…As I slowed the video and saw both in stills; they seem to be twins…Clearly, they are from the same region. I wonder why at 5:24 he is the only one that is masked, no helmet, and an obviously red Russian shovel…I believe he is a spy or infiltrator doing work for the Russians in the Ukraine..These guys are hardcore..You may have been compromised before you even went to the Russian side…The masked guy is your key…In the video he is definitely trying to avoid your cameras..

  3. American press are pigs, and don't even understand what is really going on. Especially VICE. Years later you see that Russia is right. You lose.

  4. Damn the russians look threatening. Its a good thing theres an equal opponent in USA otherwise our whole world would be Russia

  5. It’s because Simon is a fascist brandera provocateur lolol jk I was just filling in what a drunk drug addict Russian separatist usually says in these vice dispatches.

  6. You morons slander the Russians and yet get attacked and beaten by the Ukranians . That's how Nazis say thank you for your media support .LOL

  7. Just so you understand that " Russian soldier " is dressed in old Ukrainian police uniform.
    Ohh, and yeah, Russians soldiers doesn't wearing Ukrainian spetsnaz patches.
    You can see it very good at 8:32

  8. The Ukrainian Forces major with his troops protect and fight what is deeply believed in; and he has, it seems, Russian blood; he seems honorable.

    The 'other guys' are over 15 kilometers away and believe in their own Russian esque type beliefs.

    Watch the video and see the different styles of press interaction and identification checks.

    The 'other guys' could've had an honorable press interview, showed them around and not given up any security issues; let's acknowledge a fact, both sides know how to operate a check point. A missed press and propaganda opportunity for the 'other guys'.

    A serving army lieutenant colonel aligned with neither side; and I'm only an observer.

    No disrespect to either side. Absolutely unfortunate.

    And think, about 75 years ago, the enemy was composed of Germans.

    Times are different, but 'conflicts' don't change; the 'Devil's playground.' Keith

  9. And after 5 years u can go fck ur self… Hehehe Putin did what it wanted… Hehehe Ukraine got maidan & Russia Crimea… Hehehe… Y u speak Russian bcs half Ukraine prefer Russian

  10. Because u r an American, so u r never guilty. But Russians always, Read American history whole america was invaded by European. And today American teaching lessons that invasion is bad thing LOL.

  11. Very anti Russian narrative. No appreciation of who these people are and how US are manipulating Ukraine politics to try and undermine Russia

  12. I have so much respect for these guys. I wish I had the guts these reporters had. I cannot believe how close to death they may have come and the hard questions this reporter isn’t afraid to ask I’m just dumbfounded how much heart these guys have. Russia I cannot believe they way they act compared to the Ukraine, I feel horrinot for the people who are being killed and are going to be killed. This earth is crazy and I just don’t understand why people that have opposing views just cannot seem to co exist. I love Vice news thank you for opening up my eyes to what is happening

  13. I live in Denmark

    And from the look of this video an many many others – ONE could think that —

    Truly there is an invasion going on – from Russia up thru Ukraine and the west to the rest of Europe and with his best friend erdogan and his killer dogs from the middle east
    , invading from south and up

    Boom we have a new world – that can hold against USA

  14. Ukraine Soldier: Hey How are you? Oh! you wanna check out our armoured car? Sure!
    Russia Soldier: Show me your ID!!!!!! Cyka Blyatttttt!!!!

  15. Neighbors can b arrogant to step inside like Indian SSBs shamelessly trespassing main land Nepal. Such a shame n premature act by Indian government ,they r crushing Nepalese land every single hour. Bt we want peace.

  16. PART 1 OF 2
    There are many regions of the world which, if given the choice would vote to separate. but guess what?

    THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT OR LEGAL Crimea was annexed by Russia in 1783, by Catherine the great so Russia got free access to warm water ports and the black sea…How did Catherine the great and her evil empire Russia conduct itself in its evil the take over of Crimea ??

    Well, let's look at the history of that shale we?

    STEP 1. In 1783 Catherine the great start with a Tartar GENOCIDE ON THE REAL CRIMEAN PEOPLE THAT WAS LIVING THEIR AT THE TIME THE TARTARS and other populations like the Ukrainian and then after that evil act was done then Russia claimed Crimea was Russian.

    STEP 2. In 1944 Stalin accelerate the process kicking out and killing the rest that was left of the population 200,000 Tatars in just 3 days and filled Crimea with even more Russians, that does not make it Russia either.

    Crimea is Ukrainian and today's tartars (Turkic ethnic group the Crimean Tatars tartars the true owners of Crimea) wish to stay with Ukraine … The whole World sees it that way, that is why Russia has sanctions right now.

    The underlying premise of Vladimir Putin’s seizure of Crimea is false:

    Crimea has not been part of Russia from time immemorial. Instead, it has had a complex history, one in which Russia’s role has been remarkably brief.

    As a result, it is important that the future of the peninsula be decided by the people of Crimea itself rather than by Moscow.

    If Crimea was “always” Russian as Putin insists, such an “injustice should have been corrected,”, but it should have been done via referendum without the introduction of Russian military force as in the case of Scotland in Great Britain or Catalonia in Spain.

    But a legal democratic election is not what happened in Crimea !. as in Crimea what happen was that we saw that Russian military force was standing over the voting box with fully armed AK 47s when people went to vote that is what happened in Crimea !.


    1. The Geneva Convention.
    2. Charter of the United Nations
    3. The Helsinki Accords
    4. The Charter of the OSCE
    5. Budapest Memorandum of 1994
    6. Two Russia, Ukraine friendship treaties
    7. International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination
    8. European Court of Human Rights


    NO international Observers were in Crimea the OSCE and UN had said the referendum (That Russia did in Crimea ) was illegal and in total absence of all legal rights of the people…

    On March 11, the OSCE chair, Switzerland's Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter, declared the referendum as unconstitutional the OSCE had no observers. OSCE military observers attempted to enter the region four times but were turned away, sometimes after warning shots were fired, which was another reason given for not dispatching referendum observers OSCE also published a report about their observations which "produced significant evidence of equipment consistent with the presence of Russian Federation military personnel in the vicinity of the various roadblocks encountered»

    And even if the false lies about ethnic Russians was being treated unjustly be Kiev, and that was to be found to have been true and that there was a genocide done to ethnic Russians there, (like fake news from Moscow claimed ) the United Nations rules about the right of peoples to self-determination under threat of disappearance might have been applied,. “But there was no genocide in Crimea while it was part of Ukraine.”

    (However one can argue that a genocide is going on right to the Local Tatar that is now disappearing in the middle of the night now once more by the hand of Russia Inprilisem and evil acts of suppression )

    That has forced the Russian side to rely on three other arguments:

    1, “Crimea was always Russian,” “

    2, Crimea has been covered with Russian blood in many wars,”

    3, “Crimea was handed over to Ukraine illegally.”

    All of those, argues, collapse upon even the most superficial examination.

    So let us take a look The Kremlinsfalse statements and arguments ..

    In antiquity and the medieval period, the Crimean peninsula was controlled by many states and populated by many peoples. Russia and Russians weren’t among them because neither a Russian state nor a Russian nation existed, historians have pointed out. It only became part of the Russian world in April 1783 when it was seized in a bloody war instigated by Russia.

    As a result of that occupation, the population of the peninsula declined by a factor of five, and many of the Muslims who remained were forcibly converted to Christianity. Indeed, until the 1930s, many Muslims urged their children to protect Christian cemeteries there because their own ancestors had been buried in them.

    Over the course of the century of Russian rule from Catherine II to Alexander II, about 900,000 Muslims left Crimea. In their place arrived Christians from the Ottoman Empire – Greeks, Bulgarians and Armenians and Germans from Russia, Germany, and Austro-Hungary, Zubov continues.

    As a result, the share of Tatars in the Crimean population fell dramatically: from 87.6 percent in 1795 to 35.6 percent in 1897 and to 19.4 percent in 1939.

    But even if Crimea was absorbed by the Russian Empire, one must keep in mind, that “the Russian Empire of the 17th to 19th centuries and present-day Russia are not one and the same state.”

    The former included many peoples, “and present-day Russia can hardly pretend to any lands only on the basis that sometimes they were part of the Romanov empire.”

    AND LET IS NOT FORGET !! The Bolsheviks rejected the notion that they were the successors of the Russian Empire!.

    The Bolsheviks insisted that “they were building a new state of workers and peasants,” and once in power, “they changed the borders among these states many times,” taking land from one and giving it to another, including the transfer of Crimea from the RSFSR to Ukraine in 1954.

    Moreover, regardless of how the transfer was carried out, the Russian Federation expressly accepted Ukraine’s 1991 borders both in the December 1991 Belovezhskaya Pushcha accords (the agreements that precipitated and codified the dissolution of the Soviet Union) and in the December 1994 Budapest Memorandum that finalized Ukraine’s status as a non-nuclear weapons state.

    But what is important here is this: “however conditional [these administrative borders] were in the USSR, after the disintegration of the USSR, they were confirmed by international agreements” and by the declarations of the countries which emerged, including the Russian Federation.

    As far as time of control is concerned, the Ottoman Empire controlled Crimea for three centuries, the Russian Empire for 134 years, the RSFSR and the Russian Federation which has declared itself that entity’s successor 34 years, and “the Ukrainian SSR and present-day Ukraine 60 years (from 1954 to 2014).”

    Moreover, the Russian, during the Soviet period, “a multitude of crimes were committed against the indigenous Crimean Tatar and all other peoples of the peninsula including Russians.” Some 60,000 died in battles at the end of the Russian Civil War, and another 80,000 died in the succeeding famine.

    Russia evil acts of Collectivization and forced deportation had an additional and horrific impact. In August 1941, 63,000 Germans were expelled, in January-February 1942 700 Italians, and in 1944, 191,000 Crimean Tatars, 15,040 Greeks, 12,242 Bulgarians, 9600 Armenians, and 3650 Turks and Persians were deported. Many died in the process.

    That reduced the population of Crimea by two-thirds, and the places left vacant were then filled by Soviet war veterans, NKVD officers, and political workers.

    As a result, “the composition of the population of Crimea was dramatically changed.” Only in the 1980s did the Crimean Tatars have a chance to begin to return.

    “And now,” Russia says, “’Crimea is ours,’” it belongs to Russia this is a declaration that not only is without historical justification but one that has led to the horrific war in Ukraine and the international isolation of Russia.

    1996 Ukrainian constitution stipulated that Crimea would have autonomous republic status, but insisted that Crimean legislation must be in keeping with that of Ukraine.

    Crimea has its own parliament and government with powers over agriculture, public infrastructure, and tourism.

    The Crimean Tatars have their own unofficial parliament, the Mejlis, which states its purpose as being to promote the rights and interests of the Crimean Tatars.

    On a side note: If Crimea was always seen by Russia as Russian agree to pay money to the owner (Kiev ) for the renting of the port of Sevastopol to house a Russian naval base there

    “Is there a way out? ” Yes, But that will require giving up claims to what is today Ukrainian land an returning that land back to Ukraine that is today's rightful owners the Ukrainian stated that is today's Ukraine.

  17. a good lesson for you fucking journalist rats to sneak everywhere, you better save your ass by mind your fucking business

  18. Russia is NOT a free country. It is a socialist country, that's what people should keep in mind.Also, the train between Russia and Ukraine is no more

  19. If I just randomly showed up somewhere and set up an illegitimate "checkpoint" just because I like that region's local politics, here in the US, they would send me to a mental institute (as well they should)! 😂

  20. Is it just a coincidence that I am typically a whisky drinker, but just so happen to have discovered this series on a night when I just so happen to be drinking vodka..? 😄👍

  21. Vice. Even in Russia their crew is dumb. When asked for ID by Soldiers in full military gear at a checkpoint, just give it to them. Do not turn your back and just start to run off after recording them and their checkpoint.

  22. the oficer told and cameraman to present ID. . and cameraman do what ?? do nathing .. soo dont blame the reaction..is war zone , not dinay land

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