Jones, where have you been since morning?
– I had an interview to attend. What happened there?
– Like always, got rejected. What is he upto? Well, he is hitting on our neighbour Somalingam’s
second wife’s third daughter. So, it is with her he is talking.
– So, he too has a girlfriend now? Screw him! – Is it a girl calling?
– I wish! Who is it then?
– The customer care guy. He wants me to recharge my talktime. Bro, buy a new phone. Girls fall for good clothes
and good phones. This is why you never had a girlfriend. Not all girls are like that. Some girls only look
for a good heart. Don’t know about girls but my phones tolerates my temper. Also, I’m not well off enough
to either have a smartphone or a girlfriend. Anyways, I’ve a meeting with a guy now. Oh, damn!
I’ll order something after he arrives. Hello? I’ve arrived ages ago, bro.
Hurry up! You aren’t coming?
This guy always does that. Hi!
– H-Hi. Looking for any address? – Yes. Sure. What address do you want?
– I want your address. – What do you mean? W-Well, I love you.
– Is this a prank video? Where is the camera? Come on! I look like someone
who makes prank videos? I seriously love you. Okay, this is how I want to propose
to my boyfriend. You think this much will do? So, you didn’t mean anything that you said?
– Sorry, but no. I was only practising proposing to my boyfriend. Yes, you are doing good.
– Thank you. My driver is waiting, I’ll leave now. ‘Why did she even come here?
Something is fishy.’ This bike always breaks down. Hi, Jones!
– ‘How does she know my name?’ How come you’re here?
– This is my friend’s bike. It broke down, so.. Did you propose to your boyfriend?
– I did, but he didn’t respond. Wonder if I did well? No, you did well while proposing.
– Is it? Then why didn’t you respond? I didn’t respond?
– Yeah! I proposed to you that day. But, midway, I got scared. So I lied to you.
– Perhaps you think I’m a well off guy to visit that restaurant. I was only waiting there for a friend who promised work.
– Yes, I do know you don’t have a job now and that you aren’t well off
and that you only have Rs. 75 on you. And you still love me?
– Yeah. People desire a lot from their lives but you like life the way it is.
A person like you will find happiness even in grim times. I find that a very good quality.
– How do you know all this about me? – Well.. Congrats. Jones! You’ve been selected.
– Thank you, sir. – But, there will be a few restrictions. Like what?
– You’ve to login on time, but logout only when we let you. Also, if there is any error in the project,
money will be deducted from your salary. I’m sorry, sir. I don’t want to work here.
– Why not? – You aren’t looking for a employee you want a slave. I can’t work like a slave.
– Don’t you know the demand for this job? I don’t desire a lot from life. I like it the way it is.
I can be happy with minimal things. So, I don’t need this job. What happened in there? What were you doing there?
– I own that company. I’m sorry if I was a little blunt about your firm.
– No, you were only being honest. Anyways, will you go out
on a date with me? Such a rich girl asked you out for a date?
Did you shop? – What for? What for? Because you’re going out on a date.
– Do I have to shop to go on a date? Forget it. Here take my phone instead of your stupid one.
– Also, wear my watch. But, is it so important?
– It is as you’re going on a date with a rich girlfriend. I don’t want these phones or watches.
I’ll be myself. I want a girl who likes me for what I am and not a girl who likes my phones and watches. ‘This place looks too rich.’ How much does that phone cost?
– Rs. 1 lakh. – What! Why do you ask?
– With that money, I’d have bought a bike and a phone. Nice. Eat up.
What about my proposal? Well, I do like you.
– Then why are you so formal with me? Do you know about the life in hood?
I don’t think you’ve ever even been to a hood. You belong to a totally different class.
I was born and brought up in the hoods. You’ve know idea
how bad our lives are. A relation between a rich girl
and a poor boy won’t work out in real life. Classes don’t determine love.
I love the way you are. ‘Hi, Jones! What’s up?’
– You tell me. – ‘Shall we go on a ride in my car?’ Why always go in a car? I’ll get
my friend’s bike and we’ll go on that. This one broke down again? What’s the matter?
– The bike broke down. It doesn’t seem to start. My friend’s bike always causes trouble.
I didn’t have any other vehicle to get. Alright, let’s book a cab.
– Why a cab? Did you ever get into an auto? Then, let’s hire a share auto.
I’ll deal with this bike later. Isn’t the auto full already? If you ever make me try bike or auto rides, you’ll be dead.
– Hey, Manika.. Man, it back fired. Unlock the car. Hey, you! Are you Jones?
– Yes. Who are you? I heard you’re hanging out with Manika.
– Who are you guys? – I’m her cousin. Are you in love with her?
– How did she even fall for a slumdog like you? I’m her future husband. So, forget her.
– I’ll forget her only if Manika asks me to. How dare you.. This is what happens if you fall for rich girls.
– How did you even think she fell for you? Don’t blame her. It is only her cousin.
– Never trust these rich people. If I spot that guy, I’ll kill him for you.
– Jones, someone is here to meet you. Hey! How come you are here?
– Sorry, Jones! My cousin is a real jerk. Yeah, but still, why are you here?
– I left home. My parents want me to marry that jerk. I can’t live without you, Jones.
– Can you live without your rich lifestyle? I want a life with you, not a rich life.
– You think you can live in this hood? I can live wherever you are. Let me take your bag. But, I don’t even have a job.
– We can start a business. I don’t even have any capital.
– But I have. – I don’t want your father’s money. It isn’t my dad’s money. If I sell my phone,
we can lease an auto. Won’t you mind if your husband rides auto?
– Of course, not! I bought you something.
– What is it. These are so nice!
– Let me show you around the hood. My friend’s stay there.
And this lady observes everything that happens here. Anyways, you will be driving an auto?
– I was only kidding. I landed a job in Tamada Media.
I’ll be paid Rs. 30,000 a month. That much will do! Hey, guys! I hope you liked this video.
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