100 thoughts on “Ripping Two Story House Fire (with radio traffic), Report of Two Victims Trapped”

  1. Anyone hear a smoke detector going off? ADT doing a really good job, they sure enough have their signs all over the place showing off, had they a real system, fire department would of been they way before it got out of hand like that.

  2. Thank you for the VID. It takes some guts to put yourself out there like this, much respect. Every incident reveals what we need to work on. A lot of value here. I appreciate you letting me learn from one of your responses. I hope to see more in the future. "Its not the critic who counts, its not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds can do better…."All the best to Engine Company 30.

  3. Good job boys.
    p.s – life is precious and cars are of the least concern. they explode, but only in the movies.

  4. Near where I live, in 1999, 6 firefighters went inside an old warehouse that was burning. The firefighters couldn't see in the unlit, smoke-filled building, but they were searching for 2 possible squatters. They didn't have thermal imaging equipment. They became lost in the warehouse and died.

  5. you have no idea how much respect i gained from that helmet camera video, of course i thought you could see bad there, but blind thats like wow; if they get trapped trying to help someone, this seems really dangerous, good that there are still people doing this 🙂

  6. I cannot believe that the occupants simply left the area without letting the firefighters know that everyone was safely out. It put the crews at additional risk and slowed them down from dealing with the fire.

  7. Thank the lord they made it out but people need to let the firemen no they got out ok so they don't have to risk their lives unnecessarily to have to go in fires like that!

  8. And this is a great, on-scene illustration of the top priority of any firefighting team: The protection of the lives of the public. There's a crapton of armchair firefighters in any YouTube fire video thread, and this is the best rebuttal I can think of to all of them.

    Also a great illustration of an internal fight vs. a standoff fight – hose teams trying to keep the fire from further involving the structure while the search is carried out. You don't see much from the outside, but inside it's a furious battle against time.

  9. Very sad loss, the firefighter's risk their live's every day. The most respect to them, Back The Blue, and The RED. Stay safe HERO'S


  11. Man being inside the house with the smoke making it look pitch black would drive me insane. I got oxygen but still. I don't even think a flashlight would help.

  12. The FF with the helmet cam used half his cylinder before he got inside. Clip your regulator in right before entry man, dang. Other than that small pet peeve, AWESOME JOB!

  13. rugged k9 i dont think they were too worried about the carpet the house is burning im a firefighter and they did great those who think different dont know what we do

  14. I was in a building fire once…
    I thought it was going to be funny(for some reason I thought that way)
    My sister and me were inside our apartment while we heard firefighters outside, and because we lived in the Bronx it was usual to happen but our family members started calling us and saying if we were out of the building, but we were still inside…

  15. Wow, I know a lot of fire fighters, first-class people by the way, but that part about the occupants exiting the house before the first units were on scene and not saying anything. Hell no. Those fire fighters were so close to getting killed, the those piece of $%#@ people did not have the courtesy to speak up, oh it should have been a serious ass-kicking party. We have some really dumb-ass people running around. How hard could it have been to just walk up to any fire fighter and tell them everyone is out? Common sense is now uncommon sense.

  16. Next time someone is bitching about a fire truck parked in the parking lot of a supermarket while the firefighters are inside buying food and not back at the station, keep in mind this video and how it could be your house. Whether it be the fire station or supermarket, they are still available to respond right away!

  17. Hate to arm chair quarterback, but the visible fire should have been knocked down before entering the structure. Fire wall between the home and garage would have slowed fire involvement. Public perception was being conveyed by bystanders videoing.

  18. Holy shit! Guys got balls to go in even tough they can't see shit. Nothing but respect to them. I can only imagine how worse the situation was for the firefighters on 9/11

  19. These guys did a great job. It is impossible to see in a smoke filled room. Again to bad the owners didn't tell the fire fighters they were out.

  20. Would night vision have helped.? if so, why doesn't EVERY fire company have them.?  Both for the rescue of residents but for the safety of these BRAVE firefighters.

  21. Instead of speaking your damn native language and filming everything, why didn't you try and do something to help your neighbors? TYPICAL! THUMBS DOWN! Next time, do something to help someone.

  22. I just want to say THANK YOU! to all the fire fighters everywhere💖💞💖💕💓❤💗

  23. You know you're going in to do a primary but you pop your regulator in before you even leave the apparatus? There's only so much air in your bottle. I'd waited until I'm almost making entry before I start using up my supply.

  24. How do you just leave your house while it’s on fire and not let anyone know? Unless….*fill in the blanks.*

  25. I'm a massage therapist & I have a lot of firefighters as clients. They come to me with mostly low back pain or sciatic nerve pain from carrying around all that heavy equipment & the odd situations they find themselves in during rescues. I'm glad I can do something to help make them feel better. If it were up to me I'd give firefighters, nurses, cops, etc, a discount but I work for a chiropractor & she sets the prices. They aren't bad though. $45 for an HR & $25 for 30 min. Cheapest prices where I live. Some insurances will cover massage.
    Anyways, I always hear interesting stories when they come in. What they tell me never leaves the room though. Some want to relax & stay quiet while others need to get things off their chest. Part of my job sometimes is just being a good listener. God bless those men & women.

  26. My respects to all Fire Fighters no matter where your from. You guys deserve to get paid more than you probably get.

  27. To the guy who kept saying the BMW was going to explode… Yea they dont explode in real life. Hollywood is full of BS. The gas cap is made of plastic and will melt and thus vent the tank well before a BLEVE can occur.

  28. Shouldn't someone have told the fire fighters that the occupants were out? They put themselves at great risk performing those searches.

  29. The firefighters that actually fight fires are so fucking brave! That shit is crazy!! I have a few friends that work for the fire department and never get called to do shit and they get paid to lay around all day with 3-4 day weekends. These guys that actually fight these crazy fires deserver props for sure!!!

  30. I wanna thank them also bc where i live the firefighters saved me from a burning house they even but oxygen in my body bc i couldn't breathe

  31. My only complaint is the firefighter going on air while pulling up to the scene, just wait till you're at the door. Every ounce of air matters brother

  32. As I’ve said on an earlier post, my helmet cam would show the driveway and some shrubbery and then a bunch of trees as I ran away from the fire. Total respect for the best and bravest people ever.

  33. The firefighters putting their lives on risk to save someone else's life and people don't show up and say they're ok. Why would you leave without saying you're fine? Someone could lose the life to save yours motherfucker!

  34. in case you don't know, you do not have to block out any bystanders faces. us supreme court has ruled on this many times since 2009.

  35. Fire fighting like any other job requires the use of Common Sense and Logic and a strong and Responsible Work Ethic.

    1:00 The engine with a full on board water tank stops at the end on the driveway. The driver activates the pump while one FFer mans the Deck Gun. Another FFer grabs a booster line to mop up what the DG doesn't have a line of site on. By 2:00 the garage fire is out and the house, possessions and any occupants are protected.

    Go look where they are at 2:00. The garage possibly containing containers of flammable liquids is still raging even through many lines have been pulled.

    2:15 By opening the front door, they have created a pressure release location that will draw any fire that got inside, through the house to that location.

    13:00 I don't know how this video was edited but they Waited until they had gone inside and up to the second floor before witting the garage with the Second unit on site instead of eliminating the threat with the First unit.

    Why not put the fire out before an entry team can even get the front door open? Do you have any idea how long it takes to get fully dressed, drag and flake out a hose, assemble an entry team and get the door open? Then you have to crawl and trip around an unfamiliar smoke and heat filled house in complete blindness to find a fire you just walked past outside.

    Now, be an adult and tell me where and why my approach isn't the Fastest and Safest way to eliminate the threat and protect lives and property.

  36. Am I being naive or would it have helped IMMENSELY if the occupants had stuck around to tell the crews they were safe and prevent them from having to search and waste time.

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