[SOLEMN MUSIC]>>Olivia Hauck: ISIL uses fear to motivate.
And we just thought if we put a counter narrative online to what ISIL is putting out that we
could at least provide that platform for individuals to come seek out different aspects of
the education that would help people become more informed. Education is power and that’s
what we believed right from the beginning.>>Jessica Kellner: Our campaign is called
“It’s Time: ExOut.” I think we really created a really great platform and it’s been very
powerful to watch it grow. [MUSIC]>>Syrian refugee: I’m very happy I get the
chance to study again and build my future again.>>Olivia: We feel like the man part of challenging
extremism is to expose those that it’s harming – expose the victims. People can really see
what this is doing.>>Jessica: That was really powerful to see
that we were able to help these people and tell their story and really get a feel for
what’s happening and share that with others. [MUSIC]>>Kailun Jiang: When we know we’re the only
one team from the United States, we got really excited because that means we made it. And
we’re going to represent not only RIT, we also represent the team from the United States. [MUSIC]

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