-Your daughter is — I saw she’s getting very
involved in politics. -Yeah, Romy, Romy.
She’s an amazing — She’s so talented. I mean, at age 20 years old,
I mean she writes, she — great photographer, artist. She wrote
a whole screenplay by herself. -Fantastic. -And eight episodes
of a half-hour show. She’s absolutely incredible.
-At 20 years old? -At 20 years old.
And I’m — I’ve basically — Now she’s, you know, into pol– She tweets,
and great tweets and stuff. Follow her on Twitter. -What is she talking about
for politics? -Well, I mean, you know,
what is she talking about? She’s talking about
what we’re all talking about. This nightmare that we haven’t
woken up from! [ Cheers and applause ] It’s just —
It’s unbelievable. Every day, it’s just
an avalanche of horror. [ Laughter ] -What is her solution?
What does she say? -Well, what’s the solution? All you can do
is keep your eye on the ball. I mean, the whole thing is that, we have
to hold this guy accountable. We have to get the truth out. [ Cheers and applause ] -And we got to vote. -And it’s getting harder,
you know? It’s getting so much harder now. Because it used to be
that the mainstream media would at least challenge
the administration, try to get the truth out. But now you’ve got, like,
two mainstream medias. You’ve got, you know,
the “Washington Post,” “New York Times,”
and all of the TV shows. But then you also
have Fox and Sinclair and Breitbart and Alex Jones. And so they’re,
like, opposite narratives. And how do you break through? You know, and what’s true? And people are having
a really hard time. -Yeah.
-And then, we’re under attack. The media’s under attack. They call it
the enemy of the people. I don’t know if you saw
what happened today, but a guy went in there to,
you know, a newspaper office in Maryland
and started shooting people. I mean, so, we don’t know
where this came from. But, you know,
we’ve seen Trump say, “They’re the enemy
of the people.” You know, “They’re fake news.” And so, these are
the pillars of democracy that have to hold us up, and right now,
they’re being challenged. And that’s why I did
“Shock and Awe,” because it’s all about holding
the administration accountable. There’s about four journalists
from Knight Ridder News in the run-up
to the war in Iraq, and they basically
got it all right. But they were buried
because nobody believed them, because they were
buying the company line, which was the Bush
administration. -And to go to Iraq
because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. -Yeah. Supposedly, he had
weapons of mass destruction, supposedly he had
something to do with 9/11. All these things were lies. And administrations
always use propaganda to sell, you know, a policy
or a rationale to go for war. But it’s always up to the
journalists to keep them honest, and that’s their job. There’s a clip in the film. And I think one of the lines
I have in there is — I don’t know
if you’re gonna show it or not, but I talk about how when
the government says something, there’s only one question
you have to ask — Is it true? And that is what
the journalists have to do. But now it’s
more difficult than ever to get to the truth
and inform the public. Because unless
the public is informed, we don’t have a chance
to hold this democracy together. So, we’re trying,
we’re fighting, and, you know,
hopefully we will, because we love this country, and we don’t want
to see it devolve. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Absolutely. -Yeah. It’s a great cast, by the way,
in “Shock and Awe.” -Yeah.
-It’s Tommy Lee Jones. -Oh, no, he’s the best.
-What? It’s unbelievable. -Yeah, yeah.
-I just love seeing him. And Woody Harrelson,
Jessica Biel, we love. We have a clip.
Here’s Rob Reiner, James Marsden,
and Woody Harrelson in Rob’s new film,
“Shock and Awe,” in theaters July 13th.
Check it out. ♪♪ -If every other
news organization wants to be stenographers
for the Bush administration, let them. We don’t write for people who
send other people’s kids to war. We write for people
whose kids get sent to war. So when the government
says something, you will only have
one question to ask — Is it true? ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Now…
-I love seeing you act, as well. -Yeah.
Now, the truth is, I wasn’t supposed
to act in this film. Alec Baldwin
was supposed to play that part, and we had actually
rearranged the schedule so he could come back on Fridays
to do “Saturday Night Live,” you know, to do Trump. And two days before
he was supposed to come, and we had been shooting
for a week with Woody Harrelson and Tommy Lee Jones, he said,
“I can’t make it.” You know,
they got a call from the agent. He says,
“I kind of have to drop out. I can’t do it.”
I said, “Oh, my God. It’s two days
before we’re shooting. I don’t know what to do.” So my wife, Michelle, who is one of the producers
on the film, she says, “Well,
why don’t you play the part?” And I — oh, I thought, I don’t like acting
and directing. It’s kind of a split focus. But then I thought,
“I’m available.” [ Laughter ] And I work cheap, you know?
So… [ Laughter ] -It’s a double whammy.
-I said I would do it. And you have to understand,
I’m playing a guy named John Walcott in the movie. So one direction
my wife gave me was, “Try to be
a little less Jewish.” [ Laughter ] So I don’t know
if I pulled that off. -You did a great job.
-I try. -You did a great job.
Rob Reiner, everybody!

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