– Russian hacking is no longer just a Cold War movie plot. U.S. officials confirmed Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential elections. According to U.S. intelligence agencies, Russian President Vladimir
Putin directed the campaign, which had three elements:
online propaganda, stealing documents and leaking them while targeting U.S.
state-election systems. The Russian disinformation
campaign sprawled over Facebook, Twitter and Google through
fake web accounts and pages shared with more than 100 million people. Russian operatives slid
posts into millions of Americans’ news feeds,
devising fictitious content targeting specific groups of voters. And millions of Americans shared it. Strategic cyber-attacks
by Russian intelligence also targeted the Democratic
National Committee, prompting its chairwoman to
resign after her stolen emails were leaked to the public. The hacked information
was released to WikiLeaks and American media reported
on it, amplifying its impact. Investigators determined
that these hacks were part of Russia’s efforts to not
just undermine confidence in the election, but to
help Donald Trump win. And it isn’t over yet. “They’re doing it as we sit here. And they expect to do it
during the next campaign.”

18 thoughts on “Russian interference in the 2020 election: why you should care | Just The FAQs”

  1. reason why we don't care is because there's literally no reason for us to, so what if its true? its would be the same as if it weren't true seeing how either way you can't prove it existed.

  2. This video is nothing but straight lies just face it the left aka you guys the media are going to stop at nothing. Hillary lost GET OVER IT!

  3. So basically, you're using disinformation to say someone else is using disinformation, that way people will believe that the information is false prior to getting the actual information.
    Yeah, totally nothing wrong with that logic…

  4. how about we talk about the context in those email.
    DNC rigged the primary for Hillary.
    Still waiting to hear who's going to trial over that?

  5. Uh like facebook and Twitter don't manipulate? Or democrats who pander to third world savages, you should all get the guillotine

  6. wow … are us-citizens really that dump … that some stupid russian-hacker can influence their voting behaviour … or … is it just another of these usual news fake (!) …

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