the author probable called losing our
religion liberal media is at pack on christianity pesky cup joins us welcome at sea taking happening no problem with your time uh… now if there’s a couple questions
for us to my understanding is that you’re actually eighty stats is that
right external frantic but you believe that the liberal
media is attacking garcia argue or lucrative rock-and-roll so
let’s get started from nor do you think is this liberal media
that is attacking christianity i mean but it is not about me yeah i don’t
agree com diagnostic i don’t believe in christianity or islam and and if they’re
fun ml aside to attack them earlier for a meal or your friend like c_b_s_ n_b_c_
new york times yeah i got i don’t actually mentioned
you and the but not all of us we’re account up again i sucking primarily i
mean i catalog probably gajanan maybe that over a hundred the print media
leptin the book but primarily to new york times c_n_n_ attendee feet now both both opinion journalists and
and reporters it that it’s a pretty up it’s a pretty hope they’ll attack on on
christian america yes we have the new york times a little
all your from them we have some scrutiny by chris and they said to us when we
just see so you must be rice upload principal listened as the adam undersea
iso educate me and how does new york times attackers yet alwar a lot of weight book and what the
report but they don’t report the way they reported uh… just to give you one example during the
gay marriage debate californians that many two-month in new york times wrote thirteen story on the protest by a gay rights
supporters for poppy thirteen stories in two months and and i think he retired now the laboratory on the violence and vandalism perpetrated against mormon mormon temple
at the famed pine not one single story on you know that that i’ve been collapse a lapse in judgment in a responsible
journalism but ncl as i see that media in a absolute frenzy over the tea party
people and covering the recovery step uh… for example a cover route on the same weekend orinda back-to-back
weekends thirty point toward us an idea rights protest that was much much larger
meteorites protest at almost no coverage at all if you party guys that now
pleaded but that is a conservative bias and sometimes i’m inclined to go in that
way or something to say you know whether it’s a little bit more of an interesting
story because of the different angles of they’re taking is is that possibility or
you think now the people the new york times got together in the side of their
integrity yeah i mean i think i think that that
was hoping to get it at the same time as the at the puppy portraits are going
on and and the new york times were thirteen story the first people aren’t perfect
opportunity and uh… not single on the part wiki party that but i will
email you if that’s the last thing that the political didn’t get enough rest of
the innocent you can’t possibly be set white background and i mean busy as a liberal media ignored the key
party for as long as papa request hoping that they would go away and the cupboards out because it is that
the liberal media hue to cover the key party vinik angry
victory alec and completely unfair way but at the time of the people ready for
tomorrow xd washington post c_n_n_ m_f_n_ defeat in your prime completely ignored the fact that
millions of people came out on a single day not over two months fingal bay he’ll acted to protect my captain them
and profit spending it at all of the things i mean not single going back incredibly irreparable if you would be if it was true his
remotely true however there are a role in tel aviv you’re going to pursue it
wasn’t millions of people was a very large progress we covered it and i’m
surprised at how large it was it was nowhere near a million lowland couple of
millions second of all airplanes sambo ninety
establishment forwarded to if c_n_n_ come and see what you guys or they just have to hand over their
studio to that the i can’t believe that we live in the same world we live in a
we’re not talking about it in a kick out of date when the party party happened
the liberal media could not covered that i think that cannot give kleptocrat
happen they completely ignored the his over there now n c i’m trying to get a sense of like what’s
goes through your head right cindy you think just understand your argument do you
think that the new york times here and so they get together peter within the
new york times billing or the you know internally or they get together
in one big room in say all right let’s let’s figure out how to be
anti-christian here does that work with some less
conspiratorial nefarious way how does it how do you think it works yeah i don’t think it’s a conspiracy
where they get together and they decide you don’t have operatively that had
recorded nor the story that they’re going to report them certain way hit the liberal media is inherently
secular and helen liberal and i think it’s a very organic reaction to christian issue than an
american christianity and take the kids where they kept collectively decide
probably without shopping etc uh… on the way that they’re going to
cover or not covered the story and i think it happened overtime not you know just one day but it’s become cell collective and
comprehensive and ubiquitous frankly hard to ignore a simple effected i don’t see it at all so far you give me
one example that way just flat out dispute your fax on but so give me more
because i i i think well i was a little media at all let alone some degree me to
do so i’d say very conservative media for example during the iraq war if u
where he has a wreck war you were literally fire if msnbc fired phil
donahue the ashleigh banfield s of interest as they did put them on air but
i’ve you look at that you say that’s a liberal media patches al sayegh wide to
tell me other example death benefit media event that brought you might be
the only one division of london set wrong at the very liberal but uniindia your collapsing over the
dispute that the comedy about what happened diplomatic and for the decade a bit with
the entire country was behind well we’re going to happen in three to go to iraq although we will end up or yeah absolutely what hotel again sit by
the majority we do our how do you have you know i mean why i was the only one
who this year with iraq why would love to have that side of things that i’d be
the only one i was right in the country in the rest of your audience but habitats letter to learn but i think
you know and i think people c_n_n_ the deep hole of the democratic party everyone what article but the decision
to keep that in three march to go to war exactly ’cause they want to say they
don’t get became acquainted market economy and at that meeting and
conservative at the time absolutely positively world message mister since then but jesse we’re giving the final they
fire phil donahue because he was too liberal wouldn’t support the war what
would you call that little up yeah incredibly p no i haven’t seen that admission we’re
talking about different tigers are so your bureau said that everybody in the
country was for the rack war but everybody in the media is liberal even
though they were for the wreck works quite so i don’t get that would seek
another example you’re what i said i don’t think that you take that back o_j_ now that you hadn’t quoting you
from decided we wanted every we’re talking to asi copper book is losing our
lives in the liberal media zantac and christianity to give me another example of this of
you know fourth row did attack that those people people have come up with
that uh… c_n_n_ or wherever you think they’re doing ivankov evil but i’m not going to have a
great example it u_s_ gated and world report on decided that in order to back their
candidate barack obama begin during his campaign of architect two month after he
collected to come up with depend that all bob
update moments one of my shoot was job i didn’t getting absent on ash
wednesday at that that had anything to deal with proper baba except go to to
show how far the media have the to find actual great moment are deprived and they want to because
they know that eighty percent of the country of christian but when
christianity is the problem for the liberal media for example therapy alone they’ll have a talking in continental
boarding with which doctor examining library book buddy it completely it’s liat and back etc etc property imbalance and totally
transparent to anyone who bothered to take a look at uh… as there was also
so your exit example of this is a war probing into christians is that they celebrated by didn’t being
catholic at one of our bond i paint moment dot
u_k_ i would pick up at bat and no that’s is vice president and second of
all that you’d be colorado although you are not limited not a hold-up resort
that as well as president the is celebrated our victory as it was
a unabomber did they talk about him being in charge yeah i’d like to talk to you when you
start talking about a all my got his here ever write read write all these in
this charge in israel on the strangest terrible church are charged and then he
gave us a call speech on repaired raise and then his uh… how it affected his
charge and this christmas you think people didn’t cover that
speech buchanan uncover that he was a question the unwilling to say warhead like i kept
that they covered it in a completely irresponsible way wanting to know sweat but looking into record right interpret
comprise intent that behaved future and have a right with
none of our business the new york times but the famine an editorial that you’re
right boxers and only one answer if you don’t want to know what it’s like i
don’t know about their faith well uh… i don’t get it you want to
cover these aggression or you don’t want to cover he’s a christian was an
isolated request a strong advocate haggerty it out there could be with they which they completely down what lady covered that he was in charge you
know i don’t know if you’d like that or don’t like that what they are not
objective about that i really don’t have to endure all united
by laying on its way through by league you know that word sacrament who owns
u_s_’s or a port is a conservative until i get so why does the paper but
i’d like r_-twelve okay so defusing concerns of white is he telling his people all do a
liberal conspiracy to help barack obama by talking or not
talking about is christianity new credit record conspirators i get i never said that there is anyone at the
top giving ordered from the from the top down i’ve never felt that people do so
but why would be worsens a were pulled by conservatives okay not a conspiracy well me what do
you call you call it just that why when they have a liberal bias if the guy who owns them is concerned what they have a liberal by a peek at
the recall they have a liberal biet because political objective they can
play christianity in conservatism and the ideological object that is q to denounce christianity in favor
of a moral relativism so he’s out of his time to deny
christianity and itself a i didn’t bring up the doctor and i hope
they don’t have anything with a video so people come into fitness don’t have a
good man art there but yet in a country that you
say is overwhelmingly christian teachings and his business sense to be a
desperate i don’t play it overwhelmingly
questioned it it overall immigration that okay but why would he make their
businesses none of this makes any sense by-sa living in the third opportunity give me one more example of how the
media is so yes christians in the way that they cover more don’t
cover go ahead un well interestingly that there could
be a comparison that way queued up in fact i think it was q movies came out of around it came time
one whit that the chronicles of narnia the language in the work of the few blew
it ste christian allegory for children and before i came out the liberal media
prime inadequately washing about while berenger vec about how the overtly
christian di we’re going to be marketed and will there be an audience so question they gave it battle unit before he came
out norton could completely against it mala came out a quick number thirty two
and a cop all-time groping film ape act you know when they did that happen
about but the for weeks at a time it very very well under figure another movie philip holman
golden contact with you completely without warning came out and the poor kid the liberal
media way holy on the plight of the movie they work that they hadn’t read it
didn’t matter if they were all for it was going to revolutionize brown knew
what i came out and i think the second-biggest barton that part of the
year nobody thought that movie cricket bat the liberal media department but that the christian country christian
go to the movies christians we need quick and watch television and beat you
kind of film get england a popular at the liberal media
always behind before i got that and see there was a wonderful surface i’d love
to get some specifics of it because uh… i don’t think i could give you
expr i don’t think so appealingly was set up
for it hope you can read that both the of their own so listen home i know movie reviews day review movies
after they watch them this year’s hangup that’s awesome she gave no fax on that wish for new
york before watching the chronicles of narnia said it was terrible and before watching golden compass the
review or said it was great no there’s no such reviewer he just as all liberal media they love golden thomas david crockett
grew out of the money based on what face i nothing ’cause it’s not true it
doesn’t exist that’s why when i actually bhaskar for specific sonnet dot gotta go gotta go made me a reviewer show me your review its disputes not true is whatever the
fetus that her book as i never will more plug sarah keyes as the cup it’s losing our religion liberal media is attacker christianity if you think you made a good case for youngster

97 thoughts on “S.E. Cupp Vs. TYT: Anti-Christian Liberal Media Bias?”

  1. Cupp describes herself as an atheist but consistently states that she's open to theism, and "really aspires to be a person of faith some day." according to wiki's summary of her. atheist? not even close. 

  2. @10:17 Cenk, she wants them to cover that he's a christian but with rose colored glasses. any negative angles should be ignored. that's her ass backwards point of view. you know… that old, typical atheist platform that says that christianity should be held as prized. oh… wait… 

  3. @13:41 hahaha!! priceless!! she's all 'he doesnt agree with me and is calling me out on not actually giving facts… fuck it, im outta here' *click* ah… fuckin great!! 

  4. The reason you only have 56K subscribers is that you aren't honest – this is the internet and people can see through your BS – you're using old world tactics – freedom prevails online.

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  7. I quit watching them as much when TYT stated "Christians caused ww2, the holocaust!, and so many false CRAZY statements on one of his show. He said Christians have killed more people than any other religion. How stupid when extreme Muslims are killing more people on a daily basis than any other religion. He def attacks Christians than any other belief and when it's false it proofs his hate for them. People fear things they do not understand and attack what they fear. What a jack ass!

  8. I am surprised she lasted that long. She's got nothing. She is so hot though. Oh and The Golden Compass made $370 million at the box office. The film was criticized by Humanists for downplaying the anti-religious themes.

  9. This video was great. I couldn't help but laugh at the condescension from Cenk. I don't normally like when journalists act this way but SE Cupp deserves to be treated like a fool. When she's interviewed legitimately or given time on Real Time with Bill Maher, etc., all it does is give her and her ideas a legitimacy they don't deserve.

  10. Fast talking lawyer, the clown. He also was not born in this country. He's from Turkey and likes to talk racism between white and black Americans, which is quite amusing, seeing how he's not white or black.

  11. Also…. talking about the reviews for Narnia coming out "ahead of the movie"…. she has NO FUCKING CLUE how critics review movies!  They always see the movie before they come out, so they can say if it's shitty or not.  And if they don't see the movie, they can't talk about it!  You'd be able to tell if they were full of shit or not, if they talk don't talk about things in the actual movie.  So dumb.

  12. The Iraq War was not "Conservative". It was internationalist expansionist, whilst Conservatism tends to be localist and "isolationist".

    To suggest that the media is not liberal-biased is dishonest. Are there conservative elements in the media? Certainly, but the vast majority are internationalist and socially liberal.

    But then Liberals tend to be relativists, so we should not expect them to value honesty and truth.

  13. S.E Cupp is the only human being I have ever encountered that creates a vitriol reaction every time I hear her voice or see her face. I dont know why, I can take some guesses from her lack of understanding of reality, her complete lack of self awareness or her ability to pretend to be a utter moron when she clearly has some use of her brain.

  14. S.E .Cupp is not an atheist. There is no way in hell an atheist thinks America, or their media, is anti christian. I really dislike that woman.

  15. Obviously some players in conservative media paid S.E. to write this book and take this stance. They think, "Well, she's an atheist. So if she says Christianity is under attack they'll take her seriously."

  16. If S.E. Cupp is an Atheist, why does she even care about anti-Christian Liberal Media Bias in the first place? This woman is a pathological liar and a sociopath just like the majority of Conservatives in the U.S.

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    Library books, it wouldn't get talked about.

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    "Critics Consensus: Without the bite or the controversy of the source material, The Golden Compass is reduced to impressive visuals overcompensating for lax storytelling."

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    Dumb bitch

  25. I wouldn't count TYT as part of the liberal media, because TYT doesn't count as a real news program. It's just a bunch of irrelevent douchebags doing some cheap, makeshift garbage, and trying deperately to pass themselves off as a real newsteam. These people are an emberassment to real journalism. They need to find something better to do with their lives, besides just deperately trying to be hip and relevent.

  26. I'm glad there's bias, just like we are biased against racists.
    Christianity? Islam? As far as any religion goes, get rid of it. If anything the media is being too easy on this destructive, regressive force.

  27. One thing I dislike liberals, coming from a guy who has liberal tendencies, I hate how many just laugh at their debater when the term conspiracy comes up. At least honour the idea, the government has done alot of bs.

  28. Cenk is pathetically stupid. I mean that, not as an insult, but as a factual conclusion, based on careful analysis.

  29. Cenk was the only one against the war in Iraq…..right. There wasn't 250,000 people with me in San Francisco in 2002/2003, protesting daily against going to war, there weren't demonstrations all over the country against going to war….right.

  30. "The liberal media is inherently secular and inherently liberal…" Conservative thinking has degenerated into a tautology.

  31. Cupp`s claim to being an athiest is pure bs. She uses that ruse to get her pro religious views out. She is a full of shit conservative hack who fucked her way into the media !!

  32. She is the only atheist that hope one day to belive in God. Watch her video, Our atheist are better than yours.

  33. She is the only atheist that hope one day to belive in God. Watch her video, Our atheist are better than yours.

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  35. Based on what I remember from 2005, there was No Controversy whatsoever when Chronicles of Narnia came out, in the media, my community or otherwise. In fact it was something everyone looked forward to. Granted I was 15.
    However I Do recall a HUGE conservative uproar over the Golden Compass precisely because of its Agnostic allegories. So, what the fuck is she talking about…!? She's just as out of touch as she claims the "liberal media" is

  36. This woman is the worst kind of scum. She plays a fake atheist on Fox News and her role is to be the token atheist who bashes atheists.

  37. I'm not going to be bias here. Cenk you should've read the book before doing the interview, this is not the first time some of the TYT goes to discuss an article or video without having read it or seen it before.
    She's full of crap but we need to be better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Around this time ms cup used to wear short skirts and put her chubby legs on the desk on Red Eye whilst I guess oreilly and roger wanked over her just off camera. She's a feminist atheist.

  39. The media is culturally liberal but economically very conservative. This is why their is a disagreement on these issues. The economics right wing culture and political correctness left wing. To me this is the distinction.

  40. The media wont argue that ceos get paid too much, or the military industrial complex, big pharma is too powerful. Culturally they are for more gun control, more immigration, less religion. So this is why both Cenk and SE CUpp could be right.

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