now as part of our week-long interview
series seeking perspectives from various experts across the globe today we take a
step into whether Japan’s latest string of tightening expert controls in South
Korea and security and economic implications from the escalating
seoul-tokyo dispute joining us live from Washington DC is a Patrick Cronin
asia-pacific Security chair at the Hudson Institute he was formerly VPS the
CSIS Pat thanks for joining us this morning
my pleasure now you’ve publicly discussed extensively on the ongoing
Japan South Korea trade spat in your view are the latest action is taken by
Japan serving that country’s overall interest I mean can we also say that the
move is purely non-political I don’t think any policy is purely non-political
and that’s especially true in a democracy I think president moon is
right that this is a game with no winners at the same time the incentives
politically for both president moon and for Prime Minister Abe a is to talk
tough to their constituencies into their countries so it’s very important for us
to understand this isn’t just something new that just happened but the result of
cumulative disputes there’s actually a history to the history of historical
grievance handling on both sides between Japan and Korea and I think this trade
export issue has been caught up in some of that and now it’s potentially going
to spill over more into the security room as well as the trade realm right
that’s so security Rama I want to get to that in a little bit but this different
out retaliation between the two what are some economic ramifications on the two
economies especially on key industries of obviously semiconductors in South
Korea but which industry in Japan will feel the blow the hardest well first
you’ve got to look at the macro picture there’s already a dispute about the
trading system between the first and second largest economy in the world
between China in the United States and they are trying to
for the future rules of that global trading system now you add to this the
third and twelfth largest economy in Japan and South Korea and you have to
worry that this play within a play is going to further exacerbate global trade
so global trade will slow global growth will slow and then you’re gonna have as
you suggest some specific sectors particularly in the high-technology
areas that are running the digital economy of the 21st century and then
finally there’s also the opportunity cost of what Japan and Korea what Japan
Korean the United States may not be doing together that they would be if
there were more cooperation so rather than any specific sector as in the
semiconductors in computer industry which is an obvious area given the
specific chemicals that are being restricted or forced to go through a new
process this means really a larger hit on the economy of Japan and South Korea
and of course what about the the follow-through knock-on effects for the
for the regional and the global economy well as I suggest the question about the
global trading system is perhaps the number one question around the globe
this is what major economies and major countries are worried about because the
United States feels very strongly that the global trading system is being
exploited by a closed economy China’s economy which has been able to exploit
national champions state-owned enterprises and other Communist Party
rules that the global trading system of the World Trade Organization did not
intend to accommodate it intended to deal with more market democracies like
the Republic of Korea and Japan now this additional spat between Korea and Japan
could reverberate you here Germany already very concerned about the global
supply chains and high technology so this could be something that can is a
contagion that further slows down global growth that affects key economies key
sectors and it exacerbates this fight over the global trading ruleset I want
to go back to the the strategic strategic interest or
a lack thereof because of this trade ro so South Korea Japan and the u.s. have a
trilateral security alliance in this region and it’s it’s a pressing security
threat here on the Korean Peninsula and in the wider Asia and Northeast Asian
region now how does the escalating trade road dent
first of all Japan strategic interest well I think again it’s hard to separate
one country from the others we are in security interdependence among the three
countries we talk about economic interdependence but there’s security
interdependence between in among Korea Japan in the United States how so well
in the handling of North Korea we learned this in the 1990s when we first
had to deal with North Korea’s missile threat former secretary defense bill
Perry had to step in and conduct a brand-new trilateral discussion in the
late 1990s to make sure that we were all realigned and unified and how to deal
with North Korea today we have multiple challenges we have a rising China we
still have the North Korea negotiations and managing North Korea problem and
then we have to look at the wider Indo Pacific and think about the rules that
are gonna be written probably by China if democracies like Korea Japan the
United States are not unified so this is huge implications not just for Japan but
frankly for all three countries absolutely um do you think that
therefore the US will rise to the occasion and try to find a way to nudge
it to Asian allies toward a dispute resolution I mean how do you foresee the
seoul-tokyo settle or can we not see the light at the end of the tunnel of course
mark aspart is in Seoul he was in Japan in the last few days do you see him
playing kind of a mediator role well the United States when it’s asked to play a
mediating role or whether it’s asked whether it should play a mediating role
we feel a little bit like the Asian countries when when they’re saying hey
we don’t want to make a choice between China and the United States United
States also doesn’t want to make a choice between our two for
allies in Northeast Asia both are absolutely essential that’s why once
called the cornerstone once called the linchpin I’m sure secretary Esper is
reinforcing those connections the United States has great Alliance relations
right now with Seoul and Tokyo separately but the weak link is the sole
de Tokyo Nexus that needs to be strengthened so we need to do more we
can do more we can’t solve everything but we can certainly listen and where
things can be done we can probably not only nodes but maybe help find common
ground it’s very important for us to do so I have great confidence that
secretary espera is going to add some very statesmen like words while he’s in
Seoul absolutely the importance of trilateral security Alliance
architecture in this region Pat Cronin asia-pacific chair at Washington based
Hudson Institute many thanks for your insights this morning we appreciate it
thank you

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  11. In early August , 2019 , news reports of worrisome concerns in trade partnership between Japan and South Korea have appeared. Japan is reported to have announced that it was removing South Korea from its own “ white list” of countries that have enjoyed minimum trade restrictions , citing an erosion of trust. This was reportedly followed on 13 August , 2019 by signalling of plans by South Korea to remove Japan from a list of countries with fast-track trade status from September 2019 , citing problems with export control measures. These details suggest that all is not well in the trade partnership between Japan and South Korea by August 2019. In this context , it may be apt to refer readers to this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alerts through article – “ Fresh look and innovation at strategies becoming focus for Japan in coming year 2019 , a Vedic astrology view” – brought to public domain widely last year 2018 in October-November. The text in the article related to aforesaid worrisome concern in the news reports reads like this :-

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