You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor.
This is the case of
Page v. Sutton.
Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. Good day, everyone. Mr. Page, you claim
your ex-fiancee and the mother of
your three-year-old son cheated on you
and then took your son to another state
to marry the man
she cheated with. Now, you say
Miss Sutton also has a two-year-old daughter
whom she claims is yours, even though her
husband has been
raising her as his own. You have petitioned
the court for a DNA test
to determine whether or not the child in question
is in fact your daughter. Yes, Your Honor. Now, Miss Sutton, you admit to having sex with both men
around the same time… Yes, I do. …and are unsure… Yes. …if your ex-fiancee or your current husband is the father of your
two-year-old daughter.You are seeking
a definitive answer
when today’s DNA
results are revealed, so you and your husband can rebuild trust
in your relationship. Yes. Okay. Now, Mr. Page,
why did you and your
ex-fiancee break up? PIERRE: You would never
believe what happened. My ex-fiancee, Alecia,
cheated on me and moved to another
state with my son. Mmm-hmm. PIERRE: And then… So, wait, back up for
a second, Mr. Page. You’re together. We was together,
Your Honor. You’re engaged. BOTH: Yes. And then you found out
she was cheating? Yes. Tell me about this. She said… She said
she and her girlfriend have a question for me. I asked her what
type of question. She say she
cheated on her man. And I say, “Wow.” She say,
“What would you do
if you was in that shoes?” I said,
“I would leave her.” And then she started
crying, Your Honor,
and I said, “Please tell me
it’s not true.” She said, “Yes, it is.”
I went to the room. I went to my room
and I bust out crying ’cause I loved her so much,
it broke my heart. But before that,
you had no inclination
that she may be cheating? Yes, Your Honor, ’cause
I loved her so much, I worked 10-hour day.
10-hour shift a day, to take care, to support
my family, my household,
everything, Your Honor, and that’s what I get
out of it, a cheater. Okay, yeah,
I was a cheater. But let’s start
from the beginning. That’s not… Let me hear from you, from the beginning,
Miss Sutton. Okay, first of all, we have
a three-year-old son, and yes, he was there
at the birth of my son. But the reason why
I cheated is because
you was never home, you wanna do
what you wanna do,
smoking, drinking. If I’m hearing you out
doing all these things,
why I can’t go do? You all can take
that picture down,
’cause that’s not a happy family no more,
that was the beginning… PIERRE: You right. That was the beginning of my three-year-old son,
when he was doing
what he had to do. I come home,
10-hour shift,
Your Honor. I tucked, cleaned… She never got up,
Your Honor. She never got up in
the middle of the night. You gotta take
your shoes off? Yeah, I gotta take
my shoes off. Go ahead and take
them off, then. Is that gonna help
you tell the truth? Yes. Okay, Miss Sutton. You were in a relationship
with Mr. Page. You’re engaged. Things are going along,
but you’re not happy. Yes. Happy at first. He’s workin’,
workin’, workin’, and you start getting
information that suggests that he’s out
doing some things
he shouldn’t be doing. Even though I’m not just
gonna believe girls
and what they say, but your own male friends
are telling me this. That you’re
hanging out with. Yes, I did hang out,
Your Honor. So what did they tell
you… What did they
tell you specifically? “Okay, your fiancee is my
homeboy, or whatever, “but I don’t like
what he doing, “he’s been in other girls’
face and all that stuff.” Are you serious? I said, “Okay. “You can be in
another female’s face, “but what is he
doing these females?” “Oh, you don’t even
want me to tell you.” That’s a lie, Your Honor. “You don’t even want
me to tell you.” If your homeboy’s saying,
“You don’t even
want me to tell you”, that means you
sleeping with ’em. You sittin’ up here actin’
like I was such a hoe
when I cheated… And you confronted
him about this? She never confronted
me about it, Your Honor. Yes! She would always
say, “I’m tired.” Yes, you’re right,
you’re tired by
sleeping around. And then I caught
her one day… Sleeping around
with one person. But how many people
you sleeping around with? PIERRE: Zero. Mr. Page, were you sleeping
around at that time? No, Your Honor,
never slept. Of course
he gonna tell you that. I don’t believe… But a girl just never
popped up pregnant. But I’m a hoe because
I popped up pregnant? Wow. You can’t turn a hoe
into a housewife. You sure can’t. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, let’s… Thank you. …watch our language. That’s why I make
you my wife. Thank you. Thank you. Let’s watch our language
in the courtroom. I’m sorry, Your Honor. All right, you never cheated
when y’all were engaged? I never cheated. Oh, my God. So what you did,
you worked, you came home, you cooked,
you said you cleaned. I cooked, I cleaned,
everything. I made sure
my son was in bed. I put my son in bed,
I’m an unhappy person. So that gives
you a reason to cheat,
if you’re unhappy. No, I went out
and drank. Late night, I went out
and drank with myself. Okay, so you were out hanging
out, and you were drinking,
but you weren’t cheating? Yes, never cheated. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Sutton. What you heard was that he
was out sleeping around. I didn’t believe it at first,
’cause I wanted to find
out on my own, I’m not just gonna
believe no females. So what did you do? Okay, I waited it out. Okay. I waited it out, we kept
building the relationship, we both knew
we was unhappy. So, I was
in nursing school, I got tired of hearing it.
I found somebody else
who is which my husband now,
that’s who I cheated with,
the only person. So that’s the reason
why I did what I did. I called Mike, Your Honor. When I called Mike…
I called Mike. I do agree with him,
at first I made up
this lie saying my friend wanna
know this question. Because I was
scared, at first. Your Honor, I called Mike,
when I called Mike, right… I do believe she said
Miss Sutton is talking
right now. But you’re not telling the
truth, you gotta tell the
truth, all the truth. I’m talking. Like I said,
I do believe he was… Seems to me you all know
how to run this courtroom
all by yourself, it’s a shame you don’t
know how to work out
your problems by yourself. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Because he’s not
a good father. Why would you wanna know…
Why would you wanna know… JUDGE LAKE: It’s a shame. I’m a good father.
I’ve done everything.
I called Mike. I’m trying to get my
heart free, Your Honor. You’re speaking
about Mr. Cooper. Yes, I spoke
about Mr. Cooper.
I called Mr. Cooper up, and I said, “Mr. Cooper,
how are you doing? “This is Pierre,
you don’t know who I am,
I’m calling you for a reason. “My fiancee, Alecia Sutton.” He started saying
right there, he said,
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. “That should have
never happened.” I said, “Did you
slept with Alecia?” He said, “Yes, I did.” Okay! At that time, one tear dropped
from my eye. Just one? One tear just dropped. I promise you. A tear dropped from my eye,
my heart felt like it was
in the palm of my hand. That’s how I know
that the love I had
for her was over. I should not hear from
another man what he’s
done to my ex-fiancee. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Now, I wanna
get to this point where you two
are in this relationship
and you find out that you’re pregnant,
Miss Sutton. Now, take me there. I found out I was pregnant,
yes, I was scared, I didn’t want
to tell him the truth. When I told Michael
I was pregnant,
I was like, “Okay. “It’s either gonna be
you or Pierre, of course, “but I want to work it
out with my fiance,”
because at the time, he didn’t know I cheated,
until I told him, so me and Pierre
was on good terms. So that’s when
Michael stepped back. But that’s when Pierre
started acting stupid,
so he was like, “I ain’t gonna do nothing
for you and the baby”
so I left. Me and my son packed up,
me being pregnant, I moved back to
Georgia with my mom. Miss Sutton, how do you
think he would feel if he actually called Mr. Cooper, the guy you were
cheating with, on the phone, talked to him. It was confirmed that you
were sleeping with him, so do you understand where
his hurt comes from? Okay, I was hurt too,
but yes, I do understand
where it’s coming from. Do you feel badly
at all that you were
engaged to him… He was a good person,
he was doing what
he had to do. And I’m still a good man. Like I said…
I don’t know that,
I’m not with you now, so we’re not talking
about “still a good
man,” I don’t know. So we talking about now,
you can’t just say, “Still a good man,”
you’re not now. I am a good man,
you two deserve each other. ALECIA: Okay, we do! But he’s been taking care
of your son for three years
that you haven’t seen. I would love to give you
a picture of my son. I have a picture
for you to see,
and what I say… You haven’t seen him
since he was nine months. You lie! You lie! But you went to Haiti twice,
instead of coming and
seeing your child. But you worrying
about a two-year-old. How you gonna worry
about her if you can’t… What are you
holding, Mr. Page? I got a picture of what
she posts on Facebook
when I ask her, I say… I’m taking care
of my son, you know.
Money come every week. ALECIA: Wow, money! He was providing
the money, he was there. Your man provided
money with what job? All right, so these
are pictures that,
Miss Sutton, you posted of Mr. Page’s son
with the guy you
cheated on him with. PIERRE: Yes, she did. ALECIA: My husband, yes. I asked her for
a picture of my son. A professional picture.
She told me that like this. “If you want a picture
of your son, you get
it from Facebook.” PIERRE: I don’t know
if you’re a parent or not. I am. As a parent,
that would hurt you
if you opened this picture. Did you post this picture
to be the picture
he would find? My sister took that
picture and Michael
put it on his page. Your Honor. Alecia Sutton.
What does that say,
Your Honor? Alecia Sutton. ALECIA: It’s on my page! So, let me ask you something,
Mr. Page. I do want to know, if you’ve made two
trips out of the country, why is it you haven’t
made one within the country
to see your son? You’re right, Your Honor,
but guess what. My ex-fiancee,
I don’t bother with this. My grandmother,
everybody passed away
that means a lot to me, so my world
at that present moment
was upside down. And then I met
somebody in Haiti,
trying to find love… Married! Married!
Your Honor,
this is the thing, he told me he
was going to jail. Now, let’s talk about the
two-year-old little girl
that’s in question now.Have you ever
seen this child?
I never met her,
Your Honor. But the reason
I never met her is ’cause every time I try
and go to the next level, I would get close to her,
then to find out she is not
mine, it would hurt me twice.So, two men and you
don’t know the father.
I know it’s
my husband’s, thank you. I feel in my heart
it’s my husband’s. In the beginning,
I did wanna know, but since we was
married and I feel if my husband says
he don’t wanna know,I’m not gonna go behind
my husband’s back
and get a private test,
just for you,
to make you happy. All right, so first,
get straight that the test is not
about your husband, necessarily,
it’s really about the
child understanding and getting to know who
their parent is as well. Now, there’s something
I do want to hear from
your husband. Jerome, could you please
escort Mr. Cooper into
the courtroom, please? Mr. Cooper. Thank you
for joining us today. You’re welcome. We’ve been talking about your relationship with
Miss Sutton, and also her
relationship with Mr. Page, and how there is a beautiful
two-year-old childthat needs to know
who the father is.
And I want to understand
from you why you have
either doubts, or confirmation in your
mind that you are the
biological father. Your Honor,
she’s mine, you know, plain and simple, you know.
The last two years I’ve
taken care of this baby.I’ve done
everything I could.
She’s mine.
I feel it in my heart
that she’s mine.
You know,
despite what happened
between Alecia and I
and her ex-fiancee,
I accept that. I’m sorry for that, but when
Alecia told me she was
pregnant, you know, I was excited, you know. No, you was not excited,
’cause I talked to… When I called you,
you told me that
this child is not yours. Yes or no, isn’t that
what you said? Oh, my God. Yes or no?
Answer the question. Your Honor,
this little girl is mine. I was excited
when Alecia told me
that she was pregnant. I feel in my heart that
this baby is mine. ALECIA:Like he said,
he’s been taking care
of her for two years.
So, when you spoke with
Mr. Page on the phone,
from that time forward, were you guys conversing? Or was that your
only conversation? That was the only
conversation, Your Honor. ‘Cause I don’t know him.
I told him, I don’t have no
problem with him. ‘Cause I wasn’t in
a relationship with him.
I was with her. So this is the first time,
the very first time, you two have
met face-to-face? Yes. Yes, Your Honor. But you believe,
it’s your contention,
you just said that he believes that
the child is not his? When I spoke to him,
he said the child is not his. But you disagree
with that? I totally disagree.
Those words never came
out of my mouth. Okay, so we understand
now that you two disagree as to how that
conversation came about. Now, moving
forward, Miss Sutton
and Mr. Cooper, this entire situation has
been wreaking havoc
in your marriage. You all have been
having some difficulty. Now, Mr. Cooper,
you just nodded
and said yes, and Miss Sutton,
you said no, so that is evidence
to the court that there is drama
in this relationship! Yes, there is. We just ruled on that! What’s going on? I mean, we have our ups
and downs, yes, we are
still legally married, but we’re separated
right now, so… PIERRE: They’re going through
stuff in front of my son! You don’t even care
about your son, Pierre,
shut up with that! How you gonna tell me
I don’t care about my son? He’s three and you
haven’t seen him since
he was nine months! PIERRE:Okay,
I know my faults.
ALECIA:Okay, how do
you know your faults?
I know what I have to do
from this day forward. Every year, you say
you gonna come get him,
you either can’t get off work, went to Haiti, got married,
or with another female,
it’s always something. That was the past.
This day forward… Okay, this is the
picture, he’s three! Mr. Page, you have now
placed on the record that you
know you’ve made mistakes. Yes, Your Honor. And that you
need to do better
and step up as a man. I am stepping up. Now, I heard you.
I want to see
you act on it. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I will, Your Honor. So, back to,
very briefly, your marriage, I just want to hear from
Mr. Cooper, how has this
affected the marriage? We’ve had our problems,
but despite all of that, I love…
I love these kids. JUDGE LAKE:So, Mr. Cooper,
what are you hoping for today,
what do you want?
I’m hoping
that she’s mine. Mmm-hmm. I’m hoping she’s mine
and I’m hoping this is gonna restore my family
and my marriage. And how about you,
Miss Sutton? I don’t know about the
marriage part, but I’m
working on it. I just want this resolved,
like to find out who it…
I just want it resolved. So you’re not sure
whether you want to even be in a relationship with
Mr. Cooper anymore? I’m happy right now,
what I’m doing,
taking care of myself. ‘Cause I always feel like
I have to be with somebody. Mmm-hmm. Now, I’m stronger,
I’m taking care of my kids on my own,
I’m doing better. You don’t care
about the kids,
you care about the money. That’s all it is,
just admit to it. That’s all you care
about, the money. Mr. Page, you are paying
child support for your son? $150 a week, Your Honor. Okay, I think
it’s time for us all
to learn the results. Jerome, if you could please
hand me the envelope? There you go, Your Honor. Thank you. Mr. Page. These results,
as prepared by
DNA Diagnostics, are as follows. In the case of
Page v. Sutton,
when it comes to
two-year-old Jalecia, Mr. Page, you are her father. JUDGE LAKE:
No, emotion, what
are you feeling? I always wanted a precious
daughter, that’s my first
daughter in the family. And I’m gonna
love her and raise her. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Cooper. I see you’re feeling
very emotional. I know this wasn’t
the news you wanted. She’s still mine. Over my dead body. AUDIENCE: Oh! PIERRE: That’s my daughter. ALECIA: That you
will never see. Listen, he’s not going to see
them because you don’t
believe he will show? Or he’s not gonna see them
because you won’t allow him? No, I’ll allow, I’m not gonna
keep no child from their
father, I’m not gonna do that. Never. But what I’ve hear him
say today is that he
plans to be a father to his son and to his daughter,
and you’ve got to allow
him that opportunity. And you need
to live up to it! And Mr. Cooper, I know
you have been a father to this young girl,
let’s be very honest. And I know how
much you wanted to
be her biological father. Sometimes I don’t know
if these are sad moments
for the court, when I see a father
who stands before me, and you’ve never
seen your child. And then sometimes I feel
like that is exactly whyPaternity Court
needs to exist. And that’s the magical,
wonderful part of this,
is because today, if you are willing, you can
see your beautiful baby girl,
Jalecia, in my chambers today. Yes, I will, Your Honor. I think it would be wonderful. Court is adjourned, I will
meet you in chambers. Thank you, Your Honor. So, Mr. Page,
are you ready to meet your beautiful baby girl
for the very first time? PIERRE: Yes, Your Honor. Wow. (WHIMPERING) Mama. ALECIA: It’s okay, sweetie. ALECIA: Sit with mommy. That was what you call
unconditional true love. Mr. Cooper,
I don’t know you, but I say, only a man could
step up to the plate
when I wasn’t here, and I’m trying to
be in my child’s life,
if that’s okay with you. That’s man-to-man heart. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

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