100 thoughts on “Sen. Chris Murphy On President Donald Trump’s Problem With Spies | All In | MSNBC”

  1. How are you still running this story after the CIA in a rare move came out and debunked it. You’re perpetuating #fakenews AND also trying to spin this to make it look like he’s friendly to Russia which has also pretty much been shot dead at this point. How did this segment make it to air?? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. Somehow you make the headline about Trump being the problem yet again. Can't you just report what really happened and not give some biased introduction to the story? Is it that hard to be unbiased and just a news source?

  3. President Trump is the only president I'm proud to call My President. He is smart, bold, caring… He has all the qualities a good human being and statesman must have.

    I will always back President Trump. The corrupt media can't change my mind.

  4. I reported this video because it's a flat out lie and I encourage you all to do the same! The CIA debunked this BS yesterday. MSNBC and YouTube should be ashamed for spreading fake news.

  5. Nice try Microsoft…we all know your demigod Bill Gates is a Jeffrey Epstein cohort….our blind folds are off…WE DON'T WANT WAR WITH ANYONE BUT YOUR MASTERS

  6. Remember, if you see a troll post, report it in to Youtube administrations immediately.
    The Trolls are "Fakers", promoting lies and doing harm to Youtube's reputation solely for personal satisfaction.
    Remove these fake accounts and posters at once.

  7. MSNBC — Just keep this piece of fake news up. Let everyone see just what a piece of crap your network is. PERFECT example of fake news that's been debunked — AGAIN!!!!!!

  8. I cant beloive that even though the CIA said this CNN story is a lie you still ran with it lmbo. You need to tell people that occured during Obamas reign not President Trumps. Lamerstream news..
    You people are openly Anti American
    So obvious…

  9. We spy, everyone spies so shut up and stop pretending that's there's a problem with Trump just cuz you dont like them. Let's focus on fixing our country so we don't have issues with all this ridiculousness in politics and media.

    A deliberate attempt to manipulate and CONVEAL the truth from ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    Make your voices heard NOW and AT ELECTION TIME.

  11. Maybe I missed something but How did our president have precious cia Intel before becoming president or even a politician at that?

  12. Can you just let it go? Why are you f*cks still talking about this? You're not only going to not get your candidate elected president, you're going to lose the house! MSNBC is becoming CNN Lite. You are the dregs of what could be loosely considered "news". You guys are too funny. We aren't idiots. Get out of your bubble. Bolton is a warmonger! EVERYONE knows that. he wants to bomb Iran for crying out loud! He should have been gone months ago. JEEZ!

  13. Everyone is saying it is debunked by the CIA, but I don't see any evidence of that anywhere. I only see one article with Pompeo denying the story. Where is there a CIA official stating that this isn't true?

  14. So in attempting to criticize Trump, you and CNN are telling Russia and the world information about a secret informant who was close to Putin for years and now everyone knows. Smart idea for a story you idiots.

  15. Thanks for listing all of the headlines from outlets who lied their faces off regarding this story. Saved some grateful ppl hours of soul-draining research!!

  16. MSNBC you are all paranoid. Stop. btw, when is John Bolton Starting as your National Security contributor? Much love neocons lol

  17. THIS NOT ONLY NOT NEWS OR EVEN FAKE NEWS IT IS PROPAGANDA! Even the shills reading this stuff must be thinking to themselves "I spent a fortune on a University journalism major and I have to read this horsesh!t?"

  18. this guy right here takes himself serious while the rest of us think it is a poor poor poor failed attempt at Norm McDonalds news piece about Janet

  19. cnn news communist news network these low life scum that spread this fake news should be shot in the head for sedition what there doing is defamation in the highest against the united states constitution to try to destroy it and make laws against it sounds exactly like sedition to me there low life scum that should be taken out and shot in the head

  20. You are so stupid and a joke in fake news MSNBC next to go down LOL CNN is in last place and you are next

  21. Trumpo had told Duterte President Philippines that the US had nuclear submarines in Korean waters. That was highly classified . The Navy dose not ever give up locations of submarines. Even when Trumpo is out of office, he will be a threat to the country.

  22. you stupid idiots. you just exposed his identity. ( regular meetings with Russian president now no longer happens.)
    Now they know who is missing you stupid dumb idiots.

  23. Omgosh.. The CIA has finally rebuffed this nonsense. .. Can't wait for Trump network..when all these idiots will be out of a job..

  24. Fake news. Even the New York Slimes reported it was the MEDIA who compromised this guy. MSNBC & CNN ARE the enemy of the people, they don't have a single serious journalist on their network.

  25. Fake news committing treason? treasonous criminals hanging till dead!!! Fair warning. the rest is on you being a threat to all humans and desire what you get.

  26. It has been confirmed the decision to pull this asset was made before Trump even came into office. Where is the retraction? It seems the news should be worried about getting it right rather than being last to report a false narrative.

  27. So, under either of the two theories, Trump was responsible for the loss of the intelligence asset. Either Trump's carelessness (maliciousness?) threatened to expose the asset, or Trump's obstinate denial of Russian interference necessitated making public the evidence the asset provided, thereby jeopardizing the asset.

  28. 0:54 "All of which advanced the story in varying ways"
    Is that what they call lying collectively now? I love how he put that, one person lies, then they all can add lies like reverse Jenga.
    When the first lie is found false only 1 person is responsible, not the people dog piling the situation. Video is hours old and already smells of rancid dog s**t. You are the only people outing spies with this reporting. Disgusting criminals conspiring to commit treason.

  29. Trump can grab any of his supporters by the p** ( including males) and they wouldn't flinch at all. They wouldn't believe anything against their Antichrist Trump.

  30. Yo I don’t understand why there are still die hard Trump supporter he’s been absolutely garbage at his job and maybe they just want America to get worse idk seems like it

  31. And if you would have kept reading the same post, at the end it said YOU THE NEWS was the cause, and it Berry OBAMA Knew about it!!!….just read and say the whole story DO NOT make it sound to what ever your STUPID mind tries to say…FAKE NEWS AGAIN!!!!! READ ARTICLE ALL THE WAY TO THE END!!!

  32. Do people still trust the mainstream media? I guess if you have no drama in your life, you can create it…by talking quasi-politics with other half-baked intellectuals…viva la universidad cultura

  33. Pussygrabber -> traitor -> death penalty. To be executed at any time soon. In public. Send the pussygrabber to a sight-seeing tour in a cabrio to Dallas.

  34. Delusional Donnie has proven he's never had any need for intelligence.
    Lavrov, Kislyak and Putin's Puppet Trump, thick as thieves in the WH. Thieves that had just stolen an election.

  35. Once again, Trump's interests are tied directly to Russia and Putin. The lines are disturbingly clear, yet we still can't find the "missing link" that would pull all this together. This link could go way back. It could also be hiding in his tax returns.

  36. Putin said in Helsinki, yes I did help elected Trump
    Trump in Helsinki had a meeting with Putin for
    2 hrs. after meeting Trump destroys all information
    given or said to Putin😳😳😳

  37. Trump is a traitor. He abuses the intel agencies because he is ignorant, incompetent and threatened. They expose Trump's treason and contradict his own nonsense….

  38. More fake news CNN that’s not from the American people that’s what the CIA is saying stop making fake news stories fake about classified information that never existed

  39. Oh, so now I get it. Spying on the U.S and the media screech and howl but a spy in Russia working for the CIA is good.Now I understand the word " hypocrisy". Just a question though. If the spy was in Russia and was giving the CIA and Obama administration information about Russian interference, why did the administration do nothing to stop it? Why did Obama state that Russia could not ever interfere in U.S elections when he knew that a spy was telling the CIA otherwise? Sounds like a streaming pile of rubbish to me.

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