100 thoughts on “Senator Bernie Sanders On Donald Trump And Israel | All In | MSNBC”

  1. Bernie is worthless. He would wreck what's left of America. He should invite some illegals to live in his neighborhood, but he won't. Same goes for Pelosi and the other limousine lib politicians. Bernie should personally enjoy the quality of healthcare he would have the rest of us to suffer.


  3. Bernie Sanders is a Jew who hates whites….he has stated that his family were wiped out by Hitler and white supremists….so he harbours a hidden hated for whites..

  4. Oh thank goodness! Can we finally speak frankly about the apartheid going on over there, subsidized by us, without being called anti-Semitic?

  5. Bernie is a fraud. He is not a Democrate but got registrated as such just to become a presidential candidate – just like Kamala Harris, who only join the DemocraticParty in order to promote her political career. His social justice reform has only the purpose of supporting criminals including murderers in their activity in order to slaughter the american population – just like Joseph Stalin did. He supports Antifa just like Stalin supported the NKVD and KGB. He is in favor of letting people starve to death. He is in favor of infantaside especially on black children. This man is insane and insane people should be locked up for life.

  6. No, no Bernie. No more of that crap "recognizing" fake "israel". No more money to those savages, no more favorites to those savages. They have to be shut down, and no, that does not mean ANYONE from fake "israel" should be allowed to live in the USA. That sorry bunch ARE savages, they ARE terrorists and it should be a crime to even support that vermin in any way.

  7. Those two women had ulterior motives in going. They support a boycott of Israel. I am no knee jerk apologist for Israel, but if a foreign lawmaker called for a boycott against the US, I wouldn’t invite them here. Also, what those two would’ve said could’ve lit a match to the tinderbox, which maybe, they half hoped for.

  8. way to soft-sell apartheid Israel's genocide of the Palestinian people, (and theft of their land). thats why you should not be president; you dont have the spine to be and do what is right! billions of dollars to israel every year makes the U.S. equal partners in the murder and oppression of a race of people.

  9. As an American expat who's now lived in two neighboring countries to Israel 11 years (Egypt, Lebanon) I feel the positive Bern! I really think he could bridge Arabs and Jews together with his no nonsense approach and not waste American taxpayer money on conflicts that the average U.S. citizen cares little about. The problem may be unfortunately a lot of people aren't interested in peace, not talking just about religious fanatics but also secularists who would sell their soul when too much money is involved.

  10. The guy who is constantly saying over and over again he will pass free education, free healthcare , free this free that ….which is total lies ..because in the end he has started to saying there will be a tax increase .. So why the f*** are you saying it;s free say it will be cheaper …

  11. the very important analiz sent to democrat and wide spread in inportant states – трамп приказывает странам вмешатся в выборах сша на его стороне. трама заставил натана под угрозе слабости подержать его типа демократы тероисты и кто любит сионизм и ненавидит арабов поддержат трампа .и по колс росия готовится больше помоч трампу и мюлер доказал что рос помоага трампу.но трампа строит мафию как кремль и заменил лидеров разведки чтобы вы ничего не знали были рабами как в росси и немещали строительству мафии трампа они уже имеют пол паламента и все минстерства ищё немного и будут писать путинские законы. и уголовник натан хочет стать неподсудным и не уйти. хабад это мафиозная стуктура.

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  12. The right to a decent job that pays a living wage

    The right to quality health care

    The right to a complete education

    The right to affordable housing

    The right to a clean environment

    The right to a secure retirement
    The super rich will tell you this is communism. I will tell you this is the greatest contribution to save capitalism I have seen in my life time. The only exception to that is: The right to a decent job that pays a living wage. It should read (The right to a living wage) having a job has nothing to do with that. Technology eliminates the need for human labor. The old fasion idea that you are not a complete person if you do not spend your life preforming duties that are done better by tecnolog has past it time. People that are rich got that way because they didn't want to work. Having a chauffeur to drive you around is my idea of seccess. Why is everyone afread of this seccess. Bring it on vote Andrew Yang!

  13. Lol Rahi blocked me. Let me respond here, shall I? Bernie is a communist plain and simple. He refers to himself as a "social Democrat" which is what the Soviet communists referred to themselves as before splitting into the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. Fact. Bernie has a long history of support for the USSR and communism in general before becoming senator. Fact. I suggest people do more research into this candidate. He will turn the USA into the USSR if he's elected.

  14. When Bernie starts talking about reparations FAIRLY then I’ll start paying attention!!! When will America Do the RIGHT thing? That’s my Question!!!

  15. If the money i pay nowfrom my paycheck, and the money my job contributes and the taxes I pay towards Medicare now were all contributed towards Medicare for all as a tax, and i no longer receive a $300. bill for seeing my doctor I will be far ahead of where i am now. Scared to see a doctor even though i have Blue Cross/Blue Shield, because the bill is criminally high even with "good" insurance. We must give it a try. Bernie Sanders for president.

  16. Go Bernie! We wanted you as president last term… somehow we got stuck with choosing between two jackasses last election!

  17. https://forward.com/opinion/424591/its-time-to-end-americas-blank-check-military-aid-to-israel/
    Former Mossad head, Tamir Pardo, called the death of the two-state solution an “existential threat” to Israel. Even AIPAC knows this.
    Giving money to Israel without conditions is gutless and stupid. Ike was the last President to back Israel down with threat of Total Sanctions &
    Israel withdrew along with France & Britain. Carter to GHWB produced Presidents who applied some effective leverage. Obama totally capitulated to Bibi.

  18. If providing free health care, freeeducation and living wages is labeled as communism or socialism, in this case, there should be actual capitalism in place for corporations:

    1. Corporate income tax has to be based on profit instead of net income (this is how ordinary people pay tax – from gross income, not from net income after all expenses. If I was able to substruct rent, car payment, grocery, gas expenses, electric bill, cellphone and internet bills, student loan payments(not just interest), I would also pay $0 income tax like Amazon does, moreover, I would carry over losses every year!);
    2. No tax credits or tax incentives for corporations (this is how ordinary people live – nobody gets tax credits for moving to another city or state because one found job there, we can't even write off moving expenses anymore. Nobody gets stipend for getting education or new skills, we pay for education and even interest on it in addition to everyday expenses while corporations get money for research and development which they would do anyway in the course of business).
    3. No bail outs for banks and Wall street (this is how regular people live – bankruptcy does not relief your student loan debt and still ruining one's life while Wall Street can just bail out and continue business as usual).
    4. No more military contracts from tax payers money (this is how regular people live – nobody just gives away jobs to small business owners. Can someone imagine government helping local corner store?).

    Lets have capitalism together! Not just capitalism for people, socialism for corporations.

  19. The fact that people have to go loose their bankrupt, loose their homes, or even die for not being able to afford health care, especially in emergency situations, is truly horrible. This is why we pay taxes, so that we help each other and people receive the care they need.

  20. "We need a middle east policy which is even handed" — in other words, something similar to Bill Clinton's, which led directly to 9/11 and the Pal uprisings and hundreds of thousands of deaths.

  21. Bernie Sanders 2020 Medicare for all.
    Boycott Israel until they change there policies towards Palestine people.
    It’s crazy that are government sends to Israel 140B off are tax payer money to do what? We should say no more.

  22. Then, Israel you don’t get our fuc’n money! Exactly, Bernie! Why fund racists and autocratic administrations. Israel smells American money!!!! Punish them!

  23. President Trump is one of the greatest supporters of Israel ever in office! How dare you oppose Israel like this Bernie! HOW DARE YOU!!!!

  24. The BIG problem in health-care that no-one dares to talk about is the corrupt system run by BIG PHARMA and their enslaved medical mafia and associated unions.

    The main issue is that the current medical system not only in the USA but in most industrialised countries is that the training, licencing and supervising of doctors is done by looking at ‘treatment of symptoms and ‘curing’ the symptoms while completely ignoring the actual causes of the ‘illness’.

    The second issue is that the medical system ignores the secondary negative effects of all pharmaceutical that require more pharmaceuticals to deal with the symptoms of the previous ones and the cycle continues intoxicating more and more the victim of the treatments. This is particularly important in relation to psychiatric pharmaceuticals.

    The third issue is the ‘over-servicing’ done by medical doctors and all the enormous amounts of unnecessary tests and procedures done with the only goal of making more and more profit for all involved causing bankruptcies on top of harm to the victims.

    There is no point in continuing forever increasing the money given to BIG PHARMA AND THE MEDICAL MAFIAS.

    What is necessary to be done first is to change the system and the training of doctors to deal with causes and to restrict the economic exploitation of ordinary people just to make more and more money for the greedy people that are benefiting of this crazy and absurd system of illness-care.

  25. Israel attacked the USS liberty in 1967 killing 34 American sailors and wounded 174 . Find the truth about Israel

  26. If Bernie going to use Andrew Yang's lines, if he win the nomination, he better pick Yang as the running mate.

  27. Lmao….poor senile Bernie. He is almost 78 years old multi-millionaire who just needs to retire. He is looks so angry and stressed. That can't be healthy. He owns 3 homes and he is worth over 2.5 Million. Take it easy buddy. Time to relax and rid yourself of your anger. 😉

  28. Bernie Sanders sold his Jewish heritage for a few votes, if you support him and believe his statements is time to check the man integrity, what will he do for your support?. The truth and facts are simple and it only requires the use of 1% of your brain and honesty. Israel offered the Palestine over 5 times a state of their own and willing to engage in negotiation at any time. The Palestinian want nothing of that, they want the destruction of Israel. Denying the support to Israel and give more money to the Palestinian, will only lead to another war. The money USA gives to Israel, has precondition, largely has to be spent in the USA which creates jobs in the USA and other monies comes back to the USA in form of Technology, Security. Tens of thousands of lives had been saved from that Aid. Bernie Sanders is not playing with a full deck. He says what he believes will gain him popularity. Wake up Bernie Sanders he is a dangerous man.

  29. Can we clarify one major point? Bernie is NOT a democrat. He was an independent before the election and only joined the democratic party to use them as a platform to run in a major party. He has had nothing but disdain for the party since…well…forever. He has said himself that he does not consider himself a democrat. Which all makes his hubris all the more intolerable. I despise the man and his zealot supporters and blame them for the mess we are in now.

  30. Hey Bernie have your wife repay her 200k severance package from Burlington College after she bankrupted the institution because of her greed to grow and make more money. Pigs.

  31. DNC Chairman Tom Perez don't steal our Democracy. Let Tulsi Gabbard debate. Money is flowing in her campaign. The polls are not accurate. more ppl have cell phones not land lines.

    This is 2019 not 1953. anybody whom agree please go to Tom Perez tweeter page. Tell him don't steal our Democracy let Tulsi Gabbard debate. Please let your friends and family know.

  32. all are conspiting against me trump !!!!now trump is wit the syndrome on persecution!! all around him are conspirator again him! all are planing to harm him!!! HALLWAY ALL AROUND HIM! ARE CONSPIRING TO HARM HIM!! SO SO CRAZY!

  33. 3:30 I think Bernie is trying not to crack a smile here after this guy says in one sentence that "The world is richer" and "corporate profitability is higher" from the US' trade involvement, since only one of those is definitely true. pretty fair interview though (esp. for MSNBC)

  34. Stop supporting Israel. We the people have had enough, if they want to bully our congress women, then that disqualifies them to receive our support and assistance. That is clear.

  35. And as long as Bernie has been a senator he's describing in detail the government errors but doesn't lift a finger to solve them. That $20 trillion deficit happened on his { and all the rest of the democrats } watch. Trump puts much effort into policy changes for better and democrats only demean and fight him from every direction !

  36. Bernie you are warped and you lose my vote. First off why can these rep BDS a county meaning push to boycott a country first then not expected to be boycott back. Secondary the us gives 3 billion and get way more then this back. Isreal works on our missle systems and earns that money in like many other countries we give money too.if you stopped this money the us could no longer stop sales of tech weapons to the likes of China. The left had no brain here to understand isreal is one of the smartest countries out there if we no longer partner with them someone else will …China

  37. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) upcoming campaign event in Sacramento, California, is expected to displace some of the homeless population in the area.

    Sanders is slated to hold a campaign event in Sacramento on Thursday in the Cesar Chavez Plaza, an area where the magnitude of the homelessness crisis in the city – and state– is visibly apparent. An op-ed published in the Sacramento Bee on Wednesday notes the effect Sanders’ stop will have on the homeless population in the area and suggests that it makes for a less-than-ideal situation from an optics standpoint.

    Directly across from City Hall, Chavez Plaza is the home office of homelessness in the urban core of the capital of California. It’s where California prosperity and desperation meet in the shadow of a civic government unable to address this civic contradiction.

    Chavez Plaza is where you see the futility of our city’s efforts to get people off of our streets. It’s where you see what happens when residents object to homeless shelters in their neighborhoods.

    Chavez Plaza is the price we pay for NIMBYism – people sleeping and panhandling in parks named after civil rights legends.

    Chavez Plaza is where you see desperate people trying to stay cool in the summer or dry in the winter. It’s where you see people in emotional and psychological distress and, yes, where you see them use public spaces as toilets.

    Chavez Plaza needs more than another politician espousing empty promises, Bretón argues, adding that Sanders’ politically grandiose speeches are not enough.

    “It’s ironic that Sanders is speaking there on Thursday. Who is Bernie Sanders but a politician full of platitudes and slogans, with a scant legislative record for all this years in Congress?” he asks. “His heart seems in the right place. But what has he done besides give speeches?”

  38. The only problem I have with Bernie is that he's a socialist, or democratic socialist if you prefer. Do the people think this will work in the US? Many democrats look at the Scandinavian countries as a good example of how this can work, however it appears that the model has been becoming less sustainable and outright failing in some ways and this has been exacerbated further since immigration into Scandinavian countries has been increasing, mainly because it relied on a collective view of how to meet challenges together, and once you have more diverse cultures it becomes more difficult to find and enact a common view of the best way forward that meets everyone's needs.That would likely be a major difficulty in the US as it has a significantly higher percentage of immigrants than most Scandinavian countries. A couple of facts for everyone, the average tax rate in most Scandinavian countries is around 40-45% for virtually everyone, so how will people react when their taxes are doubled? The average household debt in Scandinavian countries is 2-3 times higher than in the US. Why is that when everyone gets free healthcare and education? If the US is going more socialist it will certainly be interesting.

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