as many of you know, if you watched yesterday’s
program over the weekend, uh, what Bernie Sanders did in Nevada was when handily and
MSNBC and also CNN absolutely imploded into centrist establishment, status quo hysteria. And I consider it my responsibility as an
independent news host who keeps an eye on corporate media to report that to you, to
report to you the atrocities that are taking place on corporate media. And I did that yesterday. One of the things that took place that was
probably the height of absurdity during MSNBC coverage was Chris Matthews equating Bernie’s
win in Nevada. Bernie being a Jewish man, no less likening
that victory to the Nazi invasion of France during world war II. Now, many other things happened during MSNBC
coverage had included reporters with visible, clear disdain for Bernie Sanders. I reported that to you and unfortunately my
video bringing to you this report yesterday about the atrocious coverage on corporate
media of Bernie’s. When was instantly demonetized by YouTube
for accurately quoting Chris Matthews use of the word Nazi because that is not suitable
for advertisers. And what I want people to really understand
is that this is a self perpetuating cycle of legacy corporate media, uh, insulating
themselves from criticism, having any effect on what they do in their profitability. They do laughable embarrassing coverage all
day Saturday. They’re behaving as if there’s been a terrorist
attack or children murdered. But actually what happened is Bernie won when
a primary, uh, and then I cover that for you. And we lose out on income for the day income
that we use to pay salaries. And health insurance and connectivity and
bandwidth and studio rent and all of that stuff. There is a structural and systemic disincentive
for me to cover the absurdity that is taking place with an establishment corporate media
every day with every delegate that Bernie achieves. The hysteria on corporate media rises to the
point where Chris Matthews is saying, this is like when Nazis took over France. He’s since sort of apologized for that, uh,
different opinions about the, uh, a sort of honesty of that apology. This is self perpetuating. The centers of power are reinforced by channels
like MSNBC and others. And then when we an independent media critique
them, we are demonetized, which will serve to reduce the number of critiques. And of course, there’s the fact that many
of these channels have different deals with YouTube such that they can talk about a Nazi
invasion of Germany by Germany and they make money from it. But if I point out, look at what they’re doing,
we lose money for doing it. So we’re up against it this year. Big time. Today, we’re talking about how to protect
yourself from the historic record levels of disinformation propaganda that are expected
to plague the primary and the election. We now also have to fight against the reality
that the more absurd corporate media gets in their coverage, the more independent media
risks losing our financial stability by covering their absurdity. Understand how unsustainable that is as a
status quo. The crazier they get, the less we make by
exposing it because their statements are not advertiser safe. Understand the lunacy of that situation. So we’ve got a fund media we support directly. If it’s not this show, if it’s, if you like
some other independent host better than me, peace and love support them. If you appreciate this program, we’re going
to keep covering establishment media no matter what. What I’m asking for is your support on this
front. So consider grabbing a [email protected]
we have a massive coupon code. 2020 now saves you 66% I just got into a brawl
outside of the studio with my staff. They were beating me saying, do not offer
a 66% discount. And then I beat them. Somehow. We’re all physically unscathed, but in any
case, it’s a huge discount. 2020. Now we’ll save you 66% off of a [email protected] Also, feel free to make a pledge on Patrion
at Pakman show.

100 thoughts on “SICK: Demonetized for Exposing Anti-Bernie Corporate Media”

  1. This is flat out authoritarian control. The MSM and their little cute relationship with YouTube Management is disgusting.

  2. YouTube and Facebook are using algorithms to comb through material looking for specific words and phrases. It's the same program the NIA and CIA use to look for terrorists. No one is reading anything. Something you say triggers a hit and it's removed or in your case demonetized. Additionally there's no appeals process because they are private companies. I've been banned for pointing out racist comments. The algorithm sees the racist comment but doesn't differentiate that I was condemning it. When I disagree with their decision it is simply run through the same algorithm because Facebook and YouTube aren't willing to pay actual, English speaking people to review stuff. This is the problem with these formats. They're not required to respect first amendment rights because they are private. It would be as if ma bell could have listened to our phone calls back when we all had landlines and arbitrarily turned off our phone service for a month if she heard something she didn't like.

  3. Watch the 1975 version of Rollerball. It's a frightening futuristic vision of a world ruled and strictly controlled by corporations. It's scary as hell, and what David is speaking of is where we might be headed.

  4. Nazi were socialist and that’s what he’s trying to compare Bernie to. Haha poor choice of an example when you use it on a Jewish man who lost family in the Holocaust. Truly ridiculous comments

  5. Soooooo…..? Not all about money. You're independent for this purpose. Isn't this why you are independent, to cover stories like this. Call me when they demontize you're entire channel for stuff like this.

  6. Admit the truth Pacman. The reason you've be demonetized is because you're dishonest. You're a liar. You don't tell the truth the the morons who are stupid & watch you. You're FAKE NEWS to the extreme dude. If anyone doubts me, ask me any question you want & not only will I tell you the truthful answer, I link where I researched the truth. Time to expose this conman, Pacman, for who he is. He needs to go get a real job. I'm guessing McDonalds would probably hire him to flip burgers. Maybe. LOL

  7. I would pay money to see Lou Dobbs' and Chris Matthews' tails tied together and locked in a room. They've both lost their minds.

  8. You can only get away with a lie for so long. You may get away with it for a while, sometimes a long while, but eventually the reality you twisted, springs back & smacks you in the face. No one & I mean no one ever gets away with a lie. The truth about the Russia hoax & Ukraine hoax used to try & impeach Trump is all coming out soon. There's thousands of sealed indictments in the fed gov PACES system, just waiting to drop. Trust me. I have a login to the PACES system. They're for Comey, Crooked H, McCabe, Lisa Page, John Brennan, James Clapper & many, many other members of he deep state, involved in treason, trying to determine the outcome of our last election. Oh yeah, how could I forget the big fish, Barry Obama, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Ben Rhoads.

  9. They're worried because Bernie is the only one to make real change. It scares them. They want their tax breaks and bail outs for themselves

  10. Did any of you watch the Democratic debate last night? Probably not. What a freak show that was. It was the Jerry Springer show, watching 3 men in there 70's yell & call each other names & you lefties make fun of Trump? Give me a break.

  11. Here's James Woods awesome tweet to start off the day. I was shocked, shocked I tell you, that not one candidate in the #DemocraticDebate promoted suing spoon makers for obesity related diseases.

  12. David pakman you whine everytime anyone unsubscribes or criticizes you in anyway. It's seems like half of your videos are just you whining about these issues. Stop whining all the time and when really serious issues come up let your viewers know. This might be one of those times but I can't tell because you whine so much.
    Go ahead and make fun of my spelling or poor punctuation if you want, your pettyness doesn't bother me but your near constant whining does.
    You seem smart so i hope you decide to look at the bigger picture and put more effort into getting Bernie elected instead of crying about stupid stuff. You owe it to your paid subscribers and your staff.

  13. YouTube demonetizes the word ‘nazi’, it has nothing to do with the content David. It would be smart for you to delete this video or come with a correction. I regard you as rational 99% of the time, but this is not really smart.

  14. This is kind of stupid. It's the word nazi in the title that did it, simple. Still sucks, but it's not some pro-corporate conspiracy in this instance.

  15. David you’re show is one of my favorites… because of this s&*t. I am going to start supporting your show… I should have done this before…

  16. How “communist” of this democracy we live in, isn’t it??? 😡😡😡 And they call Bernie a Nazi 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🦕🦖🦕🦖

  17. The corporate media reporting boomers as Not in Bernies corner is also just false! My boomer friends and myself have been Bernie fans for decades! We are being lied to from all angles to divide us….dont let it happen…..boomers are not the enemy young people….the wealthy are…..they don't look at age….just numbers….

  18. This is all because Ronald Reagan ended the FCC fairness doctrine for his buddy, Rupert Murdich, the dirty digger. The fairness doctrine of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was—in the FCC's view—honest, equitable, and balanced.

  19. So I put MSNBC and CNN on do not recommend channel, in an effort to get you and other independent media groups recommended to me. Youtube is SO dead set on repressing independents that I am now being recommended makeup channels and finger puppet videos… I thought the point of the list on the right was that it was similar videos that you're likely to watch…

  20. Hi, David. We like your show. We just used your CAPS tip here on your video. You said that Matthews actually used the word Na*i, but Matthews did not actually use that word, at least not in the clip you originally posted. Did you bleep it out? Or should you have just titled your video what he actually said? “Matthews Likens Bernie Win to 1945 Fall of France”?

  21. You're too blinded by your Bernie love. Chris Matthews trash talked Hillary all through the 2016 campaign. Then he was despondent when she lost. Chris is living in a Tipp O'Neill time warp.

  22. Most of David Pakman's content is centered around convincing people that he's a martyr and a victim who needs you to give him money so that he can stand between you and the system. It's your last chance, people. Donate today…

  23. 1. You have to understand the left has a control on the media. You were hurting the “swamp” so YouTube will hurt you.
    2. Keep doing it and the whole channel is next.
    3. Have you not covered this happening to other YouTubers?
    4. I’m new here to your page but it’s fairly obvious: speak the company line about the left swamp or don’t make money on YouTube/Facebook/Twitter.
    5. Did you just assume that you were immune because of Bernie?

  24. Chris Matthews could of compared Bernie's win to the stopping of the German army at the Marne during WWI when the German high command had to inform the Kaiser the war was lost.

  25. Honestly, this is becoming a huge conspiracy theory war between all degrees of the progressive spectrum, with equal doses of drama and mistrust. Corporate media manipulates, or not; hard leftists cry wolf around, and there's a wolf – or not… It has all the ingredients of that weak, jumbled Venezuelan opposition bickering and devouring itself, for the great pleasure of the local authocrat Maduro.
    Once again, I see Drumpf winning in 2020.

  26. aww too bad youre barely catching on , the other side has been saying that for such a long time . if anyone stops speech it should be called out and free speech no matter if it hurts your feelings

  27. Two things here: If simply including the word 'Nazi' in your video titles results in a default demonetization, then don't use such words. Second, use YouTube's system against itself, i.e. go to corporate media videos that use such phrases and use the Report option. YouTube will either eventually change their default policies because of complaints from their corporate cash cows, or they will have unequivocal proof against them that they are not consistent with enforcement.

  28. The news USED to be good, like when Walter Cronkite was alive. Now it's corporate owned and they report the news that the CORPORATION wants, not the truth!

  29. who were they expecting to win? i don't watch msnbc videos. except when its one those super long Rachel Maddow segments. in another life she would have made a great history teacher.

  30. The goal is eliminating the corporate agenda. Wanton greed and corruption fill their coffers and breaks the societies that fill them. Make them pay. Bernie2020

  31. How i miss the days when advertisers had no say on who's videos were ad friendly.. i mean, usually kids won't watch adults shit and adults won't watch kid's shit. I loved the old tube 😥

  32. Keep the good job helping the GOP and Putin.
    They want the center divided and the institutions discredited.

  33. Hence why I listen to Independent News! I don’t always agree with you David but your unbiased and intelligent and that’s why I subscribed!

  34. You are trying to paint everyone on MSNBC as corporate media elites? Seriously, if you actually watched anyone besides Chris Mathews, you would know that they are not all anti Bernie Sanders! You are so hell bent on hating anyone that has a serious disagreement with your ideology. This take no prisoners mentality is not going to help Sanders expand his base beyond his core group in order to defeat Trump. I think some of his supporters are actually hurting his chances.

  35. Truth is being silenced left and right. Billionaires knew the truth but took over the government and they're using the White House to crush dissent (independent media). I can only hope that the Fairness Doctrine gets reinstated. May God help us all and keep fighting the good fight.

  36. Question. I’m not a YouTuber, so I’m not familiar with how demonetization works. Does getting demonetized mean that ads don’t play on your videos?
    I ask because I’m still seeing ads on your videos. Or does getting demonized simply mean you don’t get ad revenue even if ads are shown on your video?

  37. Freedom of speech is an illusion. American speech is more regulated than Saudi Arabia. The government's only duty is to protect itself. We don't matter. Our elected representatives are paid to represent the wealthy, not the rest of us. The First Amendment ONLY applies to the 1%. We The People is in reference to corperate interests, not the population at large.

  38. Could you have just said something else in place of the word Nazi? Something that would have made it very clear what Chris Matthews said without risking being demonetized?

  39. I'm about 2 seconds from going that or whatever it is. YouTube has become the place you go if you want to bury your head in the sand and obey the status quote. Cant show cops beating the crap out of ppl, so the problem looks like it went away but guess what they still kill 1000 ppl a year, also not allowed on youtube. The no cussing, no violence, no quoting ppl when they say disgusting things. Fuck dude this is the internet not my moms house.

  40. What would happen if you had less inflammatory titles? Do they actually watch the whole video to decide whether to demonetize?

  41. Not suitable for most advertisers, not demonetised, and it is not suitable because of word nazi in your title. So apparently this is video about nothing. Once again you lie.

  42. Bro you get demonetized for way less, relax. Maybe you took too much of msnbc's footage so they claimed it.
    Or yeah, maybe ANY video with "nazi" in the title gets automatically demonetized.
    Blame corporations & their bullshit advertising.
    Just don't use those "bad words" and you'll be fine with family-friendly youtube 😛

  43. Just remember you and your staff Block users all the time David .
    It's no different than YouTube Blocking you .
    You Get what you deserve David .

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