Do you have a marketing or social media
marketing plan for your business? Do you want one? A very simple marketing and social media
marketing plan now this is a plan by I was taught many
moons ago in my business, by fabulous lady by the
name is Jan Minihane from the Net Advantage, who is a social
media trainer her links are below I was taught this plan
by Jan and I use this today in all my
businesses I slightly vary it and modify it for the
different businesses but it is a simple solution to something that can get quite complicated. So for me to
show you my social media and marketing plan we’re
gonna go to the computer Okay so here we are at the computer looking at a sample social
media and marketing plan for our sample ABC cleaning company, so
this is based on the exact a planner that I use and I will show you mine in just a
moment So as you can see it’s a pretty
straightforward template and design, so let’s have a
little bit of a walk-through and understand it in more detail. So, first up is
real world seasonal activity. I always do my
marketing plans a quarter at a time You have the month and then you have
things to happen in the real world in that month directly below This is useful helping you with blogging
inspiration for special offers, for new business
drivers and they can help you think and plan your campaigns in advance based
on things that are happening in the real world. Hard marketing, this, for
me, is again marketing that happens in the real world so things like leaflet drops, attending
networking events discount vouchers, appearing in a local
advertisement, in a newspaper or magazine and I track these events in line to see what if they work can and I can
also tie these events into my social media
campaign So the blogging – this is to help
you keep on track of your top picks of what you are going to blog about. On
average to write a decent blog you will need a minimum of two hours to
research your topic write your blog, make it look pretty,
edit your blog and then publicise and post it out there for
the world to see. So you need to be really honest with
yourself about whether you can blog daily, weekly or monthly If you are going to blog monthly you could do
something like link you topics so that every quarter you cover a different area of the home, or a different area of your business or a different feature or benefit to your customers. Also if
you are feeling a bit braver, this example here is if you want to blog once a week for
example this is a format I use and I have my weeks of the month inside there and I and put the
titles of each one of my blog posts so that come
my writing day I don’t sit scratching my head about
things to write. Call to action pretty straightforward, it’s what we
want the desired result to be what do we want people to do? Why we
doing all this? It’s for this. Twitter focus on Facebook focus this doesn’t necessarily have to be
these if your business find more clients to Pinterest or Instagram on LinkedIn, or Google+ – then you would
change these for whatever your social media platform of choice is. Grow this is where I put a
quick synopsis of any targets that I want to achieve for
that particular month Newsletter that this is something that
will get back to because this is a newbie start a plan and you don’t even want to be thinking
about newsletters until we get to at least here in month four because we need to build up our audience
with all these wonderful things we’re gonna do beforehand and then at
the bottom you have the clear Months goal I then print this out and I stick it
up somewhere that I can see it so that I stick to it. I’ll just show you
my plan very briefly So this here is my social media plan for
Maid In Business for the next three months and as you can
see it’s very similar except it has a few extra categories. Again, I print this out and it is put it on my wall so that I
know what I am doing on a week to week, month to month basis
and then I can compare this against my business plan and my more in-depth social media
marketing plan to see if I’m hitting targets. Yay! That was today’s video all about social
media and marketing planning I hoped it has helped and I hope is has
started to give you a few ideas of things that you can do within your
business? I’m going to put a link below if you
would like to use the template of the social media and marketing plan I
use If you’ve got any questions, if you’ve
got any hints or tips you know and please add them to the comments
below thank you very much for watching, I will
be back here tomorrow with a Q&A Friday all about multitasking when you
are both the cleaner and the business operator. See you
tomorrow Bye-Bye

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