45 thoughts on “Social Media Platforms Scramble To Take Down New Zealand Shooting Video | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Its hard to now where there going with live video but now after the video is a static then the AI can scan the video.

  2. Why all the censorship, I wouldn't want to see it. But if people want to see it. It's the Internet duh!! So basically they want you to know what they want you to!!

  3. Even though this was a horrible tragedy, the idea that they tried to keep the video away from public domain really infuriates me!
     Luckily, they were not successful.

  4. I think the biggest reason we got out of Viet Nam was because of the public outrage because the war came into your living room every night. Why are they blatantly hiding this from us?

  5. I believe those who are criticizing the social media platforms may not understand the complications that come with mass technology use.

  6. Yea sure, it ok to show THEIR FAKE VIOLENCE like a rioter torching the aid truck then FALSE reporting it's the President of Venezuela.
    MSM is PROPAGANDA, livestreamin is at least REAL>

  7. White supremacist content is a huge challenge for social media platforms, because platforms aren't using technology to assure that once you’re banned you can’t come back. So social media platforms mostly have a ¯_(ツ)_/¯ attitude about repeat offenders

  8. Facebook is removing any praise or support …. critics say "not fast enough". That's not how criticism works. Being on the same side is not criticism.

  9. I mean they ok with isis slaughtering people videos. But want to take down a shooting bunch of people ive seen the video and all you see is people laying on the ground nothing bloody just dead bodies. Btw the video is on Best Gore

  10. It's funny watching left run media call freedom of speech into question. The 1st amendment only applies to the I guess

  11. https://www.meridyenhaber.com/m/dunya/iki-camiye-silahli-saldiri-49-kisi-oldu-20-si-agir-48-h45834.html#home_comments

  12. C'mon innernet cartel! Cut the connections to things people want to see. That's what the internet is about; severing connections.

  13. Its amazing how little the media knows about the internet…. there are more websites than "big tech companies" Just an excuse for more censorship.

  14. What that guy did was horrible but the censorship is almost as bad as the shootings. Two wrongs don't make a right. You guys are removing the ability to distinguish right from wrong and truth from lies, doing far more harm to the public than good. I don't believe anything I see on fake news anymore! For all we know this was faked to help take down Trump or disarm the people in order to control them like cattle.

  15. Public media platforms should not be censored. That responsibility should lie with the parents to censor feed from home. Endorsements of public media censorship is a slippery slope…. just sayin

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