sad old geezer How do you use us? Too late this asshole cannot be saved 「傲慢」「羨望」「憤怒」「怠惰」「貪欲」… 人格狂わす大罪 Stacked away Skanky waster You should know your shame Such a shithead All saints shall die Shitty loser You should know you’ re lame Such a dickhead All saints shall die Because there… Continue Reading 【the GazettE】 – 「RAGE」 VOCAL + GUITAR COVER † BabySaster & ZERO

Pig that is soaked in soup of crime It is a pain of the children whom you murdered Hate yourself In the maze without an end… Why do you still breathe? Gareki No Shita De Shinzitsu Ga Notauchi Mawaru E Wa Naniyori Mo Fukai [The invisible wall] Kodoku Zouo Shitto… Continue Reading 《地獄のタム回し》the GazettE「THE INVISIBLE WALL」叩いてみた《ドラム》※字幕をONにすると歌詞が見られます!概要欄からブログの関連記事も是非ご覧ください!