it’s been over half a year since Japan impose export curbs on South Korea to reduce damage from the retaliatory measure Sona has been striving to localize and diversify routes for key parts and materials kim dummy explains further turning a challenge into an opportunity South Korea has been quick… Continue Reading Over half a year since Tokyo’s export curbs on Seoul…Korean gov’t diversifies and localizes…

It’s been over half a year since Japan imposed unprecedented export controls on South Korea last July. For the last several months, Seoul has strived to localize and diversify routes for key parts and materials. In the first installment of our special three-part series, our Kim Dami explains how the… Continue Reading Over half a year since Tokyo’s export curbs on Seoul…Korean gov’t diversifies and localizes..

in other news a Japanese newspaper says Japan’s export curves on South Korea imposed last year is backfiring it admits that South Korea is lowering its technological reliance on Japan by making more materials at home chemisant reports South Korea is making achievements and lowering its reliance on high-tech Japanese… Continue Reading S. Korea has made progress in lowering its tech reliance on Japan since export curbs: Asahi Shimbun

Japanese media reported the president moon showed his determination to improve ties with Tokyo Kyoto News highlighted how the South Korean leader noted the need to take violet relations to the next level that looks towards the future however it pointed out that moon didn’t mention the root cause of… Continue Reading Japanese media says President Moon’s New Year’s Address shows urge to improve Seoul-Tokyo ties

Leading Japanese media outlets are calling on Seoul and Tokyo to resolve their trade dispute diplomatically. In an editorial,… Mainichi Shimbun said if both sides continue to take a hardline approach,… tensions will only grow and there will be no way out. It said if Tokyo removes Seoul from its… Continue Reading Japanese newspapers call for dialogue to resolve Seoul-Tokyo trade spat diplomatically

Staying with the topic,… South Korea’s top office refuted another report coming from Japanese media on Monday morning and said Japan is behind the “truth game”. In a read-out to reporters,… the senior presidential secretary for public communication reaffirmed that Tokyo did apologize to Seoul over the complaint that the… Continue Reading Blue House refutes Japanese media report; confirms Japan did apologize to S. Korea

Japan’s Defense Ministry has made a record-high defense budget proposal for next year as the abba administration seeks to heighten Japan’s defense capability to counter threats from North Korea and China according to local media the ministry has requested a budget of fifty point three billion u.s. dollars for the… Continue Reading Japan sets sights on record US$50.3 billion defense budget

South Korea’s top diplomat says the withdrawal decision was made separately two considerations over Seoul’s alliance with Washington Kang jung-ho made the remarks late Thursday upon her arrival back from Beijing where she held talks with her Japanese counterparts with neither side budging on their trade spat the decision came… Continue Reading GSOMIA termination, separate from S. Korea-U.S. alliance: FM

now as part of our week-long interview series seeking perspectives from various experts across the globe today we take a step into whether Japan’s latest string of tightening expert controls in South Korea and security and economic implications from the escalating seoul-tokyo dispute joining us live from Washington DC is… Continue Reading S. Korea, Japan row: Implications for Economics, Security, and U.S. Strategic Objectives Expert

South Korea earlier this week announced that it was removing Japan from a list of trusted trading partners after choking dropped Seoul as a preferred trading partner earlier this month not only is a trade we’re already discovering the global supply chain for big tech companies and leaves security analysts… Continue Reading Korea-Japan Trade Dispute and the U.S. Security Mechanism in Northeast Asia