When can the law stop you from saying things about me in order to protect my privacy? Pretty rarely it turns out. Here are the five rules of free speech and privacy. Actually before we get to the rules, let’s just make clear what kind of privacy we’re talking about.… Continue Reading The First Amendment and Privacy: Free Speech Rules (Episode 9)

I’m Barry Vera the chef director for the One Group we have over 26 hotels and restaurants around the world. I’m here today at one of our key properties, The Me hotel. We have STK which is all about US beef so it’s got the American feel. I’ve got Radio… Continue Reading Barry Vera chef director | talks food | STK London | Cucina Asellina | Radio Rooftop Bar | ME Hotel

N:Let’s begin with our first episode of “Happy-go-lucky Underground Radio”! P:Okay. N:Aren’t you even the slighest bit curious about what this we’re doing here? P:What’s going on? N:So basically last time you were shown in 3D, but for “reasons beyond our control” you have been changed into your alter-2D-ego. P:Reasons?… Continue Reading 【Pt channel】勝手気ままな裏RADIO【#1】

Paul Cross: Hi, I’m Paul Cross, I want to talk to you today, a little bit about how to create a short radio feature. This can be used for a three-minute feature, a five-minute feature. You can even expand this idea to a documentary, the kind of programming I often… Continue Reading Radio Broadcasting | Part 1 of 4: How To Structure a Short Radio Feature

Life is about being on the right frequency, It’s waking up a new melody each day. Running at a crack of dots, has music hubs inspiration into your blood. It’s finding out, whose your top scores or hearing about the latest headlines Whether you are travelling or want to go… Continue Reading Radio FM: Any Radio, Anywhere…

Translator: Ivana Korom Reviewer: Joanna Pietrulewicz How many decisions have been made about you today, or this week or this year, by artificial intelligence? I build AI for a living so, full disclosure, I’m kind of a nerd. And because I’m kind of a nerd, wherever some new news story… Continue Reading How to keep human bias out of AI | Kriti Sharma

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Hi ladies and gentlemen welcome to Nada’s blog it is just me and me and only me so I hope you enjoyed me and myself hey guys you’re watching MR.NOTHING I’m Nada and I’m a Thai girl who are now on exchange program to Hungry under YFU organization so I… Continue Reading || Welcome to my CHANNEL || first vlog ever in my life!

Hi it is Michael from Men’s Finest and in a minute you’ll be able to hear a short interview that I recorded with Sven Raphael Schneider from Gentleman’s Gazette but before you do that make sure you click that SUBSCRIBE button so those videos come directly to you…now Gentleman’s Gazette… Continue Reading Brilliant Fashion Advice from Sven Raphael Schneider from Gentleman’s Gazette. Men’s Fashion Trick

The field of health informatics, also known as health information science, is really about optimizing and revolutionizing healthcare, using health information technologies. I chose to study health informatics at UVic because of this very unique degree that combines my passion for healthcare, technology and computer science, and of course business.… Continue Reading Health Information Science at UVic