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My name is Sven Raphael Schneider. I’m the founder of the Gentleman’s Gazette and Fort Belvedere, and every week I receive many questions about myself and why I started it, and Fort Belvedere, the brand, and so I decided to create a video about 50 things about me. All of… Continue Reading 50 Things About Sven Raphael Schneider – Gentleman’s Gazette

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Let’s think about the cycle of information. When an event first happens or an issue is recent, it is typically covered by news stations via the Internet, TV, and radio. The next day, and perhaps throughout that week, it will appear in print newspapers. At the end of the week… Continue Reading The Cycle of Information

Media has an effect on people. So when you look at fantasy the women have been put these little boxes like the princess, the witch. I’m a very nerdy person. I love everything about magic and medieval lore. So that’s what drew me to Game of Thrones and the storytelling… Continue Reading Student Research Series | Anna Palm, Media Studies