– Doctor Judy, how common is sensory processing disorder? – So, it’s about 5 to 16% of children, and it usually starts very young, so you’ll notice things very early on, in toddler hood most of the time. You’ll start to notice that they’re developing differently, if you have other… Continue Reading Is Endless Scrolling on Social Media Harming Kids Health?

We cannot win an election without community organising. It was an absolute disgrace the attack that the community organisers were under. It was a concerted organized attack against the community organising team at Southside shortly after the election and right up til this is current day. The community organiser team… Continue Reading Why Labour Needs Community Organising

it’s a windy day outside as you can see the wind is blowing however there are some signs that spring is on its way oh I can’t wait until spring arrives I can’t wait until this horrible horrible long wet winter is right behind us welcome everyone here we go… Continue Reading What is an Abbreviation? / English Addict – 50 / Wed 11th March 2020 / with Mr Duncan

(upbeat music) – Hey, everyone. I’m Nina Zadeh, director of partnerships at Sidewalker Daily. And today we’re gonna be talking about media kits, how to create it, what goes in it. This is like a super hot topic, I think in our industry. And if you’re new to our channel,… Continue Reading Media kit | EVERYTHING you NEED to INCLUDE!

Alright dropping in at Huddy MotorSports for the update on the GT4586 project. Deadline’s are looming, this thing is getting close. The Huddy MotorSports team have absolutely been cranking on this thing – balls to the wall. The chassis just came back from paint from 2M Autoworks and I heard… Continue Reading Fresh Paint Job w/ Ryan Tuerck | The GT4586 | Donut Media

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode to Melissa asks, with all this COVID19 to shatter and the election year, our Facebook’s metrics going to plummet even lower than usual. It’s an interesting question. A few folks have wondered if you know, with all of the additional content out there that brand… Continue Reading You Ask, I Answer: Social Media Metrics in a Crisis?

Together with charming girls, a special and diverse invited segment! Brothers’ Lunch Show! -KSH: Wow. -DD: So usually, Usually we have background music. It goes dan-dan-dan, then Lunch Show! Bababam~ Guess they messed up and took it out. Now, a group that has captured hearts all around the world. Showing… Continue Reading [ENG] SBS Love FM “Oppa’s Radio” (200304)

With the ongoing spread of the coronavirus around the world, xenophobia is also on the rise from loaded hashtags on social media to physical violence on the streets of some major cities. We’ve seen numerous reports of people of Asian descent primarily East Asians from China, Japan and South Korea… Continue Reading Why fear, hatred, and xenophobia has gone viral with COVID-19

You know who they are? – Who? – The parents of the owner of this hotel. Seems like they are rich! – Hell, no! The owner of this hotel was once a bum. Come here! What? – You’re still asking me that? You’re bringing us shame. I’m hanging my head… Continue Reading Swayam krushi #Life 3 || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Hi, everyone. A little bit of an afternoon delay. My name is Megan Reichelt. I’m Valerie Linsinbigler. Christopher Lowder. We are here to talk to you about fake news, which has always been important but seems to be just increasingly important as the deadline for elections loom. So we’re looking… Continue Reading Fake News Workshop Recording