Does recent news have you feeling down? I used to love reading the paper over a cup of coffee, but now it just makes me angry. Anxious. Sad. We here at the US newspaper industry have heard your concerns. That’s why we partnered with Kleenex to offer you Newseenex –… Continue Reading Newseenex – The Newspaper You Can Cry Into

Hi, I am here to present the XL2 Sound Insulation Reporter, the software for determining the sound insulation of partitions, such as walls and ceilings, measured with the XL2 Sound Level Meter. Let’s start with a new project. Different standards are supported. We can choose between airborne, impact and facade… Continue Reading Sound Insulation Reporter

Why am I even here? Why am I even here..? Hey there, Paul… Can you hear us? Are you ready to go? Yeah. I can hear you, Sue. Loud and clear. Yep! Well, “The Beast from the East” has certainly arrived Let’s see how we’re looking out and about across… Continue Reading What Every News Reporter Wishes They Could Say…

[ ♪ ♪ ] [Katie Simpson] This is a story about the President of the United States challenging something that is important to Canada. Important to Canada’s business community. [Trump] If it doesn’t work out that’s going to be fine for the country for our country. It won’t be fine… Continue Reading Surviving NAFTA negotiations in Washington | Reporter’s Notebook

[Reporter: Devin Heroux] In the hoopla of the championship [TV Host] The Toronto Raptors The only team outside of the United States to win the NBA championships. [Devin] The most epic celebration. Champagne bottles everywhere. It’s chaos, it’s pandemonium. These players are always so reserved but not in this moment… Continue Reading Reporters talk about covering the Raptors big NBA win

This is a DIY crystal radio they were very popular in the nineteen twenties they require no external power to operate no batteries no power nothing they operate strictly on the radio waves that are coming in so if you’re looking for an emergency radio where when the power’s out,… Continue Reading How To Make A Crystal Radio – No Batteries (Updated Version Available)

[FORSEN] I don’t give a shit about the win… [SHROUD] I don’t even care about the money… [FORSEN] I give a shit about placing higher than Shroud… [SHROUD] I just wanna beat Forsen. [FORSEN] So that’s all there is to it man, once he’s dead we’re going ham. [SHROUD] Fucking… Continue Reading Radio Kappa Ep. 11+4 (15) | monkaTOS

Hello I’m Jordan Twenter. And I’m Jorge Cerritos. As we wrap things up for break, at Chrisman Media this is our final podcast of the semester. This week will talk about the basketball tournament and deals for the holiday season. (music/open) Two weeks ago Chrisman beat Truman with a buzzer… Continue Reading Chrisman Media Podcast for December 20, 2019

So, I loved growing up in the south. I always felt like it was a very special identity. My father is the co–host of the Rick and Bubba show, which has been on the air for twenty years. We are back, thirty five minutes pass the hour, the Rick and… Continue Reading Daughter of Conservative Radio Host Talks LGBTQ Acceptance in the South

yes president Donald Trump becomes the third president in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives over using his power and obstructing Congress Trump now faces a trial in the Senate which will decide whether he stays in office as the global economy continues to struggle with… Continue Reading 2019.12.19 12:00 NEWS Headlines