Roleplay Subtitles NOTE: Not meant to be proper subtitles and instead mostly story-telling/roleplay/shitposting Subtitles by FireCracker Welcome Do you think you’re ready? I don’t think you are. An entire 36 minute mashup? Do you have the BALLS? ᛈᚨᚲᚴ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚴᛁᛏᛋ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛞᛟᚾ’ᛏ ᚠᛟᚱᚷᛖᛏ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᚨᛚᛏ. Let me introduce myself. My… Continue Reading Shaping the New World VIP – Over 120 Songs! – Channel One Year Anniversary (Collab with Pixelbitie)

In this video, I’m going to go through and show you my media management workflow, in other words, where I store all my video footage, how I organize it, and my process for creating and archiving my Final Cut Pro projects. Hey guys, whats up. This is Serge and welcome… Continue Reading FCPX Media Management – Organize, Backup & Archive Media

This video is sponsored by circle space So, my name is noe and welcome last time I made a video about which Photography channels small YouTube channels you should be following and this time I want to give a shout out to the big YouTube channels that I enjoy watching… Continue Reading Top Youtube Photography Channels

do you want to walk YouTube channels on phone and make them invisible from your site all in this video I’ll teach you how to block YouTube channels on phone in 2017 so stay tuned hey guys this is creators tutorials and in this video I will teach you how… Continue Reading How To Block YouTube Channels On Phone

In April 2019, US magazine In Touch published potentially scandalous news: the second in line to the throne of Great Britain and Northern Island, Prince William, was having an affair… The story immediately hit news headlines across the world – except for the newspapers in the United Kingdom. Why? According… Continue Reading Is the British Media Covering Up this Royal Scandal?

(keys clicking) (upbeat music) – Hello, friends. Welcome to E3, and to a different type of documentary from Noclip. We’ve spent most of the past three years covering the stories of how games are made. But more recently we’ve been asked to show how games are covered, too. The work… Continue Reading Behind the Scenes with the Games Media at E3 2019

As mainstream entertainment outlets continue to mine so-called “new media” for talent, outlets like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube have become launchpads for breakout stars. For years now, YouTube stars have been making serious bank on revenue from the video-sharing platform. But for various reasons, many stars have turned their backs… Continue Reading YouTube Stars Who Completely Quit Their Channels

Greetings everyone, and welcome to Spacing Out! I’m Jason McClellan. And I’m Maureen Elsberry. Thanks for joining us. We took a few weeks off because of the holidays and because we’re wildly busy preparing for the 2014 International UFO Congress. But we’re happy to be back so we can get… Continue Reading Iranian media claims ALIENS helped Hitler – Spacing Out! Ep. 66

>>Dr. Tim Uyeki: Hello, I’m Dr. Tim Uyeki with the CDC influenza division. This video is intended for general audiences as well as physicians and other healthcare providers. Today I’ll provide answers to several common questions patients have regarding the flu vaccine. I would like to begin with a question;… Continue Reading Answers to Common Questions about the Flu Vaccine

If you saw a wormhole in reality, it would appear round, spherical, a bit like a black hole. Light from the other side passes through and gives you a window to a faraway place. Once crossed, the other side comes fully into view with your old home now receding into… Continue Reading Wormholes Explained – Breaking Spacetime