In this video, I’m going to show you how to read a newspaper while driving in your car. Want free help to grow your business? Go to One of my mentors Brad Sugars said to me once that “the more that you learn, the more that you’ll earn.” So… Continue Reading Life Hack: How to Read a Newspaper While Driving

Hello, Summoners! Around this time of year, I like to think back on the all good times we’ve shared… There’s just something about the cold weather that makes me feel all fuzzy inside! Heart-warming nostalgia aside, I, Feh, have once again gathered some exciting news to share with all you… Continue Reading Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel (Dec. 4, 2019)

Hsu: So as a company and as a developer, most of our experience is not mobile, but actually on the desktop. Client–when we were talking about client applications. And Android was really nice, because the platform provides a lot of very desktop kind of features. It’s not like a watered-down… Continue Reading Android Developer Soapbox – Desktop-Like, Richer Media APIs

Happy second anniversary, campers! Wow, has it really been two years already? Time flies when you’re busy making so many memories. As part of our anniversary celebration, we’re introducing something special to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp… Mail call! Your invitation to join something new has arrived… Introducing…Pocket Camp Club, an… Continue Reading Pocket Camp Club Information – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

[MUSIC] Windows Information Protection is a new feature in Windows 10 that protects enterprise data on devices. Here’s how it works. Employees enroll their devices with the organization. Using a tool such as Microsoft Intune, administrators define data policies and then deploy them onto enrolled devices. If users aren’t required… Continue Reading Securing Enterprise Data with Windows Information Protection

You might already know that channels in Slack help you work better with people at your company. With shared channels, you can work the same productive way with people at other companies. Instead of relying on email to relay info back and forth, imagine having a single, productive place to… Continue Reading Shared Channels on Slack | A better way to work with people outside your company