the opportunity for dialogue between North Korea and the US will disappear if as some it doesn’t take place within this year that’s according to pro-north Korea newspaper Chosun shinbo on Wednesday we say Pyongyang is ready for both dialogue and confrontation it added the regime is patiently waiting for… Continue Reading Pro-North Korea newspaper says chances for dialogue will disappear if N. Korea-U.S. summit…

not long after North Korea lashed out at the u.s. vowing to use force if necessary Washington responded saying military option has never been off the table tension is rias colliding between the two science ahead of the year-end deadline the regime has unilaterally set for the nuclear talks yugyeong… Continue Reading U.S. warns military option against N. Korea has ‘never been off table’

now North Korea’s launch was time to fall on one of America’s biggest holidays of the year Thanksgiving US media says the launch is the regime’s message to Washington that the clock is ticking on leader Kim Jong Un’s year-end deadline for the two sides to resume nuclear talks Oh… Continue Reading U.S. media, gov’t react to Kim Jong-un’s “Thanksgiving missile test”

North Korean leader Kim jong-un is sending a Thanksgiving message to u.s. President on trumpet through his regimes latest missile launch that’s the common perception among US media outlets as a report on the North latest firing of two projectiles The Washington Post says Pyongyang uses two star Thea the… Continue Reading Kim Jong-un sending Trump “Thanksgiving message” with missile launch: U.S. media

let’s approach the summit from a different angle this time through the eyes of the Southeast Asian media Kim bo-gyung zooms in on their assessment and the and what assailant members were particularly interested in South Korea’s hosting of the commemorative summit appears to have been a success in the… Continue Reading ASEAN countries see S. Korea as model, encourage investment: ASEAN media outlets

Staying with the topic,… South Korea’s top office refuted another report coming from Japanese media on Monday morning and said Japan is behind the “truth game”. In a read-out to reporters,… the senior presidential secretary for public communication reaffirmed that Tokyo did apologize to Seoul over the complaint that the… Continue Reading Blue House refutes Japanese media report; confirms Japan did apologize to S. Korea

Day three of the World Economic Forum… trending the most this Friday afternoon is a keynote address by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry addressed the Davos participants just hours ago… where he took pointers on various security related issues — more specifically the recent nuclear deal with Iran… Continue Reading Economic issues being discussed in Davos: USA Today Editor-in-Chief

meanwhile North Korea has given itself a pound the back for his latest missile launches the regime’s state-run Korean Central Broadcasting Committee said Friday that the projectile has fired the previous day were from its newly developed multiple rocket launcher system now they said the firing was to check the… Continue Reading Launches involved N. Korea’s newly-developed multiple rocket launcher system: State media

a Japanese media outlet has reported that Tokyo is unlikely to hold a summit between president moon jae-in and japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a next month despite of friendly letters sent by the Korean president to obey expressing the need for such talks yomiuri shimbun wrote on Wednesday that… Continue Reading Japanese media reports Moon-Abe summit unlikely in November, despite Moon’s letter to Abe

north Korea has lost the right to host the final of the Asia’s second-tier club competition that it’s the decision on Tuesday by the Asian Football Confederation comes a week after the surreal World Cup qualifier match between the two Koreas which was played in an empty stadium in Pyongyang… Continue Reading AFC Cup final moved from Pyeongyang to Shanghai following media concerns