Nasser Al-Khelaifi the Paris Saint-Germain president and Bein Sports chairman has been charged by the attorney general in Switzerland over his role in the awarding of FIFA World Cup rights and confederation tournaments awards.. The former FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke was also charged with bribery, criminal mismanagement and documents… Continue Reading Breaking News:Nasser Al Khelaifi &Jerome Valcke Charged Over Awarding Media World Cup Rights


Hannity Has Dinner With His Staff, Revealed His Future At Fox News. Sean Hannity had a message for the roughly 30 staff members he treated to pizza Tuesday night: I’m not negotiating an exit. As speculation swirled about Hannity’s future at Fox News in the wake of the resignation of… Continue Reading BREAKING Hannity Has Dinner With His Staff, Revealed His Future At Fox News – News

we are having a meeting today we are at a much larger group the missus is the finals but we discuss many things that one of them obviously was North Korea we discussed Venezuela we discussed Afghanistan and the Middle East generally we had some very good meeting some very… Continue Reading Trump latest news today north korea : Trump warns North Korea thanks Russia backs Mueller: cnn news

The White House has described the hearings as an epic embarrassment for Democrats. And certainly there were times when his performance did seem a little halting. I’m sorry. What was the question? I… leave it with the report. I take your question. He appeared a little confused about some of… Continue Reading The verdict on Robert Mueller’s Congress performance – BBC News

Donald Trump SHOCKS Everyone With MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT About NRA! During his April 28 speech to the NRA’s Leadership Forum in Atlanta, President Donald Trump told the audience, “You came through for me and I am going to come through for you.” Trump began his speech by thanking NRA-ILA executive director… Continue Reading BREAKING Donald Trump SHOCKS Everyone With MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT About NRA! – News

how worried are you about Chinese espionage in the United States? well I think from a perspective of threat against the United States national security in our interest a China is number one by far and I think espionage is a part of that but from a perspective of countering… Continue Reading “Threat from Russia paled in comparison to China” – BBC News

Lack of moral principle. Keep Europe for Europeans. If female Dalai Lama comes, then she should be more attractive. His emotions also, little bit… too complicated. What do you mean by that? What do you think of him in office? One day he says something, another day he says something,… Continue Reading Dalai Lama: Trump has ‘lack of moral principle’ – BBC News