[SMG4 Intr-] Mario: Get a-ready to move your PINGAS! Mario: Hello! Mario: [Italian Gibberish] Mario: [Another Italian Gibberish] Luigi: CALL 9-1-1 NOW! Mario: LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLE!!! Luigi: [Screams like a scared woman!] Mario: Whoa! Mario: Take-a that! (ooh shiny) Mario: Come here, fishy, fishy! Mario: Here fishy, fishy…… Continue Reading The Mario Channel: MARIOBUSTERS

Glitchy Boy and SMG4 intro (Warning: Do not do any of these stunts that are done in this video) Ho ho, hello! It’s ya boy Mario! Ha ha! Welcome to Mario Jackass! [Italian gibberish] Okie dokie! [More Italian gibberish] Okie dokie! Let’s-a go! Come on! C’mon, hee hee. [Ded] Yippee!… Continue Reading SMG4: The Mario Channel – Mario’s Jackass

Gentlemans gazette | Uttak Åh okay.. Kan du se den inni der? Først, la oss snakke om slips prikken. ehm, Hvis du Hvis du vil lære hvordan du kan bruke en slips klipp eller slipsbar, værsåsnill, se på denne videoen og la oss nå fokusere på slips prikken. Så, I… Continue Reading Funny Fails & Outtakes II – Sven Raphael Schneider – Gentleman’s Gazette Videos

(smg4 intro) SMG4: Let’s a go! F*cker! (Mushrooom Kingdom Nature Channel Transition music)( btw, DE marks my comment.) (peaceful music) yes BOOM, IT’S ON(WTF) (more peaceful music) yoi ( : AHHA! OHMAIGAWD NAAAAAAAAAAAAA ZEBENYA(LION KING) (Mushrooom Kingdom Nature Channel Transition music) (epik music) “what the fuck is this” – DE… Continue Reading Mario 64: M. K. Nature Channel

Channel News with five-time Emmy Award watching anchor Jake Robinson Rake Nobinson, weather Lake Gobinson, sports, and Bake Bobinson, in the field. It’s Channel News at O’Clock! Good evening everyone here’s some extremely relevant information that you need to know. A banana slips on a man, a local boy jumps… Continue Reading Channel News at O’Clock!

(Smg4 intro) get ready to move your pingas! (music) Smg4 watching How to say hello in 30 different languages. (Merio knocking on door) (faster knocking) hello it’s a me Hello! (gibberish) wahaa! no no no no no no no no no! Oh HELL NO! NOOO! NOOO! NO NO NO! bodey… Continue Reading The Mario Channel: Mario Vs Wild

(The goddamn Glitchy Boy intro) (SMG4 Presents :D) Mario: GRR! (SYKE! This is Mario’s channel!) Mario: Get ready to move your pingas! (Suspensefully zooming into a castle) Mario: Ha-ha! Hello! (It’s-a Mario…) (gibberish) Here we go! (Sexy mario challenge) Flying Mario Head TV: (gibberish) x3 Toad: Owoahwoahwoah! N-n-NOOO! Wario: AAH!… Continue Reading The Mario Channel: MARIO’S CHALLENGE

Today when we drove down, right before the show started and it was pretty easy. You guys having a good time? There it is! Oh my gosh. Best News Bloopers September 2017. Cycle cross race will having people going thru the sand, up the hills…oh! For ducks sake, excuse me,… Continue Reading Best News Bloopers September 2017