The mainstream media often pretends to be unbiased and balanced … but of course, anybody who pays attention to networks like CNN and MSNBC knows that nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps one of the most biased anti-Trump journalists is Chris Cuomo, the brother of the current Democrat… Continue Reading Chris Cuomo’s Anti-Trump Bias Is So Bad Even Liberal Senators Are Calling Him Out

Amin speculation that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may make Canada their new home base, Canada’s largest newspaper “The Globe and Mail” made it clear they are not a fan of the idea in a scathing editorial, calling it unconstitutional. From TheGlobeandMail Britain is the inventor of one of the… Continue Reading Canada’s Biggest Newspaper Says Harry and Meghan Not Welcome in Scathing Editorial

montage Hello all of a sudden this has not happened completely in JNU, you will see the whole planning, you will be shown how the plotting was done and it will be visible and where the setting was done will also be seen by adding Delhi Elections, then you understand.… Continue Reading JNU हिंसा पर Delhi Police और media की लगातार हो रही coverage की असलियत यहाँ समझे

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised President Trump for the Benjamin Netanyahu: Just as Israel has the right of self-defense, the United States has exactly the same right,” Qassem Soleimani is responsible for the death of American citizens and many other innocent people. He was planning more such attacks President… Continue Reading Netanyhau Praises Trump for Killing Soleimani, Says Israel Stands by US

What is newsworthy? It is a question reputable journalists always ask themselves, but readers and viewers shouldn’t have to. However, it seems all of that has gone out the window with media bias appearing to be at an all-time high. Anyone still questioning the “fake news” and general discontent with… Continue Reading NBC Exposed: Buried Interview Where Avenatti Witness Flipped, Defended Kavanaugh

Hobby Lobby ran full-page ads in newspapers across the nation during the week of Christmas that celebrated the birth of Jesus and recognized him as “Christ the Lord.” The newspaper ads feature a star above the words “It’s a boy.” Below that is the Bible verse Luke 2:11: “Today in… Continue Reading Hobby Lobby Runs Full-Page ‘Christ the Lord’ Ads in Newspapers Around the Country

Not every couple survived the final ring ceremony during the Nov. 9 season finale of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ Puma pulled a prank and one split shocked EVERYONE.    It was the end of the road for the stars of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on Nov 9, when every… Continue Reading ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Finale: Did Pauly D & Aubrey O’Day Survive The Final Ring Ceremony? – News Toda

 From the day she was diagnosed with stomach cancer, Kyrzayda Rodriguez candidly and often very stylishly shared her battle with her almost half a million Instagram followers  On Sunday, less than a year after being told she had cancer, the popular Instagram blogger died She was 40.  “You were someone who inspired… Continue Reading Fashion Blogger Kyrzayda Rodriguez Dies at Age 40 Less Than a Year After Being Diagnosed with Cancer