I’m so excited to be hosted here. We are here at the youth program. Youth Radio participatory journalism is so important for our country Uganda because it’s a platform where the youth are able to bring out their voices to be heard. I learned how to edit the various audios… Continue Reading How the Media Challenge Initiative supports Uganda’s future journalists | DW Akademie

(upbeat techno music) – I work as a game programmer for Digital Dream Labs. My primary job is to program the gameplay, the U.I. implementation, create shaders and various visual effects for the game. People here come from various backgrounds, with a passion to make games or videos or animations.… Continue Reading Future Jobs: Media Art

I am a Western University graduate. I am a student. I am an introvert. I am a reporter. An editor. A part of a family. A photographer. A sister. A culture editor. A leader. I am creative. I am ambitious. Intelligent. A journalist. I am a copy editor. Optimist. A… Continue Reading Western Gazette Talks About Mental Health

Hello. I’m Craig, and this is Crash Course Government and Politics. Today I’m gonna talk a little bit about the media. Specifically, the way the media interacts with the government itself, and more specifically, the way the government regulates the media. Some of you might be saying, “Craig, get real,… Continue Reading Media Regulation: Crash Course Government and Politics #45

Network infrastructure & monitoring The infrastructure of the MEDIA BROADCAST network is based on our backbone-network. It is a nationwide, fibre-optic network that was developed an built up by MEDIA BROADCAST. Connected to this backbone we have several distribution networks that allow us to broadcast content from the studio to… Continue Reading MEDIA BROADCAST Network Services

Information over-consumption is what a lot of people think they mean when they say information overload.  Information over-consumption makes a lot more sense.  We don’t say that someone is suffering from food overload.  It’s not like fried chickens are offing themselves then jumping into deep fryers and some undead zombie… Continue Reading Information Obesity: Take Responsibility for Your Media Menu

Hey what’s up guys, I’m ThioJoe. Now in the past I’ve made some joke videos about getting free cable with one ridiculous method or the other. And while the truth is that you can’t get CABLE for free, legally at least, you may not have realized that you CAN get… Continue Reading How to Get Free HD TV Channels Without Cable