Unbelievable as it may seem, no… I’m not a hacker. The Fundom lent me their account to bring you this message with… Jazmín! Hi Jazfans, hi Fundomers, I imagine you miss me so much, right? Oh, you do? You’re lovely. I miss you too. I’ve come to tell you to… Continue Reading Fundom Channel | ¡Todos bienvenidos!

Welcome to Himalaya! I mean… Welcome to Hamburger Confessions. -But this would be a sequel. -This is the sequel, it’s number 2. This part is called The Carrot’s Revenge. Today I have something very special prepared. We’re going to take a ride, a journey. We’re not going nearby, we’re going… Continue Reading Fundom Channel | La venganza de la zanahoria

Welcome to The Hamburger Confessions. A show that is educational as well as entertaining. For example, did you know that five out of ten tomatoes are exactly half? I’m Chef Pietro and I’m joined by my assistant Chiara. Hello everyone, here we are, ready to begin with out chef. Today… Continue Reading Fundom Channel | LOL: La verdad de la hamburguesa

Thank you, thank you very much everybody for coming. Today we have a very, very special stream because we have two amazing artists, they are Calle and Poché, let’s have a big applause for them too. Hello. Hello. Welcome to the Fundom. How are you? Tell me. Thanks you so… Continue Reading Fundom Channel | Calle y Poché responden ¡TODO!

yo siempre ando en el campo la estancia en todos lados nunca bien al humano nunca había algo que me asusta mate amargo usted lo prefiere más gorda siempre está normal más dulce más débil me creería si te digo que existe en el mundo un pueblo con solamente un… Continue Reading Visité la ciudad donde solamente vive una persona | Epecuén, Argentina