Every day, you take advantage of all kinds of services, mobile, social media, free internet search, and more. When you use these services, you’re sharing information about yourself, with friends, with businesses, while you’re out and about, while you’re at home. That information is shared and sold within businesses, with… Continue Reading Sharing Information: A Day in Your Life | Federal Trade Commission

Yeah and it sounds like one of, you know like the killer app of A.O.L. was community that really getting, That’s one of the reasons why you succeeded over Compuserve or Prodigy, was A.O.L was approachable and you built a community there. And so it’s kind of like power to… Continue Reading 10/13 – Steve Case: People, Partnerships & Perseverance made AOL a success – Steve Case Interview

It is time to spread this message. I just recently posted about giving your art away for free, and your time and effort for free, where a lot of people do this. Companies out there that are calling people, And I even get calls where people just kind of say,… Continue Reading Welcome to Stephen Silver’s Art Inspiration Channel – Protect your art career