– Hey gang, welcome to “Making Watcher”. Quick note before we get into the episode. This first episode will be free on YouTube, but all subsequent episodes will be exclusive to Patreon as well as a bunch of other fun stuff so head on over there to check that out,… Continue Reading How We Made Our Own Media Company • Making Watcher

Hello, welcome to the Financial Times. I’m Miranda Green, and I’m delighted to be joined by Lionel Barber on his very last day as editor of the paper after 14 years in the top job. Lionel, thank you very much for speaking to me today. It’s great to be here,… Continue Reading Outgoing FT editor Lionel Barber: how the world has changed | FT

G’day. It’s Tim Gentle here, and we’re talking social media. Now when I think of social media, I think of it like the heartbeat of the internet. That’s where you participate and how you are perceived in social media. So what are the benefits? Well one that I really like… Continue Reading An introduction to social media for small business – Small Business Victoria Workshops