Hey guys today I’m going to show you how you can access a secondary Roku from your IPhone or IPad and tell you why I prefer it versus traveling with a portable Roku. If you find this video helpful please give it a thumbs up. All the items I mention… Continue Reading Watch ALL Your Spectrum/Xfinity App Channels On OUTSIDE ? Wifi. Stream Your Roku Apps To Your IPhone

Hey, what’s up guys? I’m theo Joe and in this video I’m going to show you how you can get all cable channels for free No matter what cable company you have by basically tricking your cable box into passing all Cable channels to you even if you don’t subscribe… Continue Reading How to Get Free Cable (All Channels)

So, in our series called Manufacturing Consent we went through a load of ways in which politicians try to influence the way the media report things. But one thing we didn’t consider then were outright threats. This was Staten Island’s New York Republican Representative, Michael Grimm, being interview after Barack… Continue Reading Politician threatens to throw US news reporter off balcony – Truthloader