Stay close Becareful (stammers) Thhh…this way. This way. Father! I could… k.. I could… Keep going? I don’t know. We should go back. No I’m ready Take this I…I… I’ll be back before nightfall Looking for something? Uh huh Maybe I can help You will get lost, you know What… Continue Reading **Award Winning** CGI & VFX Short Film: “Dragon”s Scale” – by Media Design School

hey guys just got this in the mail. This is am FM remote trigger for your speedlite It’s like a pocket wizards, but it the poor man’s pocket wizards. The pocketwizrd is probably a hundred and fifty dollars this one bust a waping to twenty dollars with delivery so it’s… Continue Reading NPT-04 Radio Trigger and Remote for Speedlite/Flash (Poorman $20 Pocketwizard) review part I

Hi, I’m Tamara Lackey on this episode of reDefine Show for AdoramaTV. I speak with fellow Nikon ambassador photojournalist and wedding photographer Cliff Mautner about transitioning out of newspaper photography into the physically and mentally demanding world of wedding photography. Cliff tells out what he’s learned, and what he teaches… Continue Reading From Newspaper to Wedding Photojournalism Cliff Mautner Part 1: The ReDefine Show with Tamara Lackey

Unintentional ASMR Flipping Turning Newspaper GigiASMR

– Pinterest is a place that people go to discover, to be inspired. And if you’re the type of photographer that creates inspiring images, well, then it’s kind of where you need to be. A lot of people think that Pinterest is only for mommy bloggers and DIY craft experts.… Continue Reading Pinterest For Photographers | The Hidden Social Media Marketing Tool Trailer

Hey it’s Andrew with Car Cam Central We review dash cameras and we’re back with our budget dual channel recommendations for 2017 so far These cameras record not only the front but also from your rear windshield which allows you to capture faces and details like license plates in hit… Continue Reading Top 3 Budget Front & Back Dash Cameras (Dual Channel Cams): Mini 0906, Blackvue DR490, Pruveeo F5

Having a great marketing plan and strategy is what propels a business forward. Having an intelligent product that aligns video production with vision, will capture a diverse market. Finding a solution that merges identity, packaging, environment, design, promotions, social media and multimedia, ensures your brand stands out from the rest.… Continue Reading JNR Media Solutions

How’s it going guys? Christopher Farro here from the Product Education Team. Today we’re in Vail, Colorado and we have a very special guest, one of our top marquee athletes – Floyd the skateboard riding bulldog. So today we’re going to be going through Fetch, the dog harness. This is… Continue Reading GoPro Media Team Tips and Tricks: Fetch (Dog Harness) (Ep 23)

regrettable probably for the quickly for it lolol with regular political upheaval but the craft will probably make a good part gary workers group of women all over america where parted because it pays rulebook and well in many states you can buy it at the list of parquet margarine… Continue Reading The Great Gildersleeve: The Circus / The Haunted House / The Burglar