urges the Kentucky Press Association is reacting to the Capitol Gazette attack and is increasingly concerned at how many public shootings are taking place lex18 is Alexa Helwig spoke with an editor at the Association and to a future journalist today she has their responses to the attack to continue… Continue Reading Media Reacts To Capital Gazette Shooting

Social Security began as a response to the Great Depression. “This Social Security measure gives a least some protection to 30 millions of our citizens.” And ever since then, it has assisted the lives of millions of Americans in need. But over the next 20 years, an average of 10,000… Continue Reading This is why Social Security is running out of money | Just The FAQs

So, in our series called Manufacturing Consent we went through a load of ways in which politicians try to influence the way the media report things. But one thing we didn’t consider then were outright threats. This was Staten Island’s New York Republican Representative, Michael Grimm, being interview after Barack… Continue Reading Politician threatens to throw US news reporter off balcony – Truthloader

Washington, DC, gets blown up all the time — in the movies. But what if it happened for real? Hopefully, we’ll never find out. But federal emergency officials have to prepare for the worst. Emergency responders would have to deal with shattered buildings, rubble-filled streets, downed power lines, fried cell… Continue Reading What if a nuke goes off in D.C.? Simulations of artificial societies help planners