You might not realize it, but your car borrows a ton of technology from the world of motorsports. Everything from your brakes, transmission, suspension and especially your engine were all tested and proven on the race track. There are too many to list in one video, but here are a… Continue Reading Five Ways Racing Changed Your Car | Donut Media

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Today we’re gonna talk about car to car communication radios and base camp packages. What Rugged does is we’ve used the really really rugged and reliable Vertex VX2200 mobile radio. Now this is a 50 Watt mobile radio so you’re going to have a lot of power to get out… Continue Reading Rugged Radios Car to Car, Chase, and Base Camp Mobile Radio Kits

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So we’re just getting ready to prank Forsberg for April Fools. He’s showing up, thinking he’s going to be drifting a 370. And we’re just gonna blast out of this little alleyway in this NV 3500 as hard as we can, go around him. Hopefully he gets a kick out… Continue Reading Making Of “April Fools Drift Van with Chris Forsberg” | Donut Media

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– An American Toyota? A Swedish WRX? A Mitsubishi from the States? What the hell is going on? Badge engineering, the process where a company sells a vehicle made by another company as their own, often changing the name, badges, and sometimes the mechanical components. Badge engineering is usually seen… Continue Reading Who Really Made Your Car: The Truth About Badge Engineering | Donut Media