cars dot com auto review Hi I’m Joe Weisenfelder executive editor with cars dot com we’re here outside Washington DC with USA today and motor week for shootout test a mid-size family sedans r6 milos each price no higher than twenty six thousand dollars include the Toyota Camry the Ford… Continue Reading Today/MotorWeek $26,000 Midsize Sedan Shootout

rev up your engines, today I’m talking about the best do-it-yourself repair manuals, but before I do we have to mourn the passing of John Haynes, the man who started the Haynes manuals, he passed away recently about a month ago at age 80, he loved working on cars, he… Continue Reading The Most Important Person in Car Repair History Just Passed Away

Now there’s a lot of talk lately about really high gas prices. And gas is expensive in the United States, that is correct. And LOOK at that ⬆☝⬆ Doesn’t it look like it’s really, really cheap? Here is THE CATCH… That is NOT… Those are NOT, OK that’s not priced… Continue Reading Cry Me A River The Cheapest Gas Prices In The USA Today

Hi! I’m Stan Muller, this is Crash Course World History, and today we’re going to talk about energy.. I don’t mean crystal energy or pyramid power or even Red Bull. I mean the energy that humans use to build pyramids or synthesize crystals or to manufacture energy drinks. Hey, hey!… Continue Reading Humans and Energy: Crash Course World History 207

– Here we go, fire in the hole on zero! Three! Two! One! Zero! – We are about to do our big explosion, which is kind of the crown, on this episode. And it’s going to be nuts. We’re actually going to do the explosion three times. Twice, big, normal,… Continue Reading An Explosion in Slow Motion Thermal Vision!!