Good Vs Evil Street Vehicles

– Are you freaking kidding me? Am I sitting next to one of the coolest, most iconic Japanese cars in the history of freaking Japanese cars? Don’t answer that. The answer’s yes, I am. I hope you got your beauty rest because no one sleeps in Tokyo. We’re going Bumper… Continue Reading Toyota AE86: You Know The Name But Do You Know The Car?

hey Donna have you had a look at this look at what this Oh a magic show how exciting we must go oh yeah a magic show you’re still a little baby inside aren’t you Sawyer um-hum not the only baby amongst us I’m never ever going to a magic… Continue Reading The Magic Box | Road Rangers Video | Cartoons For Children by Kids Channel

Good Vs Evil Car Cartoon

It’s a cliche at this point: “Dude, cool project, got any plans for it?” “Ah Dude, LS swap, throw a cam in there, put the LS6 heads on it, it’s gonna be sick!” “Oh, cool”. Yeah, LS Swaps are a little played out. But I wanted to find out why… Continue Reading Chevy LS: Best Engine Swap Ever? | WheelHouse

(engine revs) (tires screech) – If you’re into drifting, and ya should be, you’ve probably heard of the 240SX from Nissan. Maybe you’ve even heard specifics, like mentions of the S13, S14, and the beautiful strawberry faced S15 models. So you’re probably thinking “what the heck are they even mean,… Continue Reading Nissan Silvia – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

– There are tons of valuable cars rotting away in barns, waiting for you to discover them. That’s right. Today we’re talking barn finds. (upbeat music) A huge thank to our sponsor this week, Current. If you don’t know already, Current is a mobile bank account that comes with a… Continue Reading The CRAZIEST Barn Finds EVER | WheelHouse

The Origin of Road Rangers

(engine humming) – 40 years before Initial D, there was Chassis Initial E, which is gonna be talked about by initial me. JEP, yeah. I’m talking about the most popular car in the history of the world. (engine vrooming) You ever heard of it? The world, it’s flat and hollow.… Continue Reading TOYOTA COROLLA – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

– Monica! Los Angeles, 2001. Four cars line up for an illegal street race with hundreds in attendance. Behind the wheel of a highly modified red and yellow Acura Integra is Edwin, portrayed by literal rap god Ja Rule. It’s murder! The race begins, engines roar, tires squeal. Ja Rule… Continue Reading We FOUND The LOST Fast and Furious Integra! | Bumper 2 Bumper